Instant Hair Extensions – 4 Tips You Must Know

July 29, 2010 by Anna  
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Need to look great for a big event this weekend? Do you want to achieve fabulous long or wavy hair in less time possible? What better solution to that dilemma than to get an instant hair extension.

Instant hair extensions leaves no room for effort. It’s easy and convenient with long-lasting results. This is sported by famous T.V personalities like Paris Hilton, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz. And caring for your hair extension should prolong your use of long and lustrous hair. Here are 4 commonly asked questions about caring for your hair extensions:

# 1: Can you place instant hair extension on your own at home?

No. Professional hairdressers should be the one to attach this on your hair. If not, you’ll end up with uneven hair lengths. Or worse, have bad hair day everyday!

# 2: Should I care for my hair extensions the same way I always do with my hair?

Yes, it works the same way. You can apply these three ritual steps for extra care: Wash, condition and then moisturize. It’s important that you moisturize your instant hair extension every 2 to 3 days to keep it from drying.

# 3: Should I brush it like my real hair?

Well, you need to pay extra attention for the bucks you spent on that mane. Don’t yank knots or vigorously comb your hair. Work your way from the bottom to the top of your instant hair extension. Use a paddle brush for maximum comfort.

# 4: How long will this last? What happens when my hair grows longer?

Since the attachment of your braids will also lengthen, you’ll need to visit your Extension artist to have it checked, removed and re-attached as desired.

Remember: It shouldn’t hurt when your extension artist pulls the synthetic hair out. Be sure to check their track records or ask for previous clients they dealt with. This guarantees your hair is in good hands.

Having an instant hair extension is a great way to create lustrous and chic hair in time for that event. It’s easy to maintain, and with the right extensions, it might last longer for your next date! So what are you waiting for? Ask a salon expert to get an instant hair extension today!

How to Dress like Justin Bieber

April 20, 2010 by Anna  
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Alright all you Bieber fans. This one is for you. Now, I admit, I am getting old. When I first heard of Justin Bieber, I said, "Justin Do who? Justin Beeper? What is a Justin Beeper?" But then I got to listening to some of his music, saw him a couple of times on Chelsea Lately and BAM! I am singing, "Babey Babey Babey ohhhh! Babey Babey Babey noooo!!!" in the shower. I must tell ya, this kid is a little player. He's like 10 years old and he loves the ladies. I'm not hatin, he is what cialis online canada pharmacy Justin Timberlake was to me when I was in middle school. However, when Justin Timberlake was a part of Nsync, his style was pretty gnarly. His hairstyle was like crispy bleached pubes on his head, and his clothes were cheesy boy band matching white outfits. It wasn't until he broke away from Nysnc did he find his own personal style.

Since Justin Bieber is not a part of a boy band, he is already rockin his own style. It's workin and the girls love it. There are definitely some key elements that really define his style. Colorful high tops, scarves, light jackets, straight fit jeans, and of course the hairdo, but we'll get to that. The main thing is, you gotta be able to have fun with a more youthful look and don't be afraid of color. His look is great for guys between the ages of 14-25. So if you want to know how to dress like Justin Bieber, here are 4 looks you can easily replicate:

1. Simple and Chic Look
Black jeans, black long sleeve shirt, popped with a white belt and a splash of color with a lime green scarf. Now, I can't see his shoes in this pic, but I imagine it to be some colorful pair of high tops that really coordinate with the lime green. This is a great look for daytime or nighttime when hanging out with friends. It's really easy to replicate and can be accomplished with some inexpensive accessories.


2. Daytime Look
Great for daytime and when it's a little windy out. Blue jeans, read tshirt, gray light jacket, dog tags, and a cross necklace. That's it. It's easy, it's comfortable and you probably have this in your closet already. Make sure that when you replicate this look, you roll up the sleeves of your jacket to really give you that relax and chill look that the Bieber always exudes.


3. Grunge Look
This look is slightly grungier. A purple and black gingham shirt with a black tee underneath, gray straight fit jeans and black shoes. This is a great look for daytime or evening hanging out with friends at any casual place. It's a great play with color and pattern and will definitely set you apart from the rest. Bieberlicious!


4. Hot Nerd Look
This look is what I call the hot nerd look. I feel slightly weird calling him hot because he is underage, but this is just my way of describing the Bieber in this getup. The wide plastic frame glasses, and the big yellow high tops remind me of Urkel from Family Matters and Justin Bieber is making it work. If you're going to wear shoes that are that attention getting, and glasses that big, then the rest of the outfit should be neutral. Notice how the Bieber is dressed in all black and his accessories are really what stand out in this style. Since the accessories really make this outfit, I found some really cool shoes and glasses for you to replicate this look. What can I say, Bieber knows what he's doing.


Forever 21 Prom Dresses – My Favorite Picks

April 19, 2010 by Anna  
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You know, when I went to prom, it was super uber formal, everyone's dresses were pretty similar and there was no fashion risk factor involved. While I did love my prom dress and I believe it will remain a timeless piece, I do wish I had a little more fun with it. You're young and you should be able to play with colors and ruffles and pleats and go all out for prom or any other school dances. I loved my dress, but I cialis online without prescription had to save up a lot of money to buy it and in the end I only wore it once. Well, lucky for you prom goers now a days, Forever21 has come out with a bunch of prom dresses for cheapity cheap cheap! At this price, you can seriously afford to buy a new dress for all the dances and not have to swap dresses with your friends. I didn't do that......of course.............

Anyhoo, so here are my favorite picks for Forever 21 Prom Dresses. They are all mostly short, but if you've got nice legs, it wouldn't hurt to try these. And what I love about most of these prom dresses is that you can definitely wear it on more than one occasion. They can pass for a prom dress but they're not too taffeta and too promy that if you wore it again, it would be embarrassing. So to sum it all up, they are cheaper than the traditional prom gowns that everyone always wears, they're trendy, they're young, they're fun, they can be used more than once....heck, I think I'm going to stop writing and go buy one myself and just wear it while I do the dishes around the house! What more could you ask for?

Dominatrix Inspired Boots That Are Just As Sexy!

April 15, 2010 by Anna  
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Every once in awhile, you stumble across something so hot, it takes your breath away and brings a tear to your eye. That's what happened today. Now who doesn't love a pair of sexy boots? Who doesn't love a pair of sexy dominatrix inspired boots? These Gucci boots exude power, strength and sexy womanhood and we totally likey. Knee high black leather boots are hot enough as it is, but these kind of strappy cut out patterns and the platform pointy heels totally add another element. I haven't been able to find an exact replica of this boot yet. But here are some that are similar to these boots that give that same feel: