Fashion Tips for the Skinny Guy

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Girls are insecure about being fat and guys are insecure about being skinny. But with a little bit of self confidence and some tricks to creating an illusion of a heavier frame, you should get over this insecurity in no time. Here are some tips to adding 10lbs to your figure and giving you the swagga you need.

Skinny Rocker Look
Are you skinny AND a rocker? If so, you're in heaven. Rockers usually have a smaller frame (perhaps it's easier to jump around on stage without all that extra weight and muscle) and girls love it! For this style, you must be skinny and proud so show off your figure. Wear smaller shirts, fitted jeans, and a light jacket. Accessories are your friends. Wear colored and/or studded belts, leather bracelets, maybe a hat, and layer on different types of accessories. Side note: if you go this route with your style, you may have to get tattoos and piercings to be more legitimate, thus attracting types of the girls mentioned in our tattoos post.

the skinny rocker look


Skinny Urban Look
Layers honey! Layers layers and even more layers. Use light jackets and coats to your advantage. I recommend only going one size up on t-shirts. Of course that depends on the manufacturer, but I notice that skinny guys who go for humungo t-shirts end up looking like they're drowning in their clothes. One to two (that's really pushing it) sizes up is enough because once you layer your shirts, it will look bulkier and you will fill into that one size up better. And as for jeans, go for a slightly baggier fit, but don't mess around with going with sizes too big. Baggy jeans are already very wide and big and if you go too many sizes up, it will look like you're wearing parachute pants. Needless to say, you'll spend the whole day pulling your pants up and unless you're a rebel teenager, that's not cool anymore. Please do not unflatter yourself on purpose. Oh and I must address the bling. If you're wrists are too small, go for a medium size face on your watch. Nothing worse than having a huge watch spin around on your wrist all day. Uncomfortable and unsightly. As for the chains: Do not wear a super thick one. It'll look too heavy on your body frame and weigh you down. Go for dog tags and a beady chain. That way it gives the illusion of something thicker, but still doesn't overpower you.

the skinny urban look


Skinny Preppy Look
The preppy look is very beneficial because you have the button up shirts and the sweaters and vests to bulk up your frame. The best way to cheat is by going for thicker materials or layering 2 or 3 different types of shirts. For example: undershirt, button up, pullover and or sweater. Rock the trench coat and layer on a scarf during the winter (or a lighter scarf during hotter seasons). For pants, go for a relaxed or straight fit. Remember, no pleats! On a skinny guy, the pleats are even more apparent. You can always wear a slightly thicker ring for more girth, or even leather bracelets, but that would be enough. Sport the man bag for school or work!

justin timberlake - skinny preppy


Nerdy Chic
Alright nerds, you know I love ya. For this look, thick plastic framed glasses, cuffed jeans, button up shirt, bow tie, sweater cardigan, a scarf, a man bag, and top it off with a hat. Did you remember how skinny you were just now? Of course not, as there's a lot of coordination going on. I love this look because it's so themed and you can definitely have a lot of fun with it. Commit to the look and embrace your inner nerd -- it's hot right now.

nerdy chic

Ok guys, I hope that you get the idea of adding on weight to you frame. The trick is to layer and use thicker materials, and divert the attention by utilizing more accessories. If I didn't cover your specific style, leave me a comment and let me know! I may dedicate a whole post just to help you out. And of course, like everything else, confidence is the key to every style!


12 Responses to “Fashion Tips for the Skinny Guy”
  1. I have a question… you say maybe a hat; however the pictures I sent you of the one I used to wear ALL the time would fall into excessive and not swaggerish! right? or Is there a way you can make your style from wearing a hat…like Minnie Pearl form Hee Haw!

  2. MizzJ says:

    Great tips! I think a lot of guys have this problem. Hmm, maybe you also need a post on the opposite case since there are chub guys out there too!

    MizzJ’s lastest blog post: The Do’s & Don’ts of wearing stripes

  3. Ashley says:

    I love Justin Timberlake’s look, he definitely has great style (or a great stylist)!

    Ashley’s lastest blog post: Links à la Mode

  4. i adore TI. and justin too. something about them just makes me happy.

  5. lisa says:

    Great tips! Fit is so important. Also, for experimental layering, I suggest putting everything on at home and doing a test drive of the look before debuting it to the world: Shirts under sweaters might look bulky if the shirt is cut boxy and that sort of thing.

    lisa’s lastest blog post: Layering Ideas For Transitional Weather

  6. lisa says:

    Er, “bulky” as in “they might bunch up in unexpected ways and make you look lumpy.” :P

    lisa’s lastest blog post: Layering Ideas For Transitional Weather

  7. Micah says:

    Okay.. not to be rude.. but I came to your site all excited… hoping to find tips on finding clothing that fits me!!!

    No offense… but I DON”T WANT TO LOOK 10 LBS HEAVIER I am perfectly fine being five eight and 130 lbs.. :) :)

    Actually I love being skinny and I am glad that those are in my genes… now if I could find actual jeans that fit without the need of being tailored then I will be happy.

    Extremely surprised no online shop has popped up that caters to use skinny and short men… between the rise in hispanic/asian population (which not to be stereotypical but honest) are normally smaller …. why hasn’t there been somewhere to capture this market??

    :) :)

  8. richey says:

    i have opened a shop specifically for skinny guys!


  9. richey says:

    i just opened an etsy store just for skinny guys!

  10. Joe says:

    I thought this was Fashion Tips For The Skinny Guy? The guys in the pictures aren’t skinny! They’re normal/average. Skinny now-a-days is like 110 Lbs when soaking wet.

  11. punk says:

    my height is 5.7 ,weight 56 kg ..i think the way i dress up is not so attractive,so could u suggest me what type of dress and fashion should i try now…thankyou

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