Trendy Spring and Summer Dresses for 2009: Bold Colors and Florals

May 26, 2009 by Anna  
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If your wardrobe needs a little spicing up, there is no better time than the present. This spring and summer, don't be afraid of your grandma's florals. Because honey, they are hot right now! If grandma's flowers are a little too loud for your personal style, I have other suggestions for your spring/summer style that will freshen you up and compliment your personal taste.

spring outfit collage

  1. Cropped Cardigan

  2. Shredded Leather Bracelet
  3. Silver Pattern Bead
  4. Floral Bubble Hem Halter Dress
  5. Short Liquid Leggings
  6. Jet Heart Cluster Necklace
  7. Embellished Multichain Necklace
  8. Ruffle Lace Fingerless Glove
  9. Charles David Women's Zip Sandal

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For pattern, think of southern tea parties. Big floral print in watercolors or small floral print in dark blues and reds. If you want to glam it up and rock it out, do so with lacy gloves, or off the wall jewelry and some patent leather booties. As for the cut of the dress, you can make it sexy with a figure flattering wrap dress or with a silhouette dress. Or cutesy it up with a bubble or baby doll dress. That way, you won't feel like you're 81 years old. For above example: I've paired a halter bubble dress with a crop cardigan, liquid leggings and purple strappy platform shoes. Then I rocked themed the accessories by layering a studded bracelet with a shredded leather cuff, lacey gloves, and layering a black cluster necklace with a multi chain necklace to give it more girth. I don't know about you, but grandma does not wear studded bracelets, laced gloves, or any of the above. This is a great way to modernize the pastel florals.

Some other floral dresses I recommend:
So maybe the mixing of patterns and florals with a million crazy colors just isn't your thing. You can't wear it, you can't pull it off, bah humbug! Well you're in luck because for 2009, it's also all about colors: watercolors, pastels, jewel tones, and any other bold color defines this season's hottest trends. Personally, with my yellow/olive skin tone, I can pull off pastels or hot pinks and oranges like no other. If you have lighter skin with either red or darker hair, go for jewel tones like reds, greens, dark blues. Of course there are a lot of elements to consider to see what color looks best on you. Whatever color it is, choose that color and find a bolder version. If you like soft pinks, try hot pink. If you like blues, go for royal or baby blues. Whatever is the brightest and pops the most is what spring & summer 2009 is all about.

I've chosen some examples below that are solid colors, as well as subtle patterns. That way you can still participate in pattern if you're partial to style somewhere in the middle. A little goes a long way. Check out that orange and white Versace dress. Sophisticated, fun and bold. Yum!

Style With Design: Lady Gaga

May 24, 2009 by Anna  
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As someone who has an interior design background and a love for all things fashion, I thought, "why do I have to pick one or the other? Why not do both?" So I bring to you "Style With Design", a series where I take an outfit, replicate that look and translate that look into interior design. You will see how expressing yourself can go beyond just the clothes you wear by mirroring in your home environment.

Let's start off with Lady Gaga. I know I talk about her a lot, but how could I not? She gives me so much to say! She's just so over the top and always proves she's a performer and she loves what she does. Until MTV cribs unleashes an episode with the Lady herself, we can only imagine what her house would look like. I will take one look of hers and translate it into a design everyone can replicate and live with. Observe!

The Outfit
Here she's wearing an animal print top that is gold and black, most likely with a black body suit underneath from her "Just Dance" video. The blue lightening bolt on her face adds color, and her thick platinum blond hair and bangs demands presence. Classic Gaga. Replicate this look:
replicate lady gaga just dance video look

  1. Georgette top

  2. Booty Short
  3. Feather Earrings
  4. Nine West Aleksander Platform

Where to buy:

The Living Room
Inspired by this look, I put a room together based on this outfit. It's classic with a modern and retro twist. I chose to go with neutral colors with small punches of blue. All of the elements of texture and pattern keeps your guest discovering little details that contribute to the 'wow' factor. According to this outfit, this is where I imagine Lady Gaga to entertain her fabulous friends.
lady gaga living room interpretation

  1. Tamara Peacock Pillow
  2. Blissliving Home Lisa Pearl Blondie Four Faces Pillow
  3. "Luna" Chandelier
  4. Leather Recamier
  5. Arktura Coral Coffee Table
  6. Silk Dupioni Window Panel
  7. Cast Iron Flourish Textured Black Window
  8. Floral Panel
  9. Artecnica Come Rain Come Shine Chandelier
  10. "Blanco Hairhide" Rug
  11. Seascape Lighting Penelope Aqua Blue
  12. "Zebra" Box

Where to buy:

How to Dress Like Rihanna

May 22, 2009 by Anna  
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Rihanna's style reminds me a lot of Lady Gaga's. Her style is unique, powerful and sexy. She is a trendsetter and always exudes confidence whether on the red carpet or going out to lunch with some friends. She hardly wears something that I don't understand. You know when someone puts something on and you think to yourself, "I don't get it. What made them think this is ok?" Yea well, not Rihanna. Not in most cases at least. There are a few outfits that may be a little wackier, but I can always be inspired by her look. That's why I am celebrating her style and showing you how to replicate her look at any budget.

Rihanna in all Black
Who says all black is boring? When you add something as over the top as this very ruffled top, add the belt, pair it with the liquid leggings and finish it off with lace up knee high boots, no one will be snoozing over your look. Of course, most of us are not on the red carpet holding little awards and being judge for our style. So I took this look and toned it down enough for everyday wear, but spicy enough to express your own spunk. This look is cute, fun and great for a going out look without being uncomfortable.

how to dress like rihanna in black

  1. Deena & Ozzy Military Hat
  2. Black Large Silver Buckle Stretch Belt
  3. Black Plunder Buckle Strap Boot
  4. Short Liquid Leggings
  5. Ruffle Soutache Top

Where to Buy:

Rihanna in Feathers
This dress is just absolutely gorgeous and without a doubt, it is probably couture and cost as much as a year's salary. However, you can capture the essence of this silver strapless feather detailed dress for a special occasion for fractions of the price. Am I starting to sound like a commercial yet? That's only because I was so excited to stumble upon so many dresses with that same look that is great for prom, or a dressy evening out on the town. I did the research, now all you have to do is try it on!
how to dress like rihanna feathers look

  1. Ivory Strapless Feather
  2. Sue Wong Strapless
  3. Ivory Halter Mini
  4. Black Feather Cocktail
  5. Yves Saint Laurent Cage ankle boots
  6. Gryphon The Feather Dress
  7. Boutique 9 Isha Pointy-Toe Platform

Where to Buy:

Rihanna in Bold Colors
This dress is adorable! It's just a daytime dress made of a rayon fabric. The boldness comes in the pattern and color and the chunky belt offsets the lightness of the fabric and accentuates your waistline. The higher up you place that belt, the more you draw attention to your bustline as well. You can pair it with simple shoes like Rihanna's or something chunkier if you want to balance the belt. Add an extra splash of color with your clutch and voila! You're off to lunch with your girlfriends or spending a Saturday afternoon shopping at LA's most high end boutiques!
how to dress like Rihanna bold colors look

  1. Silk Explosive Floral

  2. Studded Wide Elastic Belt
  3. Lodis Checkbook Clutch
  4. Crinkle T-Strap Platforms

Where to Buy:

Best and Worst Dressed at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival: Cate Blanchett

May 19, 2009 by Anna  
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cate blanchett on the red carpet at 2009 Cannes Film Festival

I think Benjamin Button's Cate Blanchett had a classic gorgeous face. Her look is unique and fresh like a blank canvas. She can be beautiful or plain. In the case of this ruffled, pleated, one shouldered, flesh colored gown, I draw a big question mark. I like the ruffling at the shoulder, but I am not too excited about the color. And the flesh colored pleat makes it look like wrinkled skin. This look is too monochromatic and the color doesn't compliment her skin tone very well. Everything just kind of blends in. We love you Cate, but I much prefer your ballet gear in Benjamin Button.

What do you think Cate Blanchett red carpet dress?

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