Product Review: EZ Combs As Seen on TV

August 28, 2009 by Anna  
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ez-comb product review
If you've been shopping at all, you must have seen EZ Combseverywhere! From your drug stores, to Walmart, to street venues and fairs, etc. I mean, EZ Combs are supposedly the new and improved hair clips. Since these hair clips have been constantly in my face, I finally gave in and bought 2 for $10. I was looking forward to something new because while I'm working, I always throw my hair in a ponytail. At the end of the day however, I'm pulling out handfuls of hair through the ponytail holder because of the stress. Not only was I just curious to see if this new product was really the bomb, but I felt like I needed to find a way to put my hair up with something more gentle.

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So, I bought it. I've had it for a week now and I'm usually great with hair stuff. I am coordinated and I can utilize any weird product out there when it comes to hair. I will have to say, these things are mildly annoying. It is definitely not the most user friendly for beginners. At first, I didn't feel like it was tight enough. Then I realized that if you push it more together, it becomes looser. So I would stretch it out really far but I felt like I was giving myself a mini face lift when I did that. Which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I tried out all of the different looks. I did the half up ponytail, ponytail, french twist, butterfly twist, etc. At one point I just clawed it into my head at a random spot. Some worked out well -- the half up ponytail was cute. The ponytail and french twist I had to do over and over throughout the day because it kept getting loose. In the commercials, they say you can workout and use the EZ comb and it would stay put. I have a hard time believing that. I am not completely pushing this product aside, but I definitely don't think it's worth $5 a piece. I've seen places sell it for $15 and that's just ridiculous. I'm only upset that I bought it at a drug store, 2 for $10, which I guess isn't that bad, however, ebay is sooo much cheaper.

I definitely think that it's worth replacing a traditional claw because it's more comfortable to wear. With a traditional claw, you can't even lean back in your chair without resting your head on a big hunk of plastic. But with the EZ comb, you don't have to worry about that. It doesn't hurt to try this product out for yourself, just make sure you're getting the best value for it.

Top 5 Fall Must Haves for Women

August 26, 2009 by Anna  
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Fall is lurking right around the corner and it's time for your fall fashion forecast. My fashion radar says it's looking like all the super bright summer colors need to be packed up and stored under your bed -- it's time break out all the warm deep rich colors. I don't know this because I'm some super wise fashion guru....that's how it is every year. However! I am here to tell you some things that are hot hot hot this fall that you can add to your wardrobe for some much needed style revamp. Here are the top 5 must haves for fall this year:

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#1 Leather Jackets
I'm no biker babe, but I've always wanted to be one. But since I've come to terms that I'm not enough of a hardass, it's a good thing leather jackets are in so I can at least pretend I am cool. The more bikerish and zippery (these are official terms by the way) the better! When it comes to length, it's all about waistline length to cropped. Complete any look with a cropped leather jacket layered on top of a long graphic tee and jeans to give you an edgy style.

leather jacket


#2 Thigh High Boots
Love love LOVE thigh high boots! It's a great way to show off a sexy leg without showing any leg! Just because you're covering up for the cool fall weather doesn't mean you can't keep it hot and sexy. Thigh high boots are a must haves for the change in seasons because they're great for going out, they keep you warm, and they spice up the plainest of dresses and outfits. Wear it over jeans or tights. Hell, they'd even look hot over long johns!

knee high boots


#3 Flyaway Cardigans
I love these cardigans. Bottom line. They are a great way to layer on something light. They add texture and character to your outfit. Cardigans are great for indoors because it keeps you just warm enough, but doesn't make you hot. However, if you live in a cooler climate and you're constantly cold, they have thicker flyaway cardigans that are equally cute. You can take the length as long you's like wearing a stylish blanket. What more could you ask for?

fly away cardigan


#4 Long Blazers
In past seasons, it was all about the cropped. Cropped blazers, cropped jacket, crop everything. This season, it's about the long, more masculine, black blazers. This blazer is otherwise known as "the boyfriend blazer". For me, I would look like a woman child in my fiance's blazer. But if your boyfriend isn't that much bigger than you, hell, steal his blazer for a season. It's great to layer on with a funkier unexpected outfit or for the office. I love the look over a dress or paired with a skirt. It relaxes an uptight office look without looking sloppy. Unexpected style with comfort? Sign me up.

boyfriend blazer


#5 Yellow Accessories
When the darker fall colors take over, the bright colors fade away. But this isn't the case for yellow. Yellow is taking over the cooler seasons and finding different ways to stay in your wardrobe. I'm talking bags, belts and scarves for the added pop of color. And really, what's the harm in a little yellow? It's like taking a little bit of the sunshine into the fall months. Great way to brighten up any outfit.

yellow belt

Top 3 Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men

August 23, 2009 by Anna  
Filed under Fashion For Guys

comfortable shoes for men

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While shopping for comfortable shoes for myself, something occurred to me. Just because guys don't have to wear super high heels, doesn't necessarily mean their dress shoes are comfortable. So I asked my fiance what he looks for in comfort when he's shopping for shoes. His answer, "Light weight, soft leather, rubber sole." This recipe makes for the ultimate comfortable men's dress shoe. I then wondered, did he look to specific brands for a comfortable dress shoe? Or was it all a shot in the dark? To my surprise, he named off 3 brands that he felt generally had comfortable shoes. I am only surprised because when I find a comfortable heel, I am talking about it all day, all month, all year. When guys find something comfortable, they like it and they keep it to themselves and continue on with their lives talking about other normal "guy" stuff. It's so funny how we operate isn't it? It's a good thing I asked him his opinion on comfortable shoes though. Otherwise, you would have to roam the malls longer than your guy shopping clock allows and may not be able to find the right dress shoes. Well, you're in luck. In no particular order, here are the top 3 brands that carry the most comfortable men's dress shoe.

1. Johnston & Murphy
Johnston & Murphy shoes are made with fine soft leather on the outside and lined with soft leather on the inside. Along with soft leather on the inside, their shoes have soft-gel cushion insoles, with a cooling airflow design. These shoes are great for office and indoor work. Not so much recommended if you work out in the fields a lot. It has a smaller rubber sole at the bottom and may wear down faster. Also, with a price range anywhere from $100-$300, you must be sure these will last you awhile.

2. Ecco
Ecco shoes are awesome because they have something for everyone in the family and they really do focus their design on comfort. Rich leathers, lightweight and a unique design on the sole to provide the ultimate shock absorption to protect your joints. People forget that comfort also means comfort for the rest of your body. A lot of times when you walk around a lot and your back starts to hurt, it could be as simple as not wearing the right shoes. Try Eccos to see if it's the right brand for you, especially if you've been experiencing some knee, hip or back issues.

3. Rockport
Rockport shoes are not only great for the office, but also great if you do a lot of field work as well. The rubber sole is super thick, the leather is flexible and it is great for long hours of walking and constantly slamming your feet on hard surfaces all day. The rubber soles absorb the shock and feels as close to wearing gym shoes as you can get. These shoes are also very durable so it'll last you a long time. And with a price range that starts at about $50 (that's a starting price of $50 less than Eccos or Johnston and Murphys), it's worth every penny.

Christian Siriano's Line at Payless Shoes

August 21, 2009 by Anna  
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Christian Siriano Payless Shoes

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Do I notice a little trend going on here? Celebs like Miley Cyrus know that you must adapt and adjust to buyers in this economy. Miley recently came out with a line at Walmart and now, Project Runway's super fierce past winner Christian Siriano has a line at Payless Shoes.The style is versatile, simple, timeless, and with a lot more edge. The ones off the runway are of course hot, super trendy, over the top. The shoes that are available now at Payless are more standard, great for work or going out.

I am so excited for the runway shoes because not only are they really edgy, but they do not have a Christian Louboutin price tag of $800 or more. These shoes are going to be under $50 and there really isn't any excuse to not step out of the box and have some fun with your shoes. My heart is literally skipping a beat over the super chain link heels. It's like an egyptian heel with a twist and that's what I love about Christian Siriano. He doesn't play it safe and he's always thinking outside of the box and always making every trend his own. Although I haven't tested comfort, I see that a lot of these are platform shoes with a cone shaped heel. That means more height and less pressure on the ball of my foot. All of my 4"-6" heels are all platforms, it's the only way to go. The cone shape heel keeps your balance steady and it adds more interest.

And in case you missed his Fall 2009 Collection at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, all I have to say is...YUM!