Tattoos on Women: A Guy’s View

February 9, 2009 by Jay  
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Jay Hornback is a very dear old friend of mine. He is a tall, handsome soccer player who works as an IT consultant all over the country. He currently resides in Atlanta and will be giving his thoughts and experiences with women.

People have been getting tattoos for a longer time than I want to research on Wikipedia, and everybody has their opinion on their attractiveness. Here's mine.

Let me start out by saying that I personally do not have any tattoos, but I have seriously thought about getting one. I’ve just never found a design that I was so inspired or in love with that I knew I would never regret getting it being permanently marked on my body. I can’t rule it out in the future.

And now to the heart of the argument: Do guys think that tattoos are attractive on females? Hopefully I can speak for the average guy. I’ve dated women that hated tattoos, some with very small and concealed tattoos, and I have dated others (well, one) that had a giant design on her back and multiple others on her ankles, hips and legs.

Rule #1:
Keep it classy.

No tramp stamps please.

No tramp stamps please.

If a girl is going to get a tattoo, it shouldn’t keep her from getting a job. I know that some employers don’t care about expressing yourself on your skin, but you won’t be working there forever. What does this have to do with attractiveness? Well, I like girls that are classy. A girl can have the hottest evening gown on, and a bad tattoo can ruin it. A well-concealed tattoo can be a turn on when it is revealed – it adds a little mystery. “Yes, I have a tattoo, but I can’t show you here…” Some ideal locations include: inside of the wrist, behind the ear, lower hip/pelvis (front or back), shoulder blade, ankle, and toe.

Some undesirable areas include: cleavage (visible on a moderately low cut top), neck, lower back (see #2 below), thigh, calf, or forearm. I’m not saying that I would never like a tattoo in these areas, but it would take something very unique and extraordinary girl for me to overlook a tattoo I didn’t like in these areas.

Rule #2:
Absolutely no tramp stamps or arm/leg wrap-arounds.
This one is pretty obvious. Most guys make an immediate judgment about your character when they see a back tattoo peeking between your pants and shirt (i.e. you must be a freak in the bed). While you might get a guy’s attention with one of these, you generally won’t attract the type of guy you’re looking for (unless you’re looking for a one night stand). I will admit that I have dated a girl with a small lower back tattoo. It didn’t bother me a bit, and didn’t make me think any less of her. It had meaning to her and that was enough for me.

woman with tattoo sleeves

Not hot.

Tattoos also should not encircle your arm, wrist or ankle. Yes, Pamela Anderson got barbed wire around her arm, but only douche bags and rednecks would think that it enhanced her looks. These tattoos just shout out that you’re trashy, which violates Rule #1.

Rule #3:
Don’t over-do it.
I am not personally attracted to females with tattoo ‘sleeves’, and I would guess that the only guys that are attracted to this style have sleeves themselves. So if you want a sleeve tattoo, or already have one, plan on meeting your next boyfriend at your favorite tattoo parlor. I will say that these kinds of females are usually very interesting to befriend, they’re just not my type to date. A tattoo can be colorful, but shouldn’t be all of the way colored in, or take up a lot of skin real estate.

Rule #4:
Make it feminine.
I don’t care how much you like your alma mater, or Bugs Bunny, or ???. Guys should not question your sexuality because of a tattoo, or feel uncomfortable in theirs if they are with you. No faces, tribals, or anything that a (straight) male might consider.

Megan Fox has 9 tattoos and is smoking hot.

Megan Fox has 9 tattoos and is smoking hot.

Rule #5:
Be original.
If you follow a trend, or get the idea from seeing it on someone else, chances are that you won’t love it forever. So make it meaningful, and come up with something that you haven’t seen. Going to a tattoo parlor and picking a design from a book is not the way to go.

Females should know that hotness overcomes ugly tattoos. Take Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie, for example. These are two women who most guys would agree are beautiful (although I personally don’t like Angelina – her lips bother me). Now, imagine Megan Fox’s tattoos on a marginally hot female, like Hillary Swank. A guy would probably say that they didn’t find her attractive because of her tattoos, when they would never say that about Megan Fox.

What does this mean? A beautiful woman can get away with anything (but you already knew that). Even so, I still wouldn’t take chances with tattoos that may cause bad reactions. If you can’t follow these rules, maybe you should think twice before getting a tattoo. Some guys will not agree with me on every point here, but these simple guidelines won’t prevent the average guy from liking you.

And if you already got a tattoo that broke one of the rules, there’s no need worry (unless you got your baby daddy’s name tattooed on your neck). There are plenty of tattooed men out there looking for a girl to share their love for body art. Either way, a good guy isn’t going to judge you. You just might have to work a little harder to win their affection… or be really hot.

Trendy Plaids For Guys: 6 Ways to Wear Plaid Successfully

February 3, 2009 by Anna  
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My friend Justin recently asked me to help him with his style because he mostly wears plaids.  Well, lucky for him, plaids are back and they're even hotter on men.  Don't make the mistake of wearing plaids like Pete Doherty would wear.  I don't know what can help a guy like him except for many many showers, a year full of intense detox, followed by braces.  Why are supermodels into this?  Or was it just Kate Moss?  And as my friend Ellen pointed out in my Plaids for Womens post, you can end up looking like a lumberjack.  I'm talking about how guys can wear plaids successfully in different ways.  So my very fashion forward gay boyfriend Trent and I went shopping and we found some great ways to pull it off.

How to wear plaid successfully in 6 different ways:

1. The Grungy Plaid Look
To pull off a grungy look without looking dirty: Get a graphic t-shirt of your favorite band and wear it underneath your plaid shirt. Layer it with a zip-up or hoodie and with fitted jeans (not too tight, I don't want to see all of the bulges, it makes me blush.)... and BAM! You're instantly grungier....and you've showered...well I'm hoping you did anyway. If you wear a big plaid pattern, it wouldn't be committing to the grungy style, so choose a small pattern.

the grunge plaid look


2. The Rocker Plaid Look
I love this hoodie with the subtle but big plaid pattern. It's paired with black jeans and a skull belt. You know, just in case anyone second guessed his plaid look, he wanted to let you know he's still a badass rocker. The results? Success. I don't think you should limit yourself with just a black tone on tone plaid. Rockers can be flamboyant (remember the 80s?) and their style stands out. So choose bold colors and fun..ahem...I mean...badass/skull/death accessories to top off this look.

the rocker plaid look


3. The Preppy Plaid Look
There are many different styles that can be considered preppy. Mostly it means that the look is well coordinated, neat and clean. Now I used this example of David Beckham in my Cardigans for Guys post, but he's just full of style and fashion yumminess that I have to use him again. His use of plaid AND the cardigan! Fashion trend use overload, but in a good way! Hmmm...Victoria must dress him. If he dresses himself, I'd have to wonder if he's batting for the other team. Either way, he's just hotness.

david beckham wearing plaid


4. The Urban Plaid Look
I love the urban look. It's clean, casual, yet preppy and it's about swagga. You must pull this look off with confidence -- almost to the point of obnoxious arrogance. Usher is a style icon and he's always so sharp and trendy. To successfully pull off an urban look, you should go for slightly baggier jeans, a white undershirt and an unbuttoned plaid shirt to top it off. It's all about the accessories and the bling for this style. Which is probably why I love it so much. Get a flashy necklace, belt and some cool kicks to finish off the look. Oh yea..and the sunglasses...don't forget those...especially at night....then you have to walk around like "no pictures please"...even if no one is there. Trust me, people will only think you're crazy if you don't commit. Oh yea and try to have an entourage. It's definitely more credible when you have an entourage.

usher wearing plaid


5. The Euro Plaid Look
I want the Fashion for Nerds readers to consider this look when trying to figure out your own style. I only say this because I think European men are just more comfortable in their skin and usually embrace the nerd look that works. In this picture, we have a classic euro style. From the trench coat to the sweater vest, with the plaid underneath, I'm liking how this worked out. It's kind of nerdy, but you can see with all the layering involved, it looks like this guy knows what he's doing. Well, except the hair...I'm not really digging that.

The Euro Plaid Look


6. The Outdoorsy / Abercrombie Plaid Look
My friend and I saw this at Zara and I was instantly drawn. The hoodie over the plaid is a thin material and it dresses up the look. The jacket gives a more casual feel, so it took me through an emotional rollercoaster. In the end, it was a good balance of texture, pattern and style to complete a successful outdoorsy look.

the outdoorsy abercrombie plaid look

So there you have it. Justin and his wife can now go shopping for different ways to make use of his plaids. I hope my suggestions give you different ideas to switch up your wardrobe too.

What Guys Think About Makeup

January 23, 2009 by Anna  
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makeupThe makeup world is a multi-billion dollar industry. From the scientists and lab technicians who study all the ingredients  (to make sure you skin doesn't bubble up when you apply makeup), to the artists at the MAC counter selling you hundreds of dollars of the highest brand -- there are millions of people in between. In the old days, women would put their health at risk to make their faces pale (which was hot back then) using lead, mercury and even leeches to achieve this look. Were the guys really into this? Was the pale face trend, or the intricate ways we apply eye shadow REALLY doing anything for the guys? Let's observe and analyze the in-depth conversation I had with my fiance, who is definitely a man's man.  He's the ultimate hetero, who defines seasons of the year by the type of sports game (i.e. basketball season, football season, etc.) it is....

Eric: "You're so beautiful"

Me: "Really? You never say I look beautiful when I wear makeup. I mean, do you like me with makeup?"

Eric: "Well of course you look pretty with makeup."

Me: "You seem to compliment me more when I look like a little dude." (that's just how I feel without makeup sometimes)

Eric: "No, when you're Not wearing makeup it's like, you look innocent.  I look in your eyes and see your soul. I can't see to your soul with all that clown whore makeup on."

Me: "................(blink blink)....................thanks.........."

There ya have it.  So it got me thinking, who do we put makeup on for?  And then I realized....for ourselves!  It's not always about them.   He may feel a deeper connection with me without my makeup, but I feel better and more confident with makeup on!  I think guys definitely would know the difference if the world went without makeup.  Our skin wouldn't look as smooth and, as an Asian, maybe my eyes wouldn't look as big.  My face is my resume honey.  No one likes a little dude girl with no makeup on.  So let me ask you boys this...which way do you prefer to see these girls?

Jessica Biel with and without makeup

Jessica Biel with and without makeup

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian with and without makeup

Don't kid yourselves boys, you'd much prefer us with makeup on.  So, is the billion dollar makeup industry justified?  AbsoFrickinLutely!

Watch out for many many future posts on makeup and all of the knowledge you need to know to feel confident and sexy with makeup on.  And it's just fun to apply isn't it? :-)

Hot Fashion Trends: Cardigans for Guys

January 22, 2009 by Anna  
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David Beckham wearing a red cardigan.

David Beckham

Alright so let's talk about cardigans.  I guess if the dorky "Mr. Rogers look" is in, I'll go with it.  It's not completely dorky, as it can be a very metro look on many guys.  Fashion for men is more limited than women, so if you want to try a new look for yourself, layer on a cardigan to complete your outfit.  If you're normally a t-shirt and jeans guy, you can prep up your look by taking advantage of this trend.  Or if you wear a dress shirt and tie to the office, you can also layer on the cardigan to spice up your look and stay warm at the same time.  Fashion does have a function after all.  Or, what's even hotter is the dress shirt, cardigan, tie, with jeans to go out.  It shows you have style, but you don't care at the same time.  Girls dig that.

David Beckham looking gorgeous with a cardigan.

David Beckham

Take David Beckham for example.  Now, if you dress him in a garbage bag with homer simpson house slippers and Aretha Franklin's hat from the inauguration, he would still look gorgeous.  Just don't let him talk.  He has a squeaky voice.  I mean, let's be honest, it would be pretty funny if he wore that Aretha Franklin hat...but we'd still want to jump him afterwards.  He is big on cardigans and he wears it well.  If you can confidently pull off cardigans, get as creative and bold as you can.  Play with colors and patterns and wear the cardigan over a nice plaid or striped button down shirt.  Hot.  Guys, let me let you in on a little secret.  Girls don't care how you dress THAT much.  I mean as long as you're not wearing anime shirts (I didn't know what that was until recently, as I have never dated anyone who wore those) and suspenders, we love you in everything.  And especially if you stop fighting our fashion sense and let us dress you, nobody gets hurt and everybody wins.

A guy wearing a cardigan in the streets.

cute couple on the streets

Look at the couple walking down the street!  This guy pulls off the cardigan look very well.  He is in a nice black cardigan, button up shirt unbuttoned and relaxed at the top, nice shoes, and I like the wash of the jeans.  Strolling the streets comfortably, stylish...I'm sure it helps having a beautiful lady friend on your arm to boost your confidence level.  This is the perfect use of the cardigan.  I love it because it isn't Mr. Rogers, it isn't dorky, it's pretty timeless.  Thumbs up!

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

I'll have to hear your thoughts on this one.  Justin Timberlake rocks the cardigan a lot.  In this particular situation, I have no feeling.  I think it looks pretty effortless and nice.  But maybe I can't get over the creepy look in his eye to analyze this outfit.  Is it just me?  Or do you agree?

Serious looking cardigan guy

serious model guy

Haha look at this male model!  He's very serious about the cardigan look.  This is definitely more on the dorky side.  If you're an extremely hot or confident type A personality kind of guy, you can dork up your style and still be irresistible.  This is a very Euro, and while it's nice, you have to know what colors you look best in.  Do you look better in darker colors?  Or can you pull off the gray?  Not everyone can do it.  I personally think that guys usually look best in darker colors, but if you can pull off light colors or get bold with really bold colors, by all means, go for it.

John Krasinski wearing a cardigan.

John Krasinski

Haha...uhm...No.  I do NOT like John Krasinski's cardigan here.  I feel like he paired a Fruit of the Loom or Hanes shirt with a cardigan.  Perhaps he tried, but this look is screaming bachelor in a bachelor pad with bachelor style -- and not in a good way.  If you're going to try something, commit to it and go for it all the way.  Buy the right undershirt, the right washed jeans, get accessories and ties, etc.  If you want to pair it with a t-shirt, go for a graphic tee or something more rockerish so you can mix styles and spice up your look.  NOT a plain white shirt.  Sorry John, better luck next time.




Looking to buy some stylish cardigans for men? Here are a few of my top picks: