Tattoos on Women: A Guy’s View

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Jay Hornback is a very dear old friend of mine. He is a tall, handsome soccer player who works as an IT consultant all over the country. He currently resides in Atlanta and will be giving his thoughts and experiences with women.

People have been getting tattoos for a longer time than I want to research on Wikipedia, and everybody has their opinion on their attractiveness. Here's mine.

Let me start out by saying that I personally do not have any tattoos, but I have seriously thought about getting one. I’ve just never found a design that I was so inspired or in love with that I knew I would never regret getting it being permanently marked on my body. I can’t rule it out in the future.

And now to the heart of the argument: Do guys think that tattoos are attractive on females? Hopefully I can speak for the average guy. I’ve dated women that hated tattoos, some with very small and concealed tattoos, and I have dated others (well, one) that had a giant design on her back and multiple others on her ankles, hips and legs.

Rule #1:
Keep it classy.

No tramp stamps please.

No tramp stamps please.

If a girl is going to get a tattoo, it shouldn’t keep her from getting a job. I know that some employers don’t care about expressing yourself on your skin, but you won’t be working there forever. What does this have to do with attractiveness? Well, I like girls that are classy. A girl can have the hottest evening gown on, and a bad tattoo can ruin it. A well-concealed tattoo can be a turn on when it is revealed – it adds a little mystery. “Yes, I have a tattoo, but I can’t show you here…” Some ideal locations include: inside of the wrist, behind the ear, lower hip/pelvis (front or back), shoulder blade, ankle, and toe.

Some undesirable areas include: cleavage (visible on a moderately low cut top), neck, lower back (see #2 below), thigh, calf, or forearm. I’m not saying that I would never like a tattoo in these areas, but it would take something very unique and extraordinary girl for me to overlook a tattoo I didn’t like in these areas.

Rule #2:
Absolutely no tramp stamps or arm/leg wrap-arounds.
This one is pretty obvious. Most guys make an immediate judgment about your character when they see a back tattoo peeking between your pants and shirt (i.e. you must be a freak in the bed). While you might get a guy’s attention with one of these, you generally won’t attract the type of guy you’re looking for (unless you’re looking for a one night stand). I will admit that I have dated a girl with a small lower back tattoo. It didn’t bother me a bit, and didn’t make me think any less of her. It had meaning to her and that was enough for me.

woman with tattoo sleeves

Not hot.

Tattoos also should not encircle your arm, wrist or ankle. Yes, Pamela Anderson got barbed wire around her arm, but only douche bags and rednecks would think that it enhanced her looks. These tattoos just shout out that you’re trashy, which violates Rule #1.

Rule #3:
Don’t over-do it.
I am not personally attracted to females with tattoo ‘sleeves’, and I would guess that the only guys that are attracted to this style have sleeves themselves. So if you want a sleeve tattoo, or already have one, plan on meeting your next boyfriend at your favorite tattoo parlor. I will say that these kinds of females are usually very interesting to befriend, they’re just not my type to date. A tattoo can be colorful, but shouldn’t be all of the way colored in, or take up a lot of skin real estate.

Rule #4:
Make it feminine.
I don’t care how much you like your alma mater, or Bugs Bunny, or ???. Guys should not question your sexuality because of a tattoo, or feel uncomfortable in theirs if they are with you. No faces, tribals, or anything that a (straight) male might consider.

Megan Fox has 9 tattoos and is smoking hot.

Megan Fox has 9 tattoos and is smoking hot.

Rule #5:
Be original.
If you follow a trend, or get the idea from seeing it on someone else, chances are that you won’t love it forever. So make it meaningful, and come up with something that you haven’t seen. Going to a tattoo parlor and picking a design from a book is not the way to go.

Females should know that hotness overcomes ugly tattoos. Take Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie, for example. These are two women who most guys would agree are beautiful (although I personally don’t like Angelina – her lips bother me). Now, imagine Megan Fox’s tattoos on a marginally hot female, like Hillary Swank. A guy would probably say that they didn’t find her attractive because of her tattoos, when they would never say that about Megan Fox.

What does this mean? A beautiful woman can get away with anything (but you already knew that). Even so, I still wouldn’t take chances with tattoos that may cause bad reactions. If you can’t follow these rules, maybe you should think twice before getting a tattoo. Some guys will not agree with me on every point here, but these simple guidelines won’t prevent the average guy from liking you.

And if you already got a tattoo that broke one of the rules, there’s no need worry (unless you got your baby daddy’s name tattooed on your neck). There are plenty of tattooed men out there looking for a girl to share their love for body art. Either way, a good guy isn’t going to judge you. You just might have to work a little harder to win their affection… or be really hot.


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  1. Ali-bell says:

    I’m not really a tattoo fan – I very rarely see any I like, especially on girls! any article that encourages people to think twice is good in my books : )

    Ali-bell’s lastest blog post: New in the shop – Astro Cuffs

    • Theresa says:

      And you, your the reason young woman end up getting AIDS and herpes… They sleep around because its the only way for them to express their emotions. A stupid article like this should never have a girl second guessing whether they want a tattoo. Just don’t get some cheap piece. You people make me sick. Probably right wingers.

      • Reggie1971 says:

        That has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read in my life. If woman can’t get tattoos the only way they’ll be able to express their emotions is to sleep around? You make women sound as shallow as a kiddie pool bought at Kmart. First of all, getting a tacky ink stain on your body does little to express yourself. The cheesy artwork is designed by SOMEONE ELSE.

        As for additional ways to express yourself, I would suggest learning to play a musical instrument, writing, painting, fashion design, sculpture, political advocacy, the list of more attractive and skillful means of expression goes on an on….and none of it invovles permanently defiling your body.

        • This Guy says:

          Wow, are you all really judging women based on if they get a tat or not? As far as an idividual opinion thats fine, but dude you went out your way to write an article that degrades any woman getting a tattoo in an exposed location. Thats wrong dude. And just because a girl has full sleeves does not mean she’ll meet her boyfriend in a tattoo parlor, you’re so stereotypical man if I met you in person I’d probably shoot you for saying the shit you’ve said. I hate people like you and people who agree with you. You all have no clue about tattoos or what they mean. It is a means of expressing yourself, for whatever tattoo it is. If its Bugs Bunny or a fuckin Nintendo controller, it means something to the person, which is why they got it you morons. Also, the tatoo artist DOES NOT ALWAYS design the tattoo you fucking retard, they just happened to be the artist and draw up what you want. None of you know anything about tattoos so none of you can judge the people who get them. Man, I never seen comments by such retarded people in my life, do you all live under the same rock on an island in the North Atlantic or something? Because you all seriously couldn’t tell your asses from a damn hole in the ground. Attractive women become more attractive with tattoos, I find that women who express themselves with body mods are attractive due to their willingness to through the pain and also because of their strong will to express themselves how THEY WANT, regardless of who likes it or not. I love tattoos on me, and on women. Don’t hate because your girl is too fat to get one or said she’d never get one and now you’re so pussy whipped you’re going along with it. You fail bro, seriously fail in life.

          • Dave says:

            I think that there is nothing hotter on a women than a sleeve tattoo. I think tattoos on chicks is the hottest thing ever. I’m not a big fan of “tramp stamps” or random lil tattoos everywhere, but big tattoos or sleeve tattoos are SO hot!!!!!

          • Reggie1971 says:

            Who said that the tattoo is always designed by the tattoo “artist”? I didn’t. I said it is designed by SOMEONE ELSE, i.e. not the person who is getting the tattoo.

            Van Gogh supposedly cut off one of his ears to express himself. Are women required to find it attractive.

            You seem like a very bitter and hateful person judging by your hysterical rant. I don’t hate anyone who likes or has ghastly tattoos, I simply expressed a criticism of them as destroying natural beauty, and as being a rather vapid method of expressing one’s self.

          • niki says:

            that’s cute how you think that no one designs their own tattoos. whether they pick it out of a book or an artist does it for them, that’s not the only way people can get them done. in fact, every single tattoo i have has been hand drawn by me and for me, and that is the only way i will ever get something permanent on me. but i would assume nothing less from a moron who thinks hot girls get away with everything.

          • tattoo chick says:

            THANK GOD!!!! someone with their head on straight! Whoever wrote this article is so dumb it makes me pissed that I wasted my time reading it. First off he doesn’t even have any tattoos so he shouldn’t be talking shit about them and Everyone is beautiful with or without body modifications as long as it makes them happy duh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tattooed Mommy says:

      I have lots of tattoos, and the main reason I get them is b/c it makes me feel better about myself. I hate being judged on the fact that I have them, but at the same time I don’t give two shits what you or the next person think! I know men that love women with tats, and they aren’t all tatooed themselves.

      I think tattooes are hot on guys or gals. Ladies do what makes you happy and find a man that loves you for you! Dont let fucktards like this one tell you that you’re not sexy/hot with that sleeve!

    • God says:

      Can’t we all just get along! I think tattoo sleeves are very sexy and I think Hilary Swank would look good with Megan Fox’s tattoos. But hey, if that’s your opinion cool. I want a shoulder tattoo!

      • God actualls said, says:

        Please don’t mar your body, I made you perfect the way you are.

        I see tattoos the same way I see make-up and dyed hair, etc… it’s a sign that the girl has issues with herself. She certainly doesn’t feels he is perfect the way God made her. So I take a pass and look for a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. In fact I found her and we have a beautiful daughter that we are teaching these same values to. That she doesn’t need a tattoo to express herself, and yes, the guy above is right…there are so many better ways to express themselves.

    • Christy says:

      I think your entire “rule” system you have going on is complete BS! For someone to judge when you have no tattoos is absurd. I have more then 14 tattoos that no one would know about unless i’m naked. I agree with keeping it classy but tats are a form of art, and to remain so closed minded about how people express them is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if the person is skinny or fat good looking or not, a good tattoo can look amazing on anyone. It’s really all about the artist an how good of an artist they actually are. The rules about tattoos are THERE ARE NO RULES!!! So the next time you look at someone and judge them for the placement of something they decided to have inked on there skin for the rest of there life have some respect because you obviously don’t have enough balls to get one yourself!

  2. Theresa says:

    I think its great that people are still so closed minded!:) I love nothing better than a guy that decides what is good on a woman’s body! Super awesome! I personally don’t have that many tattoos, but I know that my body is a temple, and I am going to decorate it. No matter what I do I know I’ll look good, and a tattoo is only going to make things better. Way to go you! I’m sure you’re REALLY speaking for ALL men… Since half the guys I’ve dated have no tattoos, but really dig mine. Ha keep up the good work.

    • Alex Vance says:

      Damn right. The author of this article doesn’t explain his dislike of tattoos very articulately, and so it reads like a Cosmo item, listing prejudices most commonly found among most small minded men and women.

      The truth is that the deciding factors on tattoos, by a huge margin, are their content. Men will notice artistic value, originality, and meaning to the woman. This will occur whether or not the tattoo is on her back, or contains a face, which is apparently masculine now.

      I bet Jay drives a Dodge Stratus with flame decals.

    • Reggie1971 says:

      The argument that guys who find tattoos unappealing are closed minded is completely wrong, albeit used by virtually every woman who advocates for them.

      Let me ask you this. If you find a huge potbelly on a man to be unattractive, are you being closed-minded? How about a lesbian? She doesn’t find men attractive at all, is that due to her closed-mindedness?

      No, the argument that people who find tattoos unappealing are closed-minded is demonstrably untrue. Our revulsion at ink stains on the human body is a NATURAL REACTION.

  3. r says:

    Thanks for your opinion.

    Tattoo’s are a personal decision and statement one makes about one’s own body. To be fair, some people aren’t attracted to them, and thats fine because I’m not attracted to those kinds of people anyway.

    If someone does not find me attractive due to a tattoo, or considers me a slut because of the placement of one on my body they are probably superficial, ignorant, and far from the kind of person I want to be with.

    • Tessa Perry says:

      I am going to throw the 10 out there and call myself one because of looks and personality. (Now you’ll think I am conceited but I am a confident Leo!)

      I have a professional well paying job where every day I deal with high authority professionals. My partner of 5 years also has a similar job.

      I have 2 tattoos. One on my shoulder blade and one on my lower back, a.k.a. tramp stamp to a narrow-minded person. I always cover the both of them, whether I am at work or out in general. The only way you see either on a regular basis is if I am naked (which only my partner sees) or if I am in a bikini in the summer – or if I choose to show them and wear a shorter shirt and low cut jeans.

      A tramp-stamp is only that if you are a tramp. =)

      • Tessa Perry says:

        BTW I agree with you,

        “If someone does not find me attractive due to a tattoo, or considers me a slut because of the placement of one on my body they are probably superficial, ignorant, and far from the kind of person I want to be with.”

        I am a classy professional person who came from an upper class neighborhood, and I am a good looking person, and I agree that if a guy judges me off of my placements of my tattoos, he is absolutely not the type of man I want to be with.

  4. Sarah says:

    i think it’s nice that you posted this it’s interesting to hear what “guys” think.
    i personally think tattoos are really cool. i myself have 4 all not visible unless i’m wearing a bathing suit or somthing like that.
    i think girls should definetly avoid nasty skulls and demons tattooed on them but if it’s a nice feminine tattoo go for it!

  5. zach says:

    Alright I think this be some bull sh** girls with full sleeves, chest pieces, leg tattoos or anywhere else besides a tramp stamp I think is personally very attractive. Now the tattoos have to actually look good. That means tribal tattoos which are a f-ing joke in my eyes are trashy and no one should get that but thats just in my opinion. I am hoping I will find a girlfriend that has a full sleeve or at least a half sleeve because honestly it adds character and looks really good but anyways there is my two cents.

  6. Anna says:

    Hey you guys, I have been wanting a tattoo for awhile and asked my friend and a lot of my guy friends what they thought about them. It’s funny because my finace has a tattoo, but is totally against me getting one. It’s such a double standard. Whatever your personality can rock, tattoo or not, absolutely go for it. I wish I had more of an edgy look to pull it off!

    • Alicia says:

      You don’t need an edgy look to pull off tattoos. I’m considered a “good girl” amongst my friends, mostly. I wear pretty, girly clothes with lace and swishy skirts and I have a tattoo on my shoulder blade and I’m getting another on my arm next week. And if you really want a tattoo, get one. Who cares what other people think? Most of my boyfriends didn’t think tattoos were attractive, but they still dated me. Same goes for a lot of my guy friends, but several of their girlfriends have tattoos.

  7. livinia says:

    i respect every ones opions about tattoos i really a young lady a co owner of a hair salon and a attendance clerk at a high school where i live. i am all about my business and im a very beautiful young lady i carry my self with class and poise. i have 4 tattoos none of them are visible unless i have a swim suit on . i have one on my lower back which is a butterfly that says bonita which represents me going from a shy girl always getting picked on by me peers not very pretty and over weight to a blossemed beautiful young woman and what else to describe that than the word bonita! so dont judge a person by tattoos get to know them first!

    • Anna says:

      Well put, I am sorry if this post has offended anyone. It was not our intention to be mean spirited. Thank you guys for all the comments and your thoughts.

      • Marc says:

        Don’t apologize for your article and thank you for not getting a tattoo!! Why the hell do you want to look “edgey” A majority of society still frowns on tattoos especially on women. Actresses with them are asked to cover them up before filming because tattooing offends people and detracts from the actress’ sex appeal. Heck it even says in several passages of the Bible not to tattoo or pierce your body because it desecrates God’s Temple and is a heathen cult. It takes more courage to be a non conformist and not get a tattoo than to be one of the mindless barnyard animals that lines up at a tattoo parlor. I do note from my own observations that those who get tattoos are not exactly the cream of the genetic pool but Megan Fox is an exception

  8. Reggie1971 says:

    Hotness overcomes tattoos? Well excuse me for asking the obvious, but why would you put stains all over yourself to overcome in the first place?

    Yes, Megan Fox is a gorgeous girl when you navigate your eyes around the ink, but she’d be far more gorgeous if she wasn’t covered in a bunch of ghastly tattoos.

  9. Randi says:

    I agree with the others who have responded to this post. Only a superficial guy would disregard a chick because of a tat. I have five of them, also none of which are visable unless I pull my hair up and put on a bikini but am contemplating a sleeve. To me, any guy worth dating is capable of thinking for himself and can appreciate self expression instead of stereo typing someone based on a personal choice like getting inked. Not every guy I’ve dated is all tatted up. Tattooed people are just like everyone else, only with tats. Rock on to anyone who has the courage to be different.

  10. Thomas says:

    This article just shows how lame and judgemental you are. You can definitely be trash without ink as well. If you want ink get some and get what you want. It’s you’re life – live it the way you want and stop letting society tell you what is right for you.

  11. Ron says:

    Tattoos- And what about the health implications??? I would not date a girl with a tattoo without a blood test– tattoo parlours are not regulated near enough- a tattoo is basically a surgery thing!!!

  12. XoXo18Xo says:

    Wow this article is really juvenile!
    J, this is your opinion and you have every right to your opinion and all these people that bag on you have a right to their opinions too!

    But I feel bad for you because you think this about women with tattoos. I bet that you miss out on a lot of friendships and relationships with a lot of people in general because you ASSUME you know the person by the way they dress, comb or color their hair and their tattoos. Just because a girl has a tattoo on her lower back as you call it a “tramp stamp” that they are hence a tramp. So not true! I know many women with lower back tattoos or what you would call a “tramp stamp” or a leg wrap, they are so far from being tramps. I know another friend who got a tattoo almost 15 years ago when there was no such thing as a “tramp stamp”! She is a wonderful, beautiful, sexy girl but if you had seen her and saw her tattoo, you would have labeled her this not knowing why she has it. Or what the circumstances are behind it.

    I know another girl who got a flower vine all the way around her lower back, beautiful work, gorgeous color and I guess she is a tramp too, right!

    Did you ever think that maybe this is just a sexy place to get a tattoo on a women, ever think of that? The lower back in general is sexy on a woman, so they accessorize it with a tattoo. And did you ever think that the term “tramp stamp” and “bullseye” were made up terms by disgusting men who might be misogynists or whores themselves and say these things to degrade women?

    I think you writing this article should be an eye opener for you, that you judge a book buy it’s cover and you either degrade women yourself or you are learning and listening to the people. But something is not right about your thinking, something childish.

    I used to be very judgemental years ago and I learned that I was 95% wrong about everything. So the next time you see a girl with tattoos in all the wrong places, according to you, maybe try to get to know her, give them a chance. I am not saying that there isn’t loose women out there with tattoos but it would be extremely naive to think ALL women are like this with tattoos or “tramp stamps”. You will learn that judgeing the person by their tats, clothes, hair is not a good way to get to know someone. All these things might tell you a lot about the person but definitely not tell you if they sleep around or are trashy! Jeeeezz Lord! Come on, get it together!

  13. I am a woman who is completely inlove with tattoos. I already have two and i am planning to get my third one this month for my birthday!
    I am an artist, and i see beauty in almost everything. The feeling of having a piece of art on your skin is incomparable..just amazing. I love and admire people, especially women who have the courage to go through pain just to get one. I love the way they show the world that nothing can stop them from getting what they want, no matter what people say.Usually some people dont understand this, and these people are blinded with self righteousness, norms, and rules! I hate rules. Art has no boundary, no rules…
    I have noticed in this article that he was talking about ‘average guys’. Well, tell you what, the very first reason why we love tattoos is because we don’t wana be average..just like you! We women want challenge that we wont settle ourself with a BORING, AVERAGE, NORMAL people like you! We will do what we wana do because we live our live the way WE want to, and not the way YOU want to!
    You boring people make this world a boring place. You should all go live together in your average boring life, while WE continue ROCKIN!!!!!!
    Respect to all people with tattoos!! Lets keep rockin :D

  14. jessica says:

    the differents between tattooed people and non tattooed people is tattooed people dont mind if you have tattoos
    i think that says it all
    but i do agree with one think everyone is saying.
    PICK your own tattoo not one everyone has and if you are having it on your skin should it not be saying something about your jounrey throught life or who you are.
    i love tattoos and have lots, my family hate them but am me i am the same with or without ink on me
    if someone judges me before having time to meet me i dont what to meet them

  15. Ashley says:

    Whatever you want to think about tattoos is completely fine; obviously I am not going to try to change your opinion. But please do not speak for other guys, even the one’s you call “average” or “normal.” I am a woman who has 5 very large tattoos, and I have never once had anyone I was remotely interested in think twice about it. Maybe I just don’t find people like you attractive. However, while I have dated the “rocker” guy who’s covered head to toe in ink, I chose to spend my life with a very straight-edge man who would never in his life consider getting a tattoo or piercing. He is one hundred percent, completely, absolutely in love with my body art, even though it is such a different aesthetic that he chooses to incorporate into his own style. Point being, I did not give even the slightest thought to what a average guy would think of me when I got my tattoos because they were for me. And, guess what, it never once came up (even with the men I dated who had no idea I had tattoos until they got to see me in bed). So, you can have your opinion about what’s acceptable for women, but the fact that you are trying to speak for other men just tells me that you have a lot of growing up to do and a lot more of the world to see.

  16. Mandie Williams says:

    I am a lady with sleeves, and calves, and feet tattoos… other places, whatever.. my point is, My guy has 3 tattoos, and loves mine. The last two guys i dated years ago had no tattoos at all! Dudes are flakey and every single one of them finds different things about women attractive. As to weather a lady has a lot of tattoos or not, well… art is art, and any soul who appriciates that will indeed find tattoos on a lady interesting and beautiful. Its like,.. well, tasting the forbidden fruit. :)

  17. FericaLynn says:

    I think this is all very interesting, and in the end comes down to personal opinion. My father warned me when I got my second tattoo, which is much larger than my first, that I might have trouble finding a ‘mate’ because many ‘successful’ men don’t approve of women with large body ink.

    What I find so interesting are where these preconceived notions derive from. For example, being inked myself I still don’t find calf art attractive. Not sure why, I just don’t. And while I disagree that “ink stains” ruin beautiful people, I can understand that this is a personal opinion, and that people’s ideas on what is and what isn’t attractive vary. There are some seriously embedded conceptions of what is ‘beautiful’ and what it means to be attractive and ‘feminine’. It’s important to realize all these ideals were influenced by society in some way or another, and that each individual person should be judged on so much more that what’s skin deep.

    :) I absolutely love my tattoos, and I love getting them. It’s probably the one piece of myself that I can look at consistently and love. My only advice is to put thought into what you are doing. Even if you get the ‘ink itch’ like I do, draw something out and justify it to yourselves before making the permanent decision.

  18. Court says:

    I think this is a bunch of bullshit! I have a half sleeve and have dated many men without tattoos and they don’t date me because I do or don’t have them! You can only speak for yourself dude, not for the rest of the male population! You don’t even know how ignorant you sound in this article!

  19. cole says:

    This was a beautiful article. No backsass; just opinion and very open. No one-sidedness either c: Keep it up!
    And Theresa. You’re a fucking moron. Grow the fuck up :D

  20. jillian says:

    This guy seems like a total douchebag.

  21. Molly Hood says:

    I`m a female body piercer with tattooos (working on my sleeve) & I fail to see your logic in creating these “female tattoo rules.” Are you hoping some lost & confused woman will read this & see the err of her ways for wanting a tattoo on her forearm? As for job security, it`s 2010 & there are plenty of great jobs (not limited to tattoo & piercing studios) that tattooed females can make a lot of money working. How fitting, both tattoos & your personality/insight are skin deep. Class, by the way, is the impartial, consistent display of emotional integrity. It is not determined by the artwork someone bares. Thanks for the “classy” article though.

  22. Erica says:

    I think this is rubbish! I don’t need someone who doesn’t even have a tattoo to tell me what or where I need to permanently put something in order to be attractive to the opposite sex. Any woman that needs approval from a man on what is attractive should probably go see a therapist and work on doing what makes her happy. You need to do what brings you joy in life and someone will find that sexy!

  23. Mandy says:

    Anybody that thinks they can speak for the general ‘average’ population is a giant dick. Throw a photo of yourself up and I’ll gladly give my ‘average’ woman opinion on you and your lifestyle.

  24. johnny says:

    Too many people are using tattoos as a supplement for an actual personality. Lemmings. Eloi. Following the herd. 99 percent have no meaning whatsoever. I’m sorry daddy did not pay you enough attention. Merchant Marines used to be the only tattooed people I knew with tattoos, and they meant something. Swallows were a signal of approaching land and so on… Now every contrived suburban girl with bleached blond hair and bolted on boobs has at least a sleeve. It’s over. It’s been over. Go home. Your cage is clean.

  25. Melissa says:

    All I can say is wow, what a waste of time this was to read. As far as the tramp stamp goes fuxk off, I guess you could say I have one but it goes from the bottom of my back a little over half way up, and all of my tattos I have had drawn up for me how I want seeing I cannot draw worth a shit, but all my tattos mean something I have a butterfly= becoming a woman got on my 18th birthday, the name Cassidy seeing that is my daughters name, and my stars and lines mean I am reaching for the stars and try to reach my goals, and the fact that I just love stars, I can say I have had one guy that did not like my tattoos but any other guys I have been with loves them, whe people see my back piece just a little bit I get stopped all the time because people want to see it so I show them and i love it it makes me feel good that other people love my art work, to me though I am bi for anyone who wanted to know but I find women with tattoos hot as hell whereever they have them but I only find Kat Von d to be the only female I have seen be able to pull off all of her tattoos. but to all the people who do not like tattoo get with someone who feels the same and shut the fuck up and leave us people that love a=our art work alone, I love what a lot of you had to say to many to put down though but to everyone who dont like them just keep it to yourself if a girl has 50 tattoos or more she will still find a man she loves and dont mean she will me him at a tattoo place you fucking crackhead. anyways two thumbs up to the people that love tattoos like I do, my mom, brother, gma, gpa, and exs all have tattoos

  26. Tasha says:


    This really sucks. I thought of this beautiful tattoo for my lower back. I never thought it’d make people try to use me for sex and think I’d be easy. I heard the “trap stamp” thing as a joke so I googled what men think of tattoos… I don’t want that to happen. I guess I won’t get it.


  27. Brandon says:

    When you do something outside the norm or outside the bell-curve….expect to find less people out there with you. It’s human nature to judge, and to judge quickly. It’s our single best survival instinct to be able to distinguish “friend or foe, my tribe or not?, and to do it quickly”. That quote about first impressions was not just folksy advice it’s based upon human nature. Do what you want but live with the choice. Live informed!!

  28. Christina says:

    I can’t believe that with the topic of discussion that you would be so close minded as to believe that females should get something like flowers on it and that if they don’t that they are going to make men questions their sexuality. First of all, if a guy questions his sexuality it has nothing to do with the woman they are with. Second if a guy has to measure his “manliness” on a female, then he really needs to take a closer look at his life.

    Tattoo’s are a form of art, just like a painting, just like cooking, just like music. People express themselves in all manners of art. Personal taste aside you really don’t the right to tell someone that what they drew, composed, cooked, or had tattoo’d on their body is ugly. Feel free to say that you find a tattoo to be ugly, just don’t be surprised when the person you say that too, ignores you and walks away, or punches your face for it.
    I happen to think that tattoo’s on men and women are sexy, beautiful works of art. I also don’t have any tattoo’s as of yet. I’m needing to find an artist I trust and the money to do so.

    If you find tattoo’s repulsive then by all means do NOT date a woman who has tattoo’s. Being sexist at all anymore is a little redundant. Considering there are people older than you are that have and love tattoo’s and love people who are different. If everyone was the same this world would be pretty boring. I for one am glad that you are the minority in this world and that I don’t have to deal with closed minded, ignorant people like you very often.

    • Marc says:

      Why is it all you tattooed chicks liberally apply the term “closed minded” and other filthy vernacular to men who don’t like tattoos? Why don’t you just accept the fact that not every one is celebrating your choice? Do you want to be called trailer trash or a whore because you have a tattoo? You snould keep in mind that up until the last decade the only women who got tattooed were prison inmates, strippers, prostitutes, and circus freaks. I still think that when I see a tattooed woman she falls into one of those categories but I keep my opinion to myself.

  29. I want more tattoes says:

    I agree with most of the other ladies.
    HOT females can pull off even ugly tattoos. No. No they can’t. Besides, every woman has something beautiful about her.

    Alos, If I want another tattoo… I’m getting it and I”m getting it in the location I choose, not a location that some guy thinks is FEMININE.

    This article is so depressing because this is another example of putting women down. We HAVE to be feminie and do what the man wants. I say HELL NO!
    If my boyfriend doesn’t like my tattoos and breaks up with me over it… I don’t need him, it would mean he’s just as shallow as the man who wrote this article. (Which he isn’t) :)

    So, ladies. Get the tattoo you want WHERE you want it. It’s for life. you shouldn’t change because someone tells you to.

  30. Brittany says:

    Attention ladies: The only thing important in life is attracting men and making them happy! Oh yes, and being “hot” as well. That is crucial because “hot” girls get whatever they want in life. This is wonderful, no wonder young girls have eating disorders, depression, and other issues resulting from body image. Shame on you.

  31. Brittany says:

    Oh yes, and I love how I haven’t seen any rules for men with tattoos. But that’s because it’s 2011 and society is still trying to tell women what is acceptable behavior for them. I have three tattoos and I have never had any trouble attracting a man, including many with no tattoos. Do you really think I’m going to consider “Oh, I want a tattoo but it should be tiny and very discreet so I can surprise men when I take my clothes off for them because that’s what this article says.” That’s classy? Give me a break.

  32. Sally says:

    tattoo parlors are inspected often and are held to high standards inorder to keep their business lic. Get your head out of your ass!

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