Dry Chapped Lips? Try Fresh Sugar Lips Treatment

December 15, 2010 by Anna  
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Ladies and gentle-ladies, I have found the cure for dry chapped lips! Growing up, I always had an obsession with chap sticks. I literally had a lingerie drawer dedicated to just chap sticks that I collected. All the colors of the rainbow of different flavored Lipsmackers and all of the different lip moisturizers of Blistex, smooth lips and all generic brands in between were piled on top of each other.

Seriously, I loved chap stick. To me, I could never get my lips as smooth as I wanted it to be. Even when I applied chap stick when I had dry chapped lips, they would still be peeling and it wasn't attractive. So how could I find a chap stick and not only moisturized my lips in a time of need, but CURE the problem without me having to reapply constantly? Well today is your lucky day and you should be happy to finally read this article, as I'm going to tell you the BEST dry chapped lips cure out there.

fresh sugar lip treatmentAre you ready for it? It's called, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. This product is UH-MAY-ZING! So amazing that I can't even spell "amazing" correctly to express how happy I feel that I've finally found this product. I can finally ditch my drawer of chap stick and narrow it down to one. Now you're going to pay more than what you would normally pay for Blistex or any other chap stick product. But if you're seriously looking for a dry chapped lips cure and you are too lazy or forget to constantly reapply chap stick all the time, then this product is for you.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment can be purchased at any Sephora store. Sephora is also located in some Macy's stores. If not, you can buy it cheaper on amazon or ebay. Wherever you purchase it, get excited about it because it's really something that I really believe in and I know you'll love it!

Fresh Sugar Lips Treatment also makes a great gift to yourself or for someone else for the holidays -- they will be thanking you after they use this product. It comes in different tints so it acts as a chapstick and it gives your lips that healthy tint. According to my girlfriends, Fresh products like their facial cleansers are also supposed to be really good. Keep in mind that these products aren't cheap and they hardly go on sale. But when you find something that works, it is going to have so much more value to you.

Checkout Fresh's entire line of products:

Does Meaningful Beauty Really Work? Read My Product Review…

January 1, 2010 by Anna  
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meaningful beauty product review


If you're up late nights watching infomercials like me, you've probably seen some of the greatest products you've ever seen in your life! When I came across by Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford, I thought, OMG, I MUST HAVE whatever Cindy's using to stay so young! May I remind you that I am a 26 year old asian woman who has never really experienced acne or anything else in her life. I usually wash my face with drug store products like Aveeno or anything else that's cheap and never really invested much into skin care. So I thought that since I am getting older, maybe I SHOULD start caring about my skin more to prevent lines and wrinkles and I should start investing my money into my face. Sounds logical right? So, Cindy Crawford comes on the screen and she says she's been seeing this doctor since she was 26 and they do a picture comparison and Cindy's face from when she was 26 til now hasn't aged a day! She looks exactly the same (of course the infomercial has that fuzzy screen affect to it) and I had to have what she was using. Now Cindy Crawford is a celeb and she pays thousands of dollars to go to this French dermatologist to get her skin care products. But now, she has teamed up with this guy to create a product for us common folk. This product is supposedly natural and made from some rare french melon and once they infomercial told me that, I was hooked! I am planning on buying this and an extra set for everyone I know. I love makeup/skincare products that are all natural! They got me, I'm reeled in.

I ordered the product and it went from being like $7000 to like $29.95 of course. It's in infomercial, they always chop their prices down "majorly". It comes in the mail and boy am I excited! Not only have I never really had skin problems, but now I am investing in an anti aging skin care system and I will forever look young.

Week #1: Used the Cleanser, Daily Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Glowing Serum, and Night cream, EVERYDAY.
Results: My skin was glowing, tight and flawless! I loved it!

Week #2: Used the Cleanser, Daily Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Glowing Serum, and Night cream, EVERYDAY.
Results: I broke out in rosacea and had red dry itchy spots all over my eyes and face. The eye cream, Daily Moisturizer was like fire around my eyes and burned and itched for days!

Week #3: Too afraid to use it

Results: My red splotches went away and I called for a full refund.

Of course everyone's skin type is different. I think that with my skin never really having many complications, maybe I'm just not used to an active ingredient that is way too strong and harsh for my skin. As a result, I called for a refund and they were SUPER nice. I feel bad telling you guys this because they were really nice, and gave me a full refund without any hassle. They also let me keep the kit in case I could use at least the cleanser without any problems or to slowly get used to the product (which I won't be doing). For me, the product itself was not good for my skin type. But their customer service was excellent. So the next time you see the infomercial and you're curious if it works for you, pick up the phone and try it. Because when they say risk free with your money back, they really mean it. Or, if you don't want to deal with the hassle of calling in and canceling, you can always find great deals on ebay. Buy a small tube, if it works out, buy more! Otherwise, you have to remember to call Meaningful Beauty's customer service department to refund you and cancel future orders. Because you gotta remember, that's how they get you. They auto sign you up for future orders and auto charge you. If you don't want it, you can always refuse it, but it's just an extra hassle.

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Product Review: Zoe & Zac Eco Friendly Shoes at Payless

July 28, 2009 by Anna  
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zoe & zac eco-friendly shoes

If you haven't been to Payless Shoes, they carry these green/eco friendly shoes line called Zoe & Zac. Usually "green" or eco friendly shoes isn't so friendly on the greens in your wallet. I just think, uhm...hello, if these are recycled, why do they cost twice as much as a not so eco conscious shoe? But with Zoe and Zac, they have some really cute casual walking shoes and sandals that are truly affordable. I mean, they are at Payless. And if you run into those BOGO deals, well...people should start calling you the Queen of Green!


What's it made of?
So nice of you to ask Style with Anna readers, I shall tell you. Zoe and Zac are made from eco friendly materials such as organic cottons and linens, natural hemp, jute, recycled rubber and water based glues. What does this mean? Well, the organic cottons, jute and hemp are grown with no chemicals and little to no polluting pesticides and fertilizers. Also, the elastic is made from recycled plastic bottles and the glue is water based and non toxic. That means, you don't have to give up breathing in fresh air for something you wear on your feet. I say, if you don't have to give up your air quality and no animals have to be harmed in the making, then everyone's happy!

This product is the best medicine I have tried. It works well if taken 3 times a day, before each meal. Viagra online from usa? Sixty-three percent, 74%, and 82% of the patients on 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg of our medications, respectively, reported an improvement in their health.

What about style and comfort?
Well you guys, the style is cute. In my many many days and countless hours of shopping, I've seen it all. I've seen a lot of "organic" eco chic products on the market that are seriously atrocious. I've seen a flip flop made of a recycled rice bag. I mean, I want to be green and eco friendly, I don't want to be tacky or appear like my asian grandmother glued some rice bag to my shoes. But with the Zoe and Zac's I find myself liking a lot of their shoes. Some shoes are a little 'eh'. But the Tigerlily Wedges, the Linden Flat (which is like a sporty flip flop), the Oxfords (super cute and comfortable), Daisy Skimmers (lightweight and comfortable), Mary Janes (love these), and Ballet Shoes (casual and cute)....I'm filing these in the cutesville section! I will be honest and say that I thought the ballet shoes were a little hard. I'm sure you can break it in like any other shoes, but I thought it was exceptionally hard. If you have a more arched foot, you might not find any of the Zoe & Zac shoes comfortable, with the exception of the Oxfords.

How much are they?
Everything under $30 here people. I don't care what economy we're in, these shoes are cheap cheap cheap. The oxfords in the ivory color are frickin $14 at payless. I saw some skimmers for $12. You can afford to splurge $12 for a pair of shoes on yourself. Don't be shy.

In conclusion,  I give these shoes a thumb and a half up on the comfort, 2 thumbs up on price and 2 thumbs way up on leaving a lighter footprint with these eco friendly shoes.

Skechers Shape Ups Shoes: Product Review

June 24, 2009 by Anna  
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***************UPDATE TO POST****************

So, my business partner Ly is in town and she needed comfortable, but cute shoes. She is usually guilty of wearing her sneakers with everything. For that reason, she'd have to stick to wearing t-shirts and jeans most of the time. Ly needed my help, but I didn't want to take her away from comfort for fashion since I knew she would revert back to her old gym shoe ways. So, I thought, Skechers Mary Janes are super comfortable. I had a pair and I wore them to death. I had a manager who only wore Skechers Mary Janes and she had them in every color to match her dressy work clothes. They worked out well for her, so I knew my friend Ly should fall in love.

Well, on the way to dinner, we stopped off at a Skechers store and tried on all of the Mary Janes they had available. There was a video playing in the background of really toned women walking their dogs and I thought, "Why is this playing at a Skechers store?" Well, it turns out, they have these new shoes called "Shape Ups". After inquiring about the shoes, the sales girl explained, "Shape Ups are the best to tighten and tone your muscles and get rid of cellulite just by walking around". I am all about a good workout, so I had to try these supposed "miracle" shoes on. Immediately, I felt my calves and thighs working and I was sold. It didn't take much, I know. I'm going to New York next month, so can you imagine walking around New York in these? I'll come back with the body of superwoman!

Now keep in mind, you'll have to ease into walking in these shoes. They'll feel weird at first and your body will be sore for the first 2 weeks, as you're working different muscles you wouldn't normally work. It's the kind of soreness you feel after a really good workout at the gym. So stick to it and don't give up on them. Besides the soreness, these shoes are really cushy and comfortable on your feet. Shape Ups come in a variety of styles including regular tennis shoes, mary janes and flip flops. I tried on the flip flops and while they are comfortable, I didn't think they were "miracle" flip flops. It's great if you want to get a taste of the "Shape Ups" as they're only $39, while the tennis shoes and mary janes are $110. I know. Kind of pricy. But, they are amazing! With busy lives and excuse after excuse for not to go to the gym, I think these would be a good investment, especially if you're too busy to get in your daily workout. Call Ly and I easy, but we each got a pair of the Shape Up Black Mary Janes. We spent a little more than anticipated, but right now at Skechers, it's buy one get a pair of sandals half off (also super comfortable), or buy one get another pair of shoes $10 off.

If you're sold on Shape Ups, but looking for a better deal, they're also on ebay for $80 - $90 with free shipping. Shape Ups are so new right now, I don't think you'll be able to find a better deal. I'll keep you posted for any coupon codes that I may stumble upon!

Here's the video on Shape Ups -- I love these shoes!

***************UPDATE TO POST****************