My Picks: Best Prom Dresses for 2009

April 15, 2009 by Anna  
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If you have a medium to healthy budget for a prom dress, stop by Their dresses range from $120-$500 and they have a great selection. The only downside is that they are an online store only. You won't get to try on these dresses, but at least you'll get an idea of different styles that you've never considered before. Here are my top picks from this site:










G20 Summit Fashions: Replicate Michelle Obama’s Looks

April 2, 2009 by Anna  
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How can I run a fashion blog without covering our first lady?  I did it for the big Inaugural Day, but there are still a lot of other events that the first lady has been attending.  The Obama clan is in London for the G20 summit and besides all of the very important issues, people want to know what Michelle Obama is wearing.  That is where I come in.

michelle obama jackie kennedy inspired look at the G20 Summit
Look#1:  Jackie O Inspired

This is classic first lady attire isn't it?  It's elegant, timeless, and sophisticated.  That's why after almost 50 years, Jackie O is still the ultimate fashionista.  Taking a que from Jackie, Michelle Obama is wearing a white coat with black trim by New York designer, Thakoon Panichgul.  Underneath, she keeps it simple with a black shift dress by Michael Kors.  Now you can get a Michael Kors shift dress that ranges anyhwere from $135-$1500 in stores.  Or you can get the same dress at GAP for $58.  As for the jacket, you can replace it with a white trench coat to give you the same sophisticated feel.  The nice thing is, you'll be able to better utilize a trench coat for casual or formal outfits.


michelle obama modern look
Look #2: Modern

Jason Wu, who designer her Inaugural dress, was called on by the first lady again to do his magic.  And it worked.  Here you see a chartreuse silk crepe sheath dress, a black duster coat by Michael Kors and a studded belt from Azzedine Alaia.  I love the studded belt because it gave her outfit as much edge as a first lady can give.  It's still classy with a twist.  This look is so simple to find at an affordable price.  If chartreuse isn't your color, find any colored silk wrap dress, pair it with a fly away cardigan and get an inexpensive studded belt at Forever21.  This is great for an evening out or for work.


michelle obama casual elegant look
Look#3: Casual Elegance

Even with a daytime look, she bedazzles.  Here she is wearing a mint green skirt (great for the spring) with a white cami and spices it up with a constellation cardigan from JCrew with lots of embellishments and details.  You can get this exact cardigan at JCrew for $298 or you can find other cardigans with sequins accents for a fraction of the price.  This outfit is so well put together and great for work or just a regular daytime look.

There ya have it.  I'm sure I'll be talking about Michelle Obama's style for many more years to come :-)      

How to Dress like Lady Gaga

March 31, 2009 by Anna  
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Fun, funky, sparkly, 80s and always over the top! She pushes the envelope in her fashion choices, always taking risks and it works.  I can't get enough of her and her popularity is just growing with every passing day. I'm talking about Lady Gaga. She is a performance artist and we haven't really seen a good one since Britney. Some people think they can just get up on stage, not rehearse and start their songs over and over. So no matter what you think of Lady Gaga's fashion choices or her as an artist, at least we know she gives us a show.  And I appreciate it.

I realize that in the "real" world, you can't go around wearing hot pants. And it's a shame, they should really start making this acceptable...nevermind, I got a visual of my former boss in hot pants and it wasn't good. So, I am going to take some elements of her outfits and incorporate it into everyday clothes and going out clothes. Here are 3 different looks we've seen Lady Gaga sporting...

lady gaga black dress and liquid leggings
Look #1: Rocker in shiny black
This look is very easy to recreate. All you need are some liquid leggings, a liquid top, a black jumpsuit, and some other patent leather accessories. The leather gloves, the big patent leather bow in her hair are all key to her style. This look is most acceptable for going out or you can wear the jumpsuit as everyday wear. It's fun, it's rocker chic and sexy. If you need a splash of color, wear a bright red bangle, or colored pumps. If you don't want to wear black liquid leggings with a black liquid top, go for a bright color tank top or tube top.  It will be sure to add some flavor to your Lady Gaga inspired outfit.

Create your own Lady Gaga rocker look:

Create your own Lady Gaga liquid look:


lady gaga bright colorsLook#2: Give me some color
A true fashionista is always on top of the trends. I have been talking about color, color, color, over and over for this year and I am not the only one well aware of this. Mixing and matching bold colors is not only fashion forward, but a lot of fun! In these examples, Lady Gaga is wearing a red silky hoodie/scarf with a blue blazer and a yellow body suit. To incorporate this to everyday wear, you can use a red scarf, blue cardigan and a yellow tank top with jeans or a skirt and that is how you could replicate the look. You could wear it to work (depending on your line of work), jeans would make it casual for everyday wear and throw on the red gloves and a black miniskirt for going out at night. The key to this is to not be afraid of color and lots of it. If you don't know what colors go well together, look at a color wheel and find the complementary colors. These colors are on the opposite end of the spectrum, giving you an intense, vibrant and bold look.

Create your own Lady Gaga body suit:


lady gaga origami dress
Look #3: Origami Dress
This dress is probably the hardest to exactly replicate for everyday wear. It is hard to find and probably hard to pull off at any "normal" function. So instead, I let this dress inspire me to incorporate pleating or geometric detailing in my usual outfits or a dress. I love the cut and length of these dresses. It's great for short or tall people, it's flirty and girly. You could get a short party dress and funk it up with one big chunky geometric belt or multiple small ones to get the same feel. To replace the origami craziness on her shoulder, go with a chunky geometric necklace.

Create your own Lady Gaga origami dress:

When dressing like Lady Gaga, you must always remember to make a statement, take risks, and have a lot of fun with fashion!

Farmer Chic: Fashion in the Country

March 24, 2009 by Anna  
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There's no reason why my fellow Kentuckians should have any problems wearing something more fashion forward. Yes guys, there is such a thing as a "farmers daughter" or "farmer chic" trend going on here. The style is feminine, flirty and 'oh so' much fun! For the Californians, we've taken this look and twisted it just a little bit to give it more of an edge. Maybe it's something like taking a plaid or gingham shirt with jean shorts but then wearing a pair of bright colored booties to give it a little bit more of a mod/rocker flair. It's all about taking a look or a trend and pushing it forward a little bit and taking a risk. As I say all the time, it's all about the confidence and the attitude. With that, you can make any look flatter your own individuality.

So....if you want to dabble into the farmer look, I'm gonna break it down for you.  Here are the basics:

According to yahoo, a farmer is: 1. One who works on or operates a farm. 2. A simple, unsophisticated person; a bumpkin....ouch, that's a little harsh. Well at least we know the definition of the look. From this, we can assume many details about this look that gives us the farmer flair. It's very casual, uses many cottons, flannels, denim and comfortable materials, and it's simple. For a girl, the farmer look is very flirty, fun and feminine. Little details like tying your shirt and showing your midriff, or tattered short shorts still gives us sexy but still very casual look. Jessica Simpson is a good example of someone who sports this look successfully.

jessica simpson country chic

The Clothes
Jewel toned colors (navy, red, purple, dark green) is a great place to start. However, if you want to do more pastels, that will work too. For some pattern, small floral prints, plaids, gingham, and checkered are key to the farmer look. With floral prints, if you go with a bigger floral print in pastel colors, then you're getting into "Tea Party" type of southern. And while that's fine, that's not the down home farmer honky tonk look that I'm telling you about.  So stay away from too much pastel for now until you have mastered the art of what IS "farmer". Yea you heard  Also, you want to incorporate some sheers and use layers. Layer a simple white girly corset underneath your cotton plaids or floral shirts, or layer a tank top underneath your plaid or floral sheers to complete the look.

jessica simpson accessories
The Accessories
As far as jewelry is concerned, less is more. If I'm out milking the cows, I wouldn't want my jewelry to be caught on anything that can be found in a barn. That doesn't mean that you can't incorporate bulky jewelry to give the farmer look your own flair, but again, I'm just breaking down the basics for you. Accessory details are found more in belts and handbags. The belt buckle is usually pretty big and bulky, with jewels or studded details. For handbags, think suede or denim.  I very much dislike that denim purse that looks like a pair of blue jeans, but it is very appropriate for this. If you can rock it, more power to ya.

So there are some basic things you need to know to be a farmer.  Now take everything I said and modify it into your own. Don't be afraid to mix and match the farmer look with a rocker edge or try glamming it up a little bit. Have fun with it!