No No Hair Removal 8800 Reviews – Does it Work?

November 1, 2010 by Anna  
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No No Hair Removal 8800 Reviews
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The No No hair removal 8800 system has truly revolutionized hair removal. It’s literally transformed the process from a painful, inconsistent and costly affair, to a smooth, more comfortable and more affordable affair. If you are looking for No No hair removal 8800 reviews, then look no further. I’ll show you why it’s simply the best choice for lasting hair removal.

The No! No! 8800 Hair Removal System
The first thing that will grab your attention about the No No is that it works on any colour hair. So it doesn’t matter of you have light hair or dark hair, it’s patented thermicon technology allows for painless hair removal without the “burning” that’s associated with other forms of hair removal systems.

The No No also has widespread application. You can use it on your face, legs, bikini area, and pretty much anywhere else that you want to rid of hair. To top it all off, the No No is very effective at slowing hair re-growth. Once you start using it to for hair removal, you’ll notice a slower period of re-growth each time the hair comes back.

Some of No No’s Top Features:

  • In-Home Convenience – As home hair removal treatments go, the No No is very convenient. It’s small, easy to handle and has no wires to get in the way of the removal process
  • Affordable – Some hair removal systems can run you into the hundreds of dollars. The No No is accessibly priced, and for the cost of just 3 waxes, you can have unlimited hair removal treatments.
  • Lasting Results – Thousands of people who use the No No simply rave about how lasting the results are. Many boasts that they are able to go for weeks without a treatment. And even when small stubs appear, the No No make’s re-treating a breeze.
  • Pain-Free Removal – Many hair removal systems are simply to painful to justify their costs, or the effort to use them. The No No makes hair removal a pain free experience. There’s no uncomfortableness whatsoever, just smooth, delicate removal of unwanted hair.

Note: One thing users have complained about the No No is that is does smell like burning hair when using the product, particularly during the first few sessions. However, this can be remedied by using it in the bathroom and turning on the fan.

How to Try the No No Hair Removal 8800 Risk Free
Fortunately, No No Hair Removal makes it extremely easy with this internet only special, allowing you to try it 100% RISK FREE. You see, often when you try a product and decide to return it, you're stuck with paying outrageous costs and "restocking fees". With the No No Hair Removal 8800, not only will they refund the purchase price and original shipping costs, they'll even pay for the return costs too. So you risk nothing. In addition, you get a total of 60 days to try the product (unlike most companies that only allow 7 days). Check out their terms and conditions for more information.