Top Hair Products for Men Without Going Girly

August 25, 2010 by Kristine  
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It’s not uncommon to find skin and hair products for men. You might not be one of the ‘pretty boys’ in town, but there’s a smooth and real man inside. But how can that real man come out when your appearance keeps it all hidden? Well when you have the right products working for you, it might just lead you to even more surprising results. Here’s a list of our top hair products for men.

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1. Redken for Men Maneuver Working Wax
More men are using this product because of its versatility in styling and clean finish, giving your everyday hairstyle a refreshing new look! As one of the top hair products for men, the Redken Wax is perfect for professional and bed-messy hairstyles women simply can’t resist!

2. American Crew Tea Tree Defining Paste
This hair product will work best for texture and separation. It might have similar characteristics to that of Redken, but American Crew creates a more matted finish. It’s perfect for those who want to create a thicker hair, enabling more coverage. Create versatile hairstyles for casual and professional looks! Just a small amount will do to give your hair a make-over from the usual!

3. Goldwell for Men Shaping Agent
If you want something lighter for your hair, Goldwell is the best product for you. It’s smooth, non-sticky and gives a natural shine. It’s perfect for men who just want some control over frizzy and fly-away hair.

These are just some of the top hair products for men on the market. Now you don’t have any excuse to NOT look good at all. It’s prime time to set out for a hunt and take no prisoners! Don’t be surprised if women can’t resist your new look.

Hairstyling Tips for Men – 4 Ways to Transform from Mr. Dull to Mr. Suave!

July 11, 2010 by Kristine  
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Are you the clueless male in search of a perfect hairstyle for your next hook-up? Well, you’re in the right page!

The way to create a new and suave look doesn’t require a rocket scientist! Here are some basic hairstyling tips for men and do it like pro!

You don’t have to be metrosexual just to earn points from the ladies! Take these simple and easy-to-do hairstyling tips for men.

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1) Use only a small amount of hair product
It’s best to use hair gels or mousse sparingly. As little as a small dime would be sufficient.

2) Make use of your hands and spread the hair product
Most men often apply the product immediately. To even out the distribution of any hair product, place a small amount of the product in one hand and rub between palms. One of the best hairstyling tips for men is to use your hands!

3) Thinning hair? Just blow dry!
Thinning hair is usually caused by hereditary or stress-related factors. For men having this problem, the best hairstyling tips for men is to apply hair serum after washing and then blow dry. Use a comb to pull hair in front. Blow drying hair creates an illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

4) Bed hair? Sleep on it!

This unique hairstyle is popularly sported by the most men today. But how do you achieve it? Simple! Just sleep on it. Wash your hair the night before. You STILL have to take a shower in the next day, but place a cap to keep it dry. Add hair styling product of choice using your hands to keep it as ‘messy’ as possible.

Simple and easy! You don’t have to subject yourself for long hours in a clomid effects on men ‘girly’ salon. Although a professional stylist will be a great help, these simple hairstyling tips for men

Fashion Tips for Short Men – 4 Ways to Dress to Kill

June 21, 2010 by Kristine  
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Do you really have to be tall, sleek and handsome just to get any girls attention? Not necessarily. Take off your usual ripped jeans and plain shirt. A man always dresses up for any occasion. Work on these fashion tips for short men and you don’t have to sweat on the small stuff no more!

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If you know where to look, you don’t have to worry about looking drab and out of place. Below are some tips to help you find the right outfit for any occasion:

1) Corporate hunk: Most clothing stores cater to taller men in general. If you’re having difficulty finding slacks or suits for your height, you’re not alone. Why not go for tailored suits? Tailored suits may be costly --- but you’re getting every penny’s worth out of that suit. Suits are flexible and offers variety if you know where to find the right top to go with it. Walk tall and getaway with a sleek suit for a corporate party.

2) Casual hottie: Leave no room to look drab when you’re out for a walk in the park or hang-out in a coffee shop. You’ll never know! You might just walk in the right place and find the right girl for keeps! One of the many fashion tips for short men is to wear dress shirts with plackets. Plackets are double-folded cloth that buttons your dress shirt. You’ll find major brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and Lacoste selling these in various colors and designs. Get yourself a dress shirt with buttons on them to give an illusion of elongating your torso.

3.) Wear matching colors:
Another important tip is to wear tops and bottoms with matching color. This creates an illusion of making you look taller instead of wearing mismatched colors.

4) Cut your hair short: Hair is also an important factor to creating that illusion. If you want to look taller, cut your hair short. Long hair tends to viagra online hide your neck and shoulder, leaving your torso looking shorter than it should. A good clean cut and posture should help you reach your maximum height potential.

These are just the basic fashion tips for short men. You need to own your look and add personality to your attire. If you want to dress for the kill, then put yourself out there with confidence and draw the ladies in with a winning smile!

How to Dress like Justin Bieber

April 20, 2010 by Anna  
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Alright all you Bieber fans. This one is for you. Now, I admit, I am getting old. When I first heard of Justin Bieber, I said, "Justin Do who? Justin Beeper? What is a Justin Beeper?" But then I got to listening to some of his music, saw him a couple of times on Chelsea Lately and BAM! I am singing, "Babey Babey Babey ohhhh! Babey Babey Babey noooo!!!" in the shower. I must tell ya, this kid is a little player. He's like 10 years old and he loves the ladies. I'm not hatin, he is what cialis online canada pharmacy Justin Timberlake was to me when I was in middle school. However, when Justin Timberlake was a part of Nsync, his style was pretty gnarly. His hairstyle was like crispy bleached pubes on his head, and his clothes were cheesy boy band matching white outfits. It wasn't until he broke away from Nysnc did he find his own personal style.

Since Justin Bieber is not a part of a boy band, he is already rockin his own style. It's workin and the girls love it. There are definitely some key elements that really define his style. Colorful high tops, scarves, light jackets, straight fit jeans, and of course the hairdo, but we'll get to that. The main thing is, you gotta be able to have fun with a more youthful look and don't be afraid of color. His look is great for guys between the ages of 14-25. So if you want to know how to dress like Justin Bieber, here are 4 looks you can easily replicate:

1. Simple and Chic Look
Black jeans, black long sleeve shirt, popped with a white belt and a splash of color with a lime green scarf. Now, I can't see his shoes in this pic, but I imagine it to be some colorful pair of high tops that really coordinate with the lime green. This is a great look for daytime or nighttime when hanging out with friends. It's really easy to replicate and can be accomplished with some inexpensive accessories.


2. Daytime Look
Great for daytime and when it's a little windy out. Blue jeans, read tshirt, gray light jacket, dog tags, and a cross necklace. That's it. It's easy, it's comfortable and you probably have this in your closet already. Make sure that when you replicate this look, you roll up the sleeves of your jacket to really give you that relax and chill look that the Bieber always exudes.


3. Grunge Look
This look is slightly grungier. A purple and black gingham shirt with a black tee underneath, gray straight fit jeans and black shoes. This is a great look for daytime or evening hanging out with friends at any casual place. It's a great play with color and pattern and will definitely set you apart from the rest. Bieberlicious!


4. Hot Nerd Look
This look is what I call the hot nerd look. I feel slightly weird calling him hot because he is underage, but this is just my way of describing the Bieber in this getup. The wide plastic frame glasses, and the big yellow high tops remind me of Urkel from Family Matters and Justin Bieber is making it work. If you're going to wear shoes that are that attention getting, and glasses that big, then the rest of the outfit should be neutral. Notice how the Bieber is dressed in all black and his accessories are really what stand out in this style. Since the accessories really make this outfit, I found some really cool shoes and glasses for you to replicate this look. What can I say, Bieber knows what he's doing.