10 Unusual and Weird Watches

January 30, 2009 by Anna  
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Sometimes a watch measures your status in society. Sometimes it's used as an accessory or a fashion statement. Whatever your reasons are, these top 10 unique and weird watches are definitely conversation starters at your next party.

Diesel DZ9024 Multi Display Diesel DZ9024 Multi Display
I'll start you off pretty conservatively with a watch you may have seen before. With the Diesel Multi Display, you don't have to set your watch again and again if you're traveling everywhere. This is great because seriously, who has the patience to turn the dial to adjust the time anymore?


seiko earth watch Seiko Earth Watch
I like this watch because the earth on the watch actually rotates every 24 hours. So for $600, you can have the world in your hands....or on your wrist.


cabestan watch Cabestan Watch
Let's be honest, this unique piece is quite ugly. To wind the watch, use the gigantic winding stem on the side. I'm not even certain how easy it is to tell time. There are only 135 of these watches made, released at the end of 2006 to the beginning of 2008. You have to be somebody or know somebody to get a hold of this bad boy and it comes with a ginormous price tag. So big that it isn't listed, but I have found other Cabestan watches to be in the $500K. Seriously, who would buy this?


lehotzky catepillar watchLehotzky's Catepillar Watch
I added this watch because it's so different and unique. I'm curious to know what it feels like when the time changes. Inspired by a bulldozer track, the fabric of this watch rotates around the entire watch every hour. I have two questions: 1) Does it tickle when the time changes and 2) how do you tell the minutes? I'll let you know if I find out.


pda watchPDA Watch
Remember when those big ugly caculator watches were popular? Well, things have definitely evolved since then. This watch features a 1.8 touch screen pad so you check your email, keep an address book, and surf the web...all right on your wrist. With a price tag of only $173, I know it's pretty tempting, but please refrain from the urges of becoming a nerdy fashion don't.


cell phone watchCell Phone Watch
Again...a nerdy fashion don't! I find this watch a little awkward to talk on the phone while holding your wrist up to your ear. However, you can solve this problem by using the bluetooth feature. Yes guys, this cell phone watch features a 1.3 MP digital camera, bluetooth, mp4 videos AND has touchscreen capabilities. This certainly alleviates the problem of your cell phone being buried at the bottom of your purse.


tag heuer diamond fictionTAG Heuer Diamond Fiction
If you know me, you know I love the bling. I had to put this on the list because, damn....this watch is hot. It has 879 diamonds and 54 LED lights that shine through to show you the time. According to TAG Heuer's website, this watch is "inestimable". In other words, it's only available to people who rob banks. I gotta go find the knock off...I'm in love!


gucci LED watchGucci LED Watch
This is not what I think of when I think of Gucci. This gadget is high tech and ultra sleek, including LED lights that display the time behind a sliding door. It looks heavy, but I would wear this watch even if it weighed a ton. Very futuristic!


hologram watchHologram Watch
You gotta love this. It's sleek, modern and the time displays on a hologram where there's negative space. It only displays the time when you want it to, otherwise, it doubles as a bracelet. Pink hologram AND silver modern bracelet? Omg...my birthday is in September and this is on the top of my wish list....anyone?....


seiko spectrum bracelet watchSeiko Spectrum Bracelet Watch
This is my number one pick for the coolest watch I've found so far. It's so badass! It is a futuristic watch that displays time with....hold on to your seats....electronic ink!! It has tiny pixels so it redraws itself fluidly with very intricate lettering and the screen goes almost all the way around your wrist. The time displays when you press the button, so it's battery friendly and can go from a dark to light screen in an instant. There were only 1000 of these made and it retails for a whopping $5000 a piece. I am curious about one thing...how do you resize this baby? Eh if it's too big, I'll just wear it as an ankle bracelet! This watch is sweet!

Looking to add some watches to your collection? Check out these unique watches available for purchase online:

Top 5 Best Dressed at the 2009 SAG Awards

January 25, 2009 by Anna  
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While there were certainly many Worst Dressed at the SAG Awards, there were equally as many stunning looks on the red carpet. Let's take a look at my Top 5 picks for Best Dressed!

Julie Benz Julie Benz
Dexter's Julie Benz shows us how to rock a short flirty dress on the red carpet in this black dress. I thought this one was clean, fun, effortless and she looked amazing!


Lisa Eldelstein red gown.Lisa Edelstein
Unlike Lisa Rinna's over sexed dress, House star Lisa Edelstein shows us how to be a very stunning lady in red! Designed by internationally known Lebanese fashion designer Reem Acra, Lisa looks classy, graceful and absolutely beautiful! I love the jewel accent on the shoulder and the blinging bag to match. Just gorgeous!


Terri Hatcher's white dress. Terri Hatcher
I have mixed emotions here. I love the dress that Terri Hatcher's wearing, but I just feel like it kind of consumed her. The dress was beautiful, but Terri needs to gain a little more weight to fill it out. It still goes on my Best Dressed list however, as this dress really stood out from the rest. This is a classic Monique Lhuillier gown, and she is definitely one of my favorite designers. We saw a lot of one shoulder dresses on the red carpet tonight and it's definitely going to be huge in 2009. Watch out for this trend even more in the summer with one shouldered swimsuits.


Marisa Tomei Marisa Tomei
You know, I thought Marisa Tomei's dress was red carpet appropriate. Designed by Elie Saab, the color and floral detail of the gown was bold, but not obnoxious. The fabric was graceful and I loved it. I thought this was a successful example of the romantic trend.


Kate Winslet's stunning blue dress. Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet is the IT girl this year with the success of her movies. She's taking home all the awards and is also a winner on the red carpet with her grace and style. Kate did not disappoint and looked absolutely stunning in this bold, yet simple gown designed by Narciso Rodriguez.  With perfectly accented jewels by Chopard and Christian Louboutin shoes (my personal favorite designer),  Kate shows that you can still be sexy and have a fuller figure. You go girl!


Top 5 Worst Dressed at the 2009 SAG Awards

January 25, 2009 by Anna  
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I love award season!! Here are my top 5 picks for the worst dressed at the 2009 Screen Actor's Guild Awards.


America Ferrera's sheer grey dress. America Ferrera
Ugly Betty star America Ferrera's Vera Wang dress is a trend you'll see more of this year. The romantic/fairy tale sheer fabrics are in and that's what she's rockin. Unfortunately for me, this was not romantic. The black sash going across her chest makes me think she's in a gothic Miss America pageant. No....


Emily Blunt Emily Blunt
What is the meaning of this? Devil Wears Prada star Emily Blunt is soooo fired in this shedded silver snakeskin/foil ensemble. Not flattering!


Tina Fey's really short dress at the SAG Awards. Tina Fey
We all love Tina Fey and 30 Rock.  I thought she looked naturally beautiful, but this short boring dress was a flop. The material and the pattern of the dress was not funny. The pattern of the dress looked like water drops all over it. Sorry Tina, it didn't do anything for you.


Lisa Rinna's orange gown Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna.....hmmm....I thought this dress was sexy....however, maybe it should just be worn for her man. The slit of the dress was cut all the way up to her "va-jay-jay". And if she wanted to show off her boobs, I would've covered it up with a big necklace and ditched the earrings. The sexiest thing on the red carpet is to be classy, not ultra revealing. This was like a robe that goes over your lingerie....didn't work for the red carpet.


Christina Applegate's green dress. Christina Appelgate
Christina Appelgate is one of my favorite girls, but this Emanuel Ungaro gown didn't do it for me. I personally didn't like the color and it just seemed like it wasn't ironed out in some parts where the seam was. It kind of felt sloppy. Love you anyways Christina!


Inaugural Ball Fashions

January 21, 2009 by Anna  
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Now this is where fashion comes out to play!  This is where we get to see what's underneath those black coats and unveil who is hot and who is not!  Let's check in to see all of the gowns and dresses worn in this Cinderella moment.

Obama Inauguration

Barack & Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
Michelle Michelle, you did it again.  Michelle Obama has apparently learned from her former mistake on election day.  The dress she wore looked like a volcano erupting from the midst of her belly.  But not today at the inauguration, and certainly not tonight!  She wore this stunning dress by Jason Wu who started his career by designing  clothes for toy dolls.  After he stopped practicing on the dolls and upgraded to human clothes, his career has taken off from there and hasn't stopped.  He has dressed Lisa Cant, Ivanka Trump and now for the first lady herself on one of the biggest nights in history.  We love this dress as it exemplifies two key elements of 2009's fashion trends;  the one shoulder dress married with the fairy tale romantic look with the flowers and the draping of the fabric.  The results?  Success!  She looks like a modern day Cinderella!

Obama Inauguration Biden

Joe & Jill Biden

Jill Biden
Jill Biden continues to rock the 'red' from earlier today.  Her dress is designed by Lebanese designer Reem Acra who usually specializes in wedding gowns.  I thought it was plain, simple and age appropriate.  It didn't wow, but she still looks beautiful and you can't miss the red.  They both have a very classic Hollywood look and we dig that their biggest accessory is each other.  Such a cute couple!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
J.Lo is trying to make a come back.  If you were uninterested in her rocky relationship with her hubby, she'll put her butt in this gown and right back in your face so you'll remember her.  Although she may have been trying to steal the spotlight a little bit, I definitely can't hate.  She looks beautiful in this white gown.  In this classy number, she is Jenny from the Beverly Hills block, ok.  If her marriage is on the rocks, I wouldn't be able to tell as she is glowing and vibrant.  Bring it back on J.Lo, we still have love for you!



Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce....hmm..I feel like this dress didn't compliment her assets very well.  It kind of made her look wide.  The color doesn't do it for me and the neckline doesn't look right on her.  It looks like a bridesmaids dress that you hate your girlfriend for making you buy.  She has curves and I felt like this dress was covering it up or highlighting the wrong curves, I'm not sure.  All I'm saying is, she has looked better.  That's ok though, we all have our days.  She's usually stunning so we're over it.  Her performance rocked and she definitely delivered!  The performance surpasses any fashion opinion we may have.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys
On the other hand, I thought Alicia Keys looked very sophisticated and fun in this black dress.  I like the length of the dress, the trim around the bottom of the dress gives it a little rocker look, and the belt accents her waistline just perfectly.  I love it!  I have seen her perform live and she did it again with tonight's performance.  It was what you would expect of Alicia.  It's hard to ever say anything bad about her, why would you want to?  She's so cool!