Inauguration Day Fashion

January 20, 2009 by Anna  
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Michelle Obama on inauguration day

Michelle Obama

Whether or not you voted for him (and most of us did), no one can deny that today is a great moment in history. My mother, a 63 year old asian woman who lives in Kentucky, took off work today just to watch the inauguration. Ahh yes, you don't have to be black, white, blue, pink or yellow to be touched by this moment. Millions of people gathered and a slew of celebrities showed up to support Obama as his first official day in office. So, what did they wear? Which designer was lucky enough to dress Michelle Obama? Let's take a look:

Malia and Sasha Obama on Inauguration Day

Malia & Sasha

Michelle Obama
Although Glenn Close's gaudy gold pant suit number was a flop, Michelle Obama proves that gold, when done right, is sophisticated, fun and flashy!  This sparkly gold dress with matching coat was designed by Isabel Toledo who worked at Anne Klein for some time and is known for her whimsical patterns and fabrics in many of her designs.  What I love about this outfit is that she paired the stunning gold dress with green gloves from J. Crew.  It goes to show that true fashionistas pair expensive items with practical, more inexpensive pieces to complete a gorgeous look.  Good job Michelle!  We say this is a fashion "Yes You Did Honey!"...she worked it -- I thought it was fierce.

Jill Biden Inauguration Day

Jill Biden

Malia & Sasha Obama
Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, were completely adorable in their colorful blue and pink coats (also from J. Crew).  Bold colors are hot this year and it looks like these girls...or maybe their mother....or maybe the White House stylist, definitely got the memo!  So cute!  They look like they just stepped out of a J. Crew ad.

Jill Biden
Ok I'm going to be honest, I don't know who Jill Biden was wearing.  But she didn't take a backseat on the fashion front behind Michelle Obama at all!  She worked it in this red coat (could it also be from J.Crew?) with some cute black boots and strutted her stuff with the best of them.   Everyone always notices a lady in red!

Oprah on Inauguration Day


Of course the big O herself was there.  Perhaps she didn't want to upstage anyone so she kept it neutral and basic in this boring beige/tan number.  Whether or not she wore something flashy, she's Oprah and we would never mistaken her for a commoner on the streets.  I guess being Oprah is her greatest accessory.

Aretha Franklin on Inauguration Day

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Aretha sure likes the bows.  This one seems pretty she's a big gray present.  It's totally Aretha Franklin, and she's always representin herself.  But if I were to put that on, I would look like a gerber baby.  Hey 2009 is all about the big, bold, loud and flashy right?  I can't hate, Aretha did her thing.

Beyonce and Jay-Z on Inauguration Day

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Beyonce & Jay-Z
What is that floating hat walking around with Beyonce?  Oh no, it's just her husband Jay-Z and all of the ridiculousness worn right on top of his head.  This hat is hilarious and sad at the same time.  I think to myself, "How many cute fuzzy animals did it take to make this ugly headgear?"  I read a comment on another site where someone said "Jay-Z looks stupid, I hope the animal he killed to make this hat comes back to life and smacks him!"...haha, thats hilarious.  But seriously, why did Beyonce let him out like this?  Would Sasha Fierce have said something to him?

Don King on Inauguration Day

Don King

Don King
Don King is definitely showing off his love for America in this very confusing and colorful ensemble.  Again, 2009 is the year for obnoxious and loud fashion, but I heard Don King's outfit screaming from my room here in California.  It's a little too loud Don.  We get it, you love America and you're very excited with the hair and all.  Is he invited to the ball?  I mean, he can't seriously go to a ball like that.  Maybe he's just there for the parade.  If he's just there for the parade then I guess the outfit is fine.  One thing is for sure, he is festive and he committed to his fashion decision.  He worked that American flag up and down those sleeves! GO ON WIT YO BAD SELF DON!

Did you watch the inauguration?  What are your thoughts?  Leave me comments!

UPDATE: Did you guys see this on the Ellen Show?  Hilair!

Top 3 Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes

January 12, 2009 by Anna  
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We kicked off Awards Season with the Golden Globes last night and you know what that means -- a fashion buffet full of Do's and Don'ts!  Now I am still deciding on who I think the Best Dressed were, but the Worst Dressed list was an easy list to run off.

Coming in at #3:

Maggie Gyllenhal

Maggie Gyllenhaal
I love animal print as much as the next fashionista, but there was definitely too much animal print happening on Maggie Gyllenhaal last night.  No Maggie, even the zoo doesn't take blue leopards.


Glenn Close

Glenn Close 
Glenn wasn't close at all in this number.  I believe I heard children screaming in this gaudy gold pant suit situation.  I was trying to think of an appropriate situation where you could wear this and I believe it would look great in the fireplace along with hot flames.


Renee Zellweger

Renée Zellweger
Poor Renée.  I guess she had to land on this list sometime.   This number reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar mishap a couple years back.  Usually Carolina Herrera gets it right, I don't know what happened!  It's like a backwards see through bib.  We all love Renée, but we are not used to seeing her on this list and we don't want to see her here again!

What did you think of the Golden Globes last night?  Leave me comments!

Weird and Unusual Handbags

January 6, 2009 by Anna  
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So, you're at a party and you sit down and you start messing with this...thing...on the table and you're wondering, "What IS this??"  Is it an old record?  Is it...a keyboard?  It's taking you awhile to figure out what this is, you're kind of tipsy and you figure, maybe that's why it's taking you so long.....but then again maybe it's just a purse.  And the girl across the room is wondering why you got your hands all over her bag, but luckily she's kind of tipsy and she doesn't really care because you're kind of may also be because...again...she's kind of's a happy and hazy time for all of us.

Or...maybe you're bored at work and you need a little entertainment, well...hopefully this does the trick until someone finally falls out of their chair and you can laugh hysterically....

Check out these unique and fun bags I found!

Watering Can Handbag

A great way to get the watering can underneath the spout! You ever have that problem?


I could be wrong, but it looks like these plates are from Kentucky....c'mon guys...really?


Well, if you can't listen to it anymore, carry it around


Nothing easier to clean than a Stainless Steel Bag

Bags made from skateboads

This is a good way a girl can use a skateboard

Owl Handbag



It's like a cheap version of a Judith Leiber...'A' for effort


How Durable are these? My purses are ALWAYS heavy...what do I have in there??


This is made of Tinsel, I'd rock it, this is cute

Take Out Handbag

It's like a Starbucks mug for take out, I like it!


Do you think in Paris they carry purses that look like the Washington Monument? Nah, not as trendy...

Made from Tires

So this is what they do with old tires, of course...


These I can appreciate, very unique


A model with beauty AND brains


I tell ya, rhinestones can spice anything up

Flower purse

Cute for a little girl, Creepy for a big girl...


Someone has a lot of time on their hands...

candy wrappers

This has GOT to be the same person!


This is what will happen when our computers become touch screen

TV Purse

Do you need bunny ears for this TV?


Looking to add some weird handbags to your collection? Check out these items currently on eBay:

No items matching your keywords were found.


Yellow Unibrow Anyone?

January 5, 2009 by Anna  
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After reading this post from, it lead me to wonder why THIS happened....


This is Solange Knowles (Beyonce's sis) performing at New Years Eve, and we're just wondering....why the yellow uni?  I'm all for high fashion, but I'm not quite sure the meaning of this.  Sorry Solange....we no likey....