Hottest Swimwear and Bikini Trends for Spring / Summer 2009

April 28, 2009 by Anna  
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The weather has been so beautiful lately and we're finally gearing up for the beach. Summer is almost here! You know what that means. Short shorts, short skirts, sandals, tank tops, tanning and most importantly....your bathing suit. I hope you guys have worked out your abs this year because in 2009, it's all about being flashy. Whether you're sporting bright colors or the cut away bikini, it is all about drawing attention to yourself with a unique swimsuit. Let's take a look at some of the trends shall we?

Big, Bold Colors!
Whether I'm covering the red carpet or giving you the latest trends on handbags and jewelry, this year is all about color! And it doesn't change when you're on the beach either. If anything, your bathing suit can be any wild color or pattern you want it to be. Hot pinks, neons, and light blues are very popular. If you want to do the bohemian look, you can go for jewel tones (green, purple, red, royal blue). Whatever suits your look best, don't be afraid of color or pattern. Go crazy with animal prints, african prints and have fun with it.

colorful wild zebra bikini


Ever since Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr. commercial, we've just stayed absolutely in love with the monokini. Who would have thought a one piece could be so sexy? Lucky for us, you can get a monokini everywhere and anywhere for such a great price. You can get some really cute ones at Forever21 for about $22.80. Or even Charlotte Russe for about $27. The only thing about this style is that if your bust is bigger than your bottom or vice versa, it may not fit as well or be as flattering. Definitely try it on before purchasing.

rhinestone monokini


One Shoulder Bikinis
This year on the red carpet, we saw a lot of one shouldered necklines on many couture gowns. This is being carried into the summertime and we're showing the one shoulder neckline in our bathing suits as well. Whether you're wearing a 2 piece bikini or a one piece suit, having a one shoulder neckline will be sure to add interest to your summer swimwear.

one shoulder bikini


Cut Away Bikinis
A great way to add a little sex appeal to your bathing suit is to utilize the cut away trend. It's super sexy and it can be as subtle or as shredded as you're comfortable with. I love this trend in a simple black and white suit. If you're going subtle with the cut away, you can definitely look into a bold color to sport along with this trend. So hot! Love this!

2009 swimsuit trends cut out bikinis

Replicate Lady Gaga's Most Recent Look

April 24, 2009 by Anna  
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Lady Gaga at her friend and fellow singer Mika's house in London. Photo by WENN.

World Entertainment News Network recently posted this photo of Lady Gaga at her friend and fellow singer Mika's house in London. Here, she's sporting a wide rimmed hat flipped upwards, her body suit with what appears to be a blazer on top, a black bra, a wide black leather belt, fishnet nude stockings, and crazy thigh high laced up tan boots. Her other accessories include an umbrella where it was neither raining or sunny, a black clutch, huge square sunglasses, and black lipstick....she is fashion candy isn't she? I seriously don't know who else could pull this off. It's as if she's going to a Gothic/Rocker Kentucky Derby. Even if you weren't really into this look, you would have to appreciate all the work that not only goes into putting it together, but wearing it all over town. She uses the streets as her runway and chooses fashion over comfort any day and that's why she is the fashion gift that keeps on giving.

But, let's take it down a couple notches. We wouldn't ever really wear anything right off the runway or right off of Lady Gaga. So, let's interpret this outfit shall we?

replicate lady gaga

  1. Tatiana Woven Blazer - $14.80
  2. Sleek Satin Short - $13.80
  3. Lace Sateen Convertible Bra - $8.80
  4. Fishnet Stockings - $3.67
  5. Lace Up Thigh High Boots - from $59.99
  6. Christys' Crown Brim Hat - $74.00
  7. Avatar Sunglasses - $5.18
  8. Elastic Corset - from $9.99
  9. Python Clutch - $14.99

Instead of doing all black, you can pop some color into your bra, the hat, or the clutch. Depending on the occasion, you can even go bold with red patent leather boots or even white boots. If you don't want to do the blazer, a black jumpsuit short would work well with this look also.  Be sure to add a chunky corset belt to finish off the look!

Win Your Very Own Chillers T-shirt Contest!

April 22, 2009 by Anna  
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I just want to take a moment to tell you guys about this clothing line. I truly find this one to be unique and 'oh so' comfortable. Chillers Clothing is a La Jolla, CA based company started by one man. One man who wanted to make the t-shirt and jean look innovative, creative and trendy. There are products for both men and women and with their newly launched limited edition t-shirts (only 1,000 made to keep designs fresh), Chiller's has something for everybody. I personally own 2 items from Chillers and I wear it all the time. I have a hoodie and a very soft t-shirt from them and I love it! The designs are simple but still very artistic and creative. And it's not over the top and gawdy like Ed Hardy designs. It's the perfect in between.


Contest Rules:
I don't want you to only take my word for it. Try Chiller's yourself! Enter to win your very own Chillers t-shirt!
To enter:
-Leave a comment with a description of your personal style and shirt size
-You must be 18 or older to enter
-Contest ends June 1, 2009

Home Remedies for Sunburns

April 18, 2009 by Anna  
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kim kardashian sunburned

I was inspired by this picture of Kim Kardashian posted on of her major sunburn. And I's major...

With the recent beautiful weather and summer quickly approaching, how could you not want to go outside? Let's be real, laying out isn't good for you, but it's soooooo relaxing isn't it? Try not to overdue it and wear sunscreen if you do. But in case you pulled a Kimmy (and we've all been there) here are some treatments for sunburns.

Aloe Vera
Everyone knows of the aloe vera plant already, but I can't get over it's amazing medicinal qualities. It's always best to use the plant itself rather than the gels they sell at the store. Break off a piece and rub the aloe on your burn. It's soothing, healing and works wonders. I love you aloe....

Not only is it good to drink, if you're sunburned, put on a pot of tea! After brewing the tea, take the tea bag out and add ice cubes to cool the water. Dip a towel into the tea (it will stain, so use one you don't care about) and lay it over the burned areas. Alternatively, draw yourself a bath (lukewarm water) and throw a bunch of tea in the tub and take a tea bath. Soak your sunburned body and let yourself cool down. If you're totally lazy and don't want to wait, you can just take a tea bag, soak it in water and apply it directly on your skin. Equally as effective.

This stuff is seriously awesome as well. Just soak a washcloth in some vinegar and apply it to the burned areas. It will alleviate the burning and stinging.

Vagisil's active ingredients contain a numbing agent and hydrocortisone alleviating itching, burning and inflammation. It can't hurt to try and see if this works for you. If you look like Kim K., you'll try anything right?

Preparation H
Direct from a nurse in the ER. Next time, ditch the emergency room bill and go to Walgreens for some Preparation H Ointment. It's also great for bags under your eyes.

Personally guys, aloe vera, tea and vinegar always works for me. My body usually responds better to natural remedies. Your best bet is to limit your time out of the sun, wear sunscreen and be absolutely fabulous on the beach under an umbrella!