Replicate Beyonce's 2009 BET Red Carpet Look

June 30, 2009 by Anna  
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replicate Beyonce Knowles 2009 BET Awards dress

Some people loved Beyonce's 2009 BET Awards Red Carpet dress, while others like Perez Hilton said it looked like a tacky cocktail dress. If you're on the "love it" side, I found some similar dresses that would be great for an evening event, daytime outing with friends or just something trendy and colorful to go to lunch in. These short long sleeved dresses are great colors for summer, and figure friendly.

Beyonce also accessorized her outfit with a pair of green hoop earrings. To replicate this look, I recommend turquoise jewelry -- it will pop any outfit and goes well with any color:

beyonce knowles 2009 BET Awards purple heels

As for the shoes, it is hard to find Beyonce's ultra unique t-strap beaded platform heels. So until they come out with direct replicas or knock offs, here are some beaded sandals that are great foot jewelry for the summer and add interest to any outfit:

Replicate Christian Louboutin Shoes for Less!

June 19, 2009 by Anna  
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I know what you must be thinking..."Replicate a Christian Louboutin shoe?? Blasphemous!"'re thinking, "Heck yea! The shoes are cute, but I'm not paying all that money for a pair of shoes." If you're thinking the second comment, glad to have you on my side. If you're thinking of the first comment, hear me out.

Ok, I love Christian Louboutin shoes as much as the next fashionista. But let's be real, people are trying to save money. At the end of the day, you're only really paying for the name. Christian Louboutin carries normal pumps and platforms that you see everywhere. Not a challenge to replicate. But there are some shoes that are just impossible to find, as they're just too beautiful. So, I've been put to the challenge: replicate some of their cutest shoes for fractions of the cost.

Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Christian Louboutin Sandal For Elephant - $895

Michael Antonio at ShopStyle

Michael Antonio Skyla Sandal- $54.95

Christian Louboutin Sandal For Elephant Rescue
This is indeed foot candy. Great shoe for going out, great shoes for the summer, and most of all, girly girls love pink right? But for $895, you can find a pink strappy platform heel for so much less! Although the Michael Antonio replica is a more muted pink with a dark brown platform heel, it definitely gives the same look as the Louboutin's with the ankle strap and the overall strappiness of the shoe. The muted pink of the replica gives it a more casual vibe so you can pair it with more casual daily outfits. And with a price tag of $54.95, you just can't beat it!


Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Christian Louboutin Forever Tina - $789

UNIONBAY at ShopStyle

Unionbay Women's Midwest Boot - $38.47

Christian Louboutin Forever Tina - Magenta
A cute pair of fringy boots can spice up any casual outfit. That's why a fringe boot is a must in your shoe collection. However, this purple/magenta Christian Louboutin heel has a hefty price tag of $789. So what I found was a flat black boot with the same tiered fringe at only $38! What's great is that black it will go with any outfit and flats are much more comfortable. And with a savings of $751, how could you say no?


Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Christian Louboutin Deva 120 suede - $1,095

Betsey Johnson at ShopStyle

Betsey Johnson Tisha Bootie - $288.75

Christian Louboutin Deva 120 suede fringed boots
Since it's summer and the knee high boots might leave you feeling sweatier than you'd like, try the fringed booties! Now the Christian Louboutin bootie is truly unique and very hard to replicate. No wonder they're $1095! After searching like crazy, I came across these Betsy Johnson's for $303 that's a combination of black and pink fringe. Although not entirely the same look, definitely the same feel. I personally like the added pink touch. With a savings of $792, you still get to sport a name brand and add a cute bootie to the collection.


Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Christian Louboutin 'Mount Street' - $716

DKNY at ShopStyle

DKNYC Women's Amora Sandal - $115.38

Christian Louboutin black satin 'Mount Street' t-strap sandals
Ok, now here's the tricky part. There really is nothing like this shoe. It's absolutely gorgeous and seemingly worth the price tag of $716. These t-strap sandals have sheer cut out flower petals that nicely fall all over the shoe. So so so hot! But honestly, if you were to buy these shoes, you could only wear it on special occasions. So the replica by DKNY for $115 has the same idea, but more casual.You save $601 and it gives you a lot more versatility with outfits and more usuage. If you're crafty and you have a special occasion coming up, then I have the perfect idea for you. Buy any plain ole t-strap sandal. If you buy something strappier, ever better. And then apply these black flower petals with mighty mendit, or a hot glue gun (careful it can be messy) and voila! A t-strap sandal that drips with black flower petals. The project would only cost you the price of the shoe and about $5 for the flower petals.


Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Christian Louboutin Carnival d'Orsay - $1,165

AK Anne Klein at ShopStyle

AK Anne Klein Women's Kacy Peep - $38

Christian Louboutin Carnival d'Orsay Peep-Toe Pumps
It seems as though Christian Louboutin loves this flower petal look. And so do I! He spiced up a plain peep toe pump by adding an abundance of black flower petals to the back. It's gotta be hot with that price tag of $1165. Now, there just aren't any replicas of this shoe. None. Zero. Zilch. So you must get creative with this one. Please Note: You do not have to be a genius or Martha Stewart to perform this trick. Ok, all you have to do is buy inexpensive peep toe pumps (as shown). Then, I found a black flower brooch from ebay -- just make sure the brooch is made of fabric and not hard plastic or crystals. You will then proceed to pin the brooch on the back of the heel, one on each side. If there is space between the brooches, get 3 brooches for a fuller look. And there you have it. You're very own Christian Louboutin replica. The great thing about this is, you can wear the plain pump to work and pin the brooches on for special occasions. If you do not want to puncture your heel with the pin, find black flower hair clips. Then you can just clip is on the back of your heel. Even easier to remove and apply! Your cost: price of shoe and about $5 each for the brooch. You easily save $1000!

Vera Bradley Sunglasses

June 18, 2009 by Anna  
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vera bradley glasses

While researching for my Vera Bradley post, I stumbled across some of their other products. The Vera Bradley eyewear is actually....kind of cute! Their usual grandma-ish floral patterns translate well when used sparingly on the side frame of a pair of sunglasses. And it's fun! The sunglasses are about $75 on the Vera Bradley site, but on ebay, they average about $45. I've seen them as low as $20, but I'm sure that's a rare occasion. So if you're in need of some cute sunglasses, be sure to check them out!

Love It or Hate It: Vera Bradley Bags

June 12, 2009 by Anna  
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Vera Bradley bags at the Tony Awards

Seeing these bags is a little bittersweet and comes with many stories for me. First I'd like to start off by saying, "bag be ugly." Alright.
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I am from Kentucky and these bags were so incredibly huge when I was in high school and still now. All of the preppy girls had a Vera Bradley bag and they totally thought they were awesome. I wanted one so bad, not because I thought they were cute, but I wanted to be cool too. But my mom couldn't justify spending $50 on a bag she could quilt herself for less than $10. So she went on a rampage and started sewing me her version of Vera Bradley totes, luggage bags, duffle bags, purses, cosmetic bags, etc. Looking back on it, they aren't even that expensive. But instead of Vera Bradley's, I sported 'Momma Bradleys' and no one knew the difference.


Fast forward after high school, I moved to California and attended FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). A very swanky high fashion Los Angeles Fashion school that's overpriced and filled with extremely trendy, high fashion, and creative girls. Vera Bradley's were no where in sight. "They must be behind the times." I thought. For a class project, I had to bring in a lot of supplies which only my 'Momma Bradley' duffle bag could hold. I threw everything in there and didn't think twice. No one will even knows what kind of bag it is. As I sat in class waiting on my turn on the presentation, a girl looked at my bag and asked, "Is that a Vera Bradley?" and I was surprised! I replied, "You know what a Vera Bradley is?!". And in the nicest way she could have said it, she says, "Yea, my grandma has one." From that day forward, I removed the bag and never used it again. I never thought it was cute and I should have gone with my instincts! The best thing I could take from it was that my mom was very sweet to make all of her bags for me and I'm glad she didn't spend money on this overpriced southern grandma purse. And for that, I truly appreciate her.

But here I am in 2009, faced with the Vera Bradley bag once again. Like any award show, the attendees get gifts galore and Vera Bradley has made it's way into the Lipton Gift Lounge at this years Tony Awards. They even had something for the guys. It's not as grotesque as I remembered it, but still kind of burns my eyes. So here are my thoughts.

There's only 3 exceptions to getting a Vera Bradley:
1. You have grand kids and you are obsessed with quilted things.
2. You live in the Midwest and Louis Vuitton bags are just too expensive for you to indulge in.
3. You're 10 and you love pink. This pink bag is actually kind of cute for a little girl and therefore acceptable.

It's cool to totally disagree with me here, so if you must purchase a Vera Bradley bag, I suggest ebay. So much cheaper that way.