Holiday Dresses for Kids – My Top Picks

December 14, 2010 by Anna  
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Tis the season to dress up in your holiday gear! To all the wonderful mothers out there, this is the season to find the perfect holiday dresses for kids. Dress them up and have fun with the holidays for as long as they'll let you. These are the times that I think, "How fun it must be to have a little baby girl!". I'm sure all the moms out there would agree. But what kind of dress could you put your little girl in that would melt the most hearts? Well I have my top picks for this holiday season.

Infant Holiday Dresses & Holiday Dresses for Girls
They grow up so fast! This is the reason you need to find the absolute perfect holiday dresses for your girls. From those little santa dresses to something plaid or sparkly, you have so many options to choose from. My suggestion is considering hair color. If your baby girl is a brunette, put her in something red, purple, blues or something that is deep and rich color. It'll bring out her big bright eyes. If your girl has bouncy blond curls, try golds, creams, light pinks to compliment her hair. If your infant has no hair....well, then you have free range to go crazy! And follow what's hot in the trends this year for women. Finding a holiday dress that is like a mini version of what adults wear is what makes it 'oh so much cuter'. Go all out on the sparkles, headbands, bows and any other accessories to complete your little girls holiday look. You only have one chance to do this for some great pictures and memories. So take advantage of it!

Here are my top picks for Infant Holiday Dresses & Holiday Dresses for Girls:

Glitter Shoes for Women – Please Stuff My Stocking With These!

December 11, 2010 by Anna  
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Fashion must know my name! I am a girl who LIVES for anything that sparkles! I love glitter and glitter loves me. And not in any tacky way of course. Just the right amount of glitter can make a girl feel like a princess and a million bucks! So when glitter shoes for women first flooded the market, I knew there was a God. This holiday season (and hopefully this will stay a trend for a long time), get your girlfriend glitter shoes!

Pumps/Booties/Spakles Oh my!
Platform pumps are the way to go for glitter shoes. You will find that most department stores may be out of stock in your size because these shoes are so so popular right now. It's best to buy online so you don't have to fight the crowd and ensure the size, color and style you're looking for. A glitter or sparkly pump will be so festive with a simple black dress or even a pant suit for work. You can really snazzy up the look without going over board. Avoid red glitter pumps as you don't want to look like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. If a full glitter pump is too much for you, opt for a pump that has simple glitter detail to give you just the right amount of sparkle.

Here are all of my favorite Glitter Pumps and Boots. There are just so many that I love!


Sexy Glitter Sandals
Girls, nothing makes you feel sexier than that perfect sandal! Now, when you add glitter, you are calling in your feminine power ladies! The glitter sandals are perfect for warmer weather places this time of year and the trend is sure to last through spring and summer! Choose from stilettos sandals to flip flop style sandals. There is one for every woman on ever occasion!

Here are my favorite Glitter Sandals:


Fabulous Glitter Flats
Another way flats can absolutely be fabulous! Just add some glitter! If you or your friend is more of a comfy flats type girl, then you too can partake in this sparkly trend. Whether they're ballerina glitter flats for the office or with a pair of skinny jeans, or a sparkly flat sandal for the more flirty occasion, there is so much to choose from! If you want to rock the glitter shoes more often with comfort, go for the flats. They are so cute and you can really tap into your inner princess and catch anyone's attention in these! I mean, c'mon there are even Keds Glitter Flats! So much fun!

Here are my favorite Glitter Flats:


So there it top glitter shoes for women. My prayers have been answered with this awesome glitter trend this year and I couldn't be happier. Sure, I may look back and think it's a little over the top. But I am young and fun and my wardrobe and shoe selection should reflect just that. There is plenty of time to go for boring beige or standard black. Celebrate yourself with something that really sparkles!

Faux Fur Scarves – 2010 & 2011 Must Have Holiday Trend!

December 9, 2010 by Anna  
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OMG someone put these faux fur scarves in a box, wrap it up and put a bow on it! They are hot hot hot!! This season, do not pass over these luxurious scarves in the department stores! These make really awesome gifts, especially for your fashionista friends. These scarves vary in all different lengths, sizes, patterns and color, fit for every style.

Animal Prints and Patterns:
Animal prints and patterns can snazzy up any holiday outfit. Whether you're wearing a red dress to your company Christmas party or just sticking with classic black, the pop of an animal print pattern as your scarf will set you apart. Choose an animal print scarf for your trendiest, daring, and most outgoing friends. They will be sure to love your gift this year!

Here are my top picks for Animal Print Faux Fur Scarves:


Faux Fur Neck Warmers:
I love love love these! The length of a neck warmer is functional and you don't have to fuss with how to wrap your scarf. I so often get asked by people how to wrap their scarves and there are so many different ways. One sure way to not have to worry about it, is getting the neck warmer, cowel neck or shorter neck scarves. They are super chic and really are very warm!

Here are the hottest picks for shorter faux fur scarves:


Long Faux Fur and textured scarves:
So you're not into animal print and you want something with more weight than a short neck warmer. Look no further, there is something for you too! If your look is more classic and timeless, go for a simple black or white faux fur scarf. If you're looking for something snazzy but not an animal print, play with textures! There are faux furs with longer hair and different textures to give your outfit a more three dimensional layered look. This is perfect for everyone. If you're not sure of the style of the person that you're buying for, stick with something like this. It's classic and trendy at the same time!

Here are my favorite picks for longer or textured scarves (Oh and I added some faux fur capes could I not?!):


I am a big fan of the faux fur because you can look great, keep really warm and not have to skin any animals alive. Fashion is moving forward with the consciousness of people and the world and we should really celebrate alternative fashion choices that really rock! Even if you're not buying faux furs for the moral reasons, faux fur is just easier on your rhinestone wallet. So whether you're buying for a close friend, sister, or a co worker, anyone can enjoy these fabulous faux fur scarves!

No No Hair Removal 8800 Reviews – Does it Work?

November 1, 2010 by Anna  
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No No Hair Removal 8800 Reviews
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The No No hair removal 8800 system has truly revolutionized hair removal. It’s literally transformed the process from a painful, inconsistent and costly affair, to a smooth, more comfortable and more affordable affair. If you are looking for No No hair removal 8800 reviews, then look no further. I’ll show you why it’s simply the best choice for lasting hair removal.

The No! No! 8800 Hair Removal System
The first thing that will grab your attention about the No No is that it works on any colour hair. So it doesn’t matter of you have light hair or dark hair, it’s patented thermicon technology allows for painless hair removal without the “burning” that’s associated with other forms of hair removal systems.

The No No also has widespread application. You can use it on your face, legs, bikini area, and pretty much anywhere else that you want to rid of hair. To top it all off, the No No is very effective at slowing hair re-growth. Once you start using it to for hair removal, you’ll notice a slower period of re-growth each time the hair comes back.

Some of No No’s Top Features:

  • In-Home Convenience – As home hair removal treatments go, the No No is very convenient. It’s small, easy to handle and has no wires to get in the way of the removal process
  • Affordable – Some hair removal systems can run you into the hundreds of dollars. The No No is accessibly priced, and for the cost of just 3 waxes, you can have unlimited hair removal treatments.
  • Lasting Results – Thousands of people who use the No No simply rave about how lasting the results are. Many boasts that they are able to go for weeks without a treatment. And even when small stubs appear, the No No make’s re-treating a breeze.
  • Pain-Free Removal – Many hair removal systems are simply to painful to justify their costs, or the effort to use them. The No No makes hair removal a pain free experience. There’s no uncomfortableness whatsoever, just smooth, delicate removal of unwanted hair.

Note: One thing users have complained about the No No is that is does smell like burning hair when using the product, particularly during the first few sessions. However, this can be remedied by using it in the bathroom and turning on the fan.

How to Try the No No Hair Removal 8800 Risk Free
Fortunately, No No Hair Removal makes it extremely easy with this internet only special, allowing you to try it 100% RISK FREE. You see, often when you try a product and decide to return it, you're stuck with paying outrageous costs and "restocking fees". With the No No Hair Removal 8800, not only will they refund the purchase price and original shipping costs, they'll even pay for the return costs too. So you risk nothing. In addition, you get a total of 60 days to try the product (unlike most companies that only allow 7 days). Check out their terms and conditions for more information.