Product Review: Zoe & Zac Eco Friendly Shoes at Payless

July 28, 2009 by Anna  
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zoe & zac eco-friendly shoes

If you haven't been to Payless Shoes, they carry these green/eco friendly shoes line called Zoe & Zac. Usually "green" or eco friendly shoes isn't so friendly on the greens in your wallet. I just think, uhm...hello, if these are recycled, why do they cost twice as much as a not so eco conscious shoe? But with Zoe and Zac, they have some really cute casual walking shoes and sandals that are truly affordable. I mean, they are at Payless. And if you run into those BOGO deals, well...people should start calling you the Queen of Green!


What's it made of?
So nice of you to ask Style with Anna readers, I shall tell you. Zoe and Zac are made from eco friendly materials such as organic cottons and linens, natural hemp, jute, recycled rubber and water based glues. What does this mean? Well, the organic cottons, jute and hemp are grown with no chemicals and little to no polluting pesticides and fertilizers. Also, the elastic is made from recycled plastic bottles and the glue is water based and non toxic. That means, you don't have to give up breathing in fresh air for something you wear on your feet. I say, if you don't have to give up your air quality and no animals have to be harmed in the making, then everyone's happy!

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What about style and comfort?
Well you guys, the style is cute. In my many many days and countless hours of shopping, I've seen it all. I've seen a lot of "organic" eco chic products on the market that are seriously atrocious. I've seen a flip flop made of a recycled rice bag. I mean, I want to be green and eco friendly, I don't want to be tacky or appear like my asian grandmother glued some rice bag to my shoes. But with the Zoe and Zac's I find myself liking a lot of their shoes. Some shoes are a little 'eh'. But the Tigerlily Wedges, the Linden Flat (which is like a sporty flip flop), the Oxfords (super cute and comfortable), Daisy Skimmers (lightweight and comfortable), Mary Janes (love these), and Ballet Shoes (casual and cute)....I'm filing these in the cutesville section! I will be honest and say that I thought the ballet shoes were a little hard. I'm sure you can break it in like any other shoes, but I thought it was exceptionally hard. If you have a more arched foot, you might not find any of the Zoe & Zac shoes comfortable, with the exception of the Oxfords.

How much are they?
Everything under $30 here people. I don't care what economy we're in, these shoes are cheap cheap cheap. The oxfords in the ivory color are frickin $14 at payless. I saw some skimmers for $12. You can afford to splurge $12 for a pair of shoes on yourself. Don't be shy.

In conclusion,  I give these shoes a thumb and a half up on the comfort, 2 thumbs up on price and 2 thumbs way up on leaving a lighter footprint with these eco friendly shoes.

Roison Murphy at the 2009 Serpentine Gallery Summer Party

July 22, 2009 by Anna  
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Roisin Murphy wearing Dolce and Gabbana
This singer/songwriter Roison Murphy is clearly mocking fashion. She can't be serious. Or is she? I guess Dolce and Gabbana were serious when they designed this puffy sleeved ivory taffeta dress, that has kind of a business woman pencil skirt cut at the bottom, with the over the top chunky costume jewelry weighing down her neck and my oh my look at that gawdy overstuffed bronze jeweled clutch. Oh, and I almost forgot the headdress...this...puffy, rhinestone puffy headband. just plain hilarious. Oh're fired.

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What do you think of Roisin Murphy's dress?

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Where to Buy StriVectin for Cheap

July 21, 2009 by Anna  
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strivectin for cheapStriVectin is the number one bestselling cream on the market. It's said to be better than botox. It's a miracle cream!...and it's awfully expensive. A tiny 1.3 oz. bottle of StriVectin eye cream will run you $59 retail. What if you're a skeptic like me. Does this stuff really work? That of course depends on the person, but the majority of the population who have tried StriVectin say 'yes'. That population includes my friends, family and myself. Keep in mind, the results are different for everyone. It takes time, so you must be patient and diligent in applying the cream daily. For my friend who tried StriVectin recently, I could see an obvious improvement in 2-3 days of use. The bottom line is that, if you wanna try StriVectin, but you don't want to shell out the full retail price, I've done some research for you:

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  1. Ebay

    Ebay is probably THE CHEAPEST place to buy StriVectin. A 1.3oz. bottle of StriVectin eye cream at Sephora is $59+tax. On ebay, a 1.3oz bottle of eye cream costs $38, Buy it now, free shipping, no tax. If you get it at Sephora, you're looking about approximately $63 with taxes. That's roughly about a 40% savings! Omg. And you can easily find a 1.0 oz. bottle for $29 with free shipping on ebay. Just make sure that the seller you're buying it from is reputable. Also, make sure the StriVectin is not some knock off product and you're good to go. Remember to read the seller's feedback and see if other ebayers have purchased StriVectin products from the seller and what they have to say about their purchase experience with the seller and the product. Ebay is seriously a lifesaver, everytime.

  2. Amazon

    If you're not into bidding and you still haven't jumped on the ebay train, try amazon! You can purchase a 1.3 oz. bottle of eye cream anywhere from $42-$50 and get free shipping and no tax as well. It's a small savings for security, but still a savings compared to the retail price at the mall.

  3. GNC

    Odd right? I know. Well, the reason why I'm suggesting GNC is because when you sign up for the Gold Rewards card, you get 20% off. If you happen to already be a GNC shopper, why not right? Yes, it cost $15 to sign up. However, the moment you sign up, you get 20% off the day you join and 20% off the first 7 days of the month for a year. It's a little confusing and of course I wouldn't advise you do this unless you plan on using the discount to replenish StriVectin creams on a regular basis, buy in bulk, and/or buy other nutritional products. Then it's worth it. Otherwise, Ebay please!

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Summer 2009 Trend Alert: Bohemian Cover-Ups

July 15, 2009 by Anna  
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Bohemian Cover Ups

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If you're on a budget and can't afford getting a whole new trendy bikini or beach ensemble this summer, spice up your old one with a Bohemian inspired cover-up. It's great for color, pattern, and you're sure to stand out laying out at the pool or walking along the beach. I love the Bohemian trend because it's figure friendly and all the patterns and colors really pop. 2009 Summer trends is all about standing out!

Here are a few of my favorite Bohemian cover ups: