How to Dress Like Selena Gomez

April 8, 2011 by Anna  
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Besides being the lucky girl that snagged Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez also has great style. Don't you just hate her? Don't get me wrong, you hate her only because you wish you could live her life and be like her. Well, for starters, you can at least learn how to dress like Selena Gomez. Her style is sophisticated, young, fun, flirty and 'oh so cute'. You can easily replicate any of these looks and the best part is that it's comfortable and stylish. So let's get started!

Look#1: Summer Lovin'
This look is great for summer! It's dressy enough for any daytime party occasion, or something semi casual. I love love love long maxi dresses! You stand out in the crowd and you're comfortable! Maxi dresses are the most comfortable things and I always feel really cute in them! You can pair them with really strappy and fun shoes or you can even wear cute flip flops. Whatever you decide, you can't go wrong in a print colorful maxi dress. It's a summer must have!


Look#2: Young and Sophisticated
There are so many young entrepreneurs now a days and you face a challenge of what do you wear without looking like a boring office worker? Well, this is a great way to put together an outfit that is trendy and stylish and still fit for a client meeting. I love the monochromatic look of this outfit. It plays more on texture and just a slight variation of the same color. Skinny jeans, a beautiful silky blouse and a creamy colored blazer. If you're in a more creative field, you can definitely be a power player with this look. If you can't wear jeans at the office, you can definitely replace the jeans with gray slacks and get the same feel. This is understated, but packs a big style punch!


Look#3: Light Bohemian
So often we love the bohemian look, but it's easy to feel uncomfortable when you've taken the bohemian look too far. Not everyone can pull off the headband and the feathers and the fringe. I love this outfit because it shows that anyone can pull off the bohemian look and not want to stand out too much. This outfit is great to hang out in, go run errands, go to school, whatever. Something as simple as pairing skinny jeans and pumps still brings out the fashionista in you.


Look#4: Young and Hip
I love this look because again, it's so understated but very cute. I love how Selena paired skinny jeans (she really loves those skinny jeans) with some cool nude but strappy heals and a gray tunic top with a long chain chanel purse. What she has on her arm is a black blazer to finish off the look and some gold hoop earrings to bring in a little more flavor. I love it. The tunic top is also very nice should you be self conscious about your body, you can look great in this and not feel like you have to be a size 0.

There you have it! How to dress like Selena Gomez. Now go out there and get yourself a Bieber!

2011 Fashion Trend: Animal Rings!

April 2, 2011 by Anna  
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When I was younger, I remember my uncle wearing a tiger ring with red rubies for it's eyes. I always thought it was perverted looking...maybe because he was a straight man with a big gold tiger on his finger. But lately, as I'm out and about shopping, I am seeing more and more animal rings that range in all sorts of colors and sizes and frankly all different types of animals. Snake rings are very common and very cool as two finger rings. I love the way they wrap around your finger and give you a chunky ring look without being heavy. Among other animal rings, I think the bird rings is so cute! I'm also seeing birds everywhere from curtains to bedding and random household accessories and I really love the bird trend. I think it's very cutesy without feeling like a teenager. You can definitely pull it off as an adult.

All in all, I love this trend. I think it's really cool to have animals on your ring because it's unique, fun and the perfect statement piece. We all have our favorite animals, so why not have it with us as an accessory without making it our pet? It can be jeweled or patterned or just plain silver or gold and have an impact. So I've searched all animal rings and found some really cool ones that I wanted to share with you guys. One of my favorites is the Koi Fish ring I found. It looks so abstract and interesting, you wouldn't think it's a koi fish. But whenever people ask you what it is (because they will), you say "Koi fish", and I bet you will get a positive reaction every time! So join this animal ring trend and treat yourself to one! There's so much to choose from and you can wear it to spice up any outfit!

2011 Style Trend: Glitter Dresses

April 1, 2011 by Anna  
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This year on the red carpet, jewelry is not the only thing that sparkles. People are going crazy over the glitter shoes trend and now it's glitter dresses. I love anything that sparkles so I love this trend! I've been trying to find excuses to wear glittery things as an adult. Now I can break out all of my blingin outfits and rock them wherever I'm going! So whether you're going to a cocktail party, a house party, clubbin, or out to dinner, break out the glitter girls! The trannies are not the only ones having all the fun! Celebrate your life and your evening with a festive and flashy glitter dress! Here are some of my favorites: