Laser Hair Removal Orange County – What To Expect

February 22, 2011 by Anna   | Filed under Beauty & Health Services

You must do a lot of research when you think about doing laser hair removal. Orange County has no shortages of laser hair removal places to go. They will put out specials like "orange county hair laser removal treatment for $99". And while you can't beat a price like that, you must keep in mind that that is only for ONE treatment. Depending on your skin type and texture of hair, you will ultimately need multiple treatments to permanently remove the hair forever.

I was hooked onto this hair removal technique after a special a local salon ran for free hair removal. I tested it on my underarms and I was instantly hooked. My armpits were so smooth and the process was painless under my arms. I had to get this process done everywhere! So when I searched for laser hair removal orange county, I went through the papers to look at prices and location and researched ratings on yelp from past patients. Then I ended up going with a place that my friend referred me to. My friend is Persian so she definitely had a lot of hair to remove and she did her research prior to getting hers done and she couldn't be happier. She swore by this clinic and they even guaranteed no hair FOR LIFE. I mean seriously, when you're searching for laser hair removal orange county, there's so many places, you'll find these great deals!

For me, I really liked this deal. So I signed up. I got my underarms, full bikini, and half leg done for a very good price. In my opinion, if I didn't have to buy a razor and shave my legs every minute of every day, the money was well worth it! And laser hair removal orange county, when you find the right nurse to perform this procedure, your experience will be amazing.

My first few hair removal procedures was a little rough as far as pain was concerned. I have very coarse hair and around the ankle area, I could really feel it. But after the 3rd procedure, my hairs got finer and finer and the pain was almost non existent. Everyone's experience is different so I can't speak for everyone, but the pain was definitely worth it because my legs have NEVER been smoother. I've tried every other hair removal technique and I've never been happier with my decision! So if you're reading this and you're thinking of getting this procedure done, DO IT! You'll be so happy, you'll wonder why you didn't get it done earlier! So when searching for laser hair removal orange county, do so wisely.

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  1. SoCalS says:

    Hi, this salon that you went to sounds exactly like what I’m looking for! I was wondering if you would name drop? Thanks!

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