Neck Liposuction for a Younger You

February 15, 2011 by Jacquelyn Eves  
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Everyone wants to look younger. Thanks to modern medicine and science, looking younger is possible with a variety of surgeries that can be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. A popular form of plastic surgery is neck liposuction. Before going under the knife it is important to know how the surgery works.

Neck lipo is an outpatient procedure and can be expected to last a few hours. There are a few different types of liposuction available, the most popular is wet liposuction. Wet liposuction uses a saline solution mixed with anesthesia that is injected into the fatty area. This method causes the least amount of bruising, swelling and trauma to the area. Another type that is offered is dry liposuction. This method is rarely used anymore but is still an option. It does not use a saline solution and is performed dry.

Before the surgery begins, patients will be asked to dress in a hospital gown and the surgeon will mark the spots on the neck where lipo suction will be done. Next, the surgeon will check for proper vital signs and administer a form of anesthesia. Once the anesthesia is working and the patient is asleep, a board certified plastic surgeon will begin by making a small cut on one of the marked areas on the neck. Usually this cut is made behind the ears to help hide scarring. To perform the actual neck liposuction, the surgeon will insert a tube into the fat area of the neck. A vacuum is then attached to the tube, and the fat are sucked out of the area. One the surgery is complete the patient is moved to a recovery room.

Liposuction is a common procedure but like all surgeries it does come with some risks. Before choosing a surgeon, be sure to do your research. Bring up any questions you might have about the procedure at your initial consultation. Getting the answers to your questions is important as it will help relieve the stress that can occur days before the surgery, and will also make your more comfortable with your surgeon.