Bridal Jewelry Bracelets – How To Choose the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Bracelets for Your Wedding

August 27, 2010 by Kristine  
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Is your ensemble ready for the big day? Are you running out of ideas where to look for the perfect dress, shoes and yes, bridal jewelry bracelets and accessories? It’s important for the bride to look her very best for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

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Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This is an age-old tradition that numerous women still take to heart. Wedding accessories like rings, earrings and bridal jewelry bracelets should turn a simple gown into one splendid work of art!

Most of these bridal accessories are adorned with exquisite gems and stones. If you’re going for traditional bridal jewelry bracelets, silver and gold bangles should work wonders with your gown. Thick and chunky art pieces might add a little flair to your attire and serve as a ‘décor’ -- just keep your wedding ring simple if possible. People would want to see a bride -- not an ‘art piece’!

For ‘something old’, a family heirloom should fit this concept. The traditional ‘passing’ of family jewelry keepsakes from the groom’s mother or grandmother is very common. Some brides make use of family bridal jewelry bracelets for their weddings.

If you surf the Internet or go to your herbal viagra tablets local jewelry shop, finding the right item for ‘something new’ should be a breeze! Dazzling collections of antique and contemporary bridal jewelry bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces are something to envy. But the question goes: Are you willing to shell out $3000 for an antique bracelet? Or a $300 ring?

Some jewelry establishments also offer rental services. If your budget prevents you from purchasing on expensive jewelry, renting bridal jewelry bracelets and other accessories should be a great option. You get to save more -- and still look glamorous at a fraction of the cost!

Now you’re ready to walk the aisle! With your beautiful gown and bridal jewelry bracelets, it’s time for the bride to shine!

Top Hair Products for Men Without Going Girly

August 25, 2010 by Kristine  
Filed under Fashion For Guys

It’s not uncommon to find skin and hair products for men. You might not be one of the ‘pretty boys’ in town, but there’s a smooth and real man inside. But how can that real man come out when your appearance keeps it all hidden? Well when you have the right products working for you, it might just lead you to even more surprising results. Here’s a list of our top hair products for men.

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1. Redken for Men Maneuver Working Wax
More men are using this product because of its versatility in styling and clean finish, giving your everyday hairstyle a refreshing new look! As one of the top hair products for men, the Redken Wax is perfect for professional and bed-messy hairstyles women simply can’t resist!

2. American Crew Tea Tree Defining Paste
This hair product will work best for texture and separation. It might have similar characteristics to that of Redken, but American Crew creates a more matted finish. It’s perfect for those who want to create a thicker hair, enabling more coverage. Create versatile hairstyles for casual and professional looks! Just a small amount will do to give your hair a make-over from the usual!

3. Goldwell for Men Shaping Agent
If you want something lighter for your hair, Goldwell is the best product for you. It’s smooth, non-sticky and gives a natural shine. It’s perfect for men who just want some control over frizzy and fly-away hair.

These are just some of the top hair products for men on the market. Now you don’t have any excuse to NOT look good at all. It’s prime time to set out for a hunt and take no prisoners! Don’t be surprised if women can’t resist your new look.

Best Bra for Running – 4 Bras You Should Be Wearing For Your Next Workout

August 1, 2010 by Kristine  
Filed under Health & Wellness

Finding the right bra for you is like finding a comfortable pair of jeans -- it’s agonizing. If you’re cramming to get the best bra for running for your next workout, then you’ll need these support garments to lessen the ‘jiggle’!

1. Moving Comfort Calli Sports Bra: This bra is made for high impact activities such as boxing, Taebo and running. If you’re one curvy woman, then this is the best bra for running for you. This bra is made for women with cup sizes from C to E. For maximum comfort,Moving Comfort Calli Sports Bra uses padded underwire, adjustable straps and sweat-wicking fabric.

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2. Saucony Motion Sensor Bra: This is the best bra for running for women with medium to curvy physiques. If you’re looking for full support minus the constriction, then this is the right brand for you! The criss-cross back straps provide full bust support when you do your thing on the track.

3. Champion Racerback Sports Bra: If you have a medium body frame, Champion sports bra is the best bra for running to suit your needs. This bra is made for the ‘less-than-busty’ women who are into high intensity activities such as running. It has a seamless side to prevent chafing. It’s made of moisture-wicking fabric and mesh panels to keep your skin as dry as possible.

4. Nike Determination Sports Bra: For high to medium impact activities, this is the best bra for running for women with C to D cup sizes. Made for maximum support, Nike sports bra keeps everything in place without it being too constricted. It’s made of high-quality fabric that reduces sweating and keeps your body cool and dry.

The best bra for running should be comfortable and snug. It should prevent unnecessary ‘juggling’ for those who are into extensive workouts. Women are graced with unique body shapes, so finding the right bra should be breeze with these selections!