HairDO’s and Don’ts!

December 15, 2008 by Anna  
Filed under Hair & Makeup

When selecting your hairstyle, you must know what your face shape is. Do you know? Not everyone can pull off the Victoria Beckham look and it’s not meant for everyone. However, when you research hairstyles to compliment your face, Rock it!

Victoria Beckham's hair is hot.

Victoria's hair is hot.

Confidence goes beyond any face shape dos and don’ts. Maybe your hairstyle suggestion you found is out of your comfort zone, but you must ROCK IT! Don’t let people know you’re insecure about it and in time you won’t be. Make your hair look so effortlessly hot and people will notice!


My orange hair is NOT hot.

Orange hair is NOT.

Have fun with your hair! If you are looking for a change but not sure which way you want to go, go to a wig store! Try on different looks and see what you would feel best rockin.


Haircolor looks best when it looks like you're born with it (or is it maybelline?)  Unless your hairstylist is awesome and always knows what they’re doing, make sure you sit in that chair with an idea of what is the most natural color on you. I once sat down and told the hairstylist to just go for it, and she turned my hair orange. I tried rockin it, but I think it just made me look like I put self tanner in my hair. Not hot….

What are some of your hair experiences?  Talk to Anna!