2009 Winter Trends: Grey Sweater Dresses

November 11, 2009 by Anna  
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This is a situation where trend meets classic. The look is sophisticated, flattering, perfect for every occasion and, who doesn't look good in grey? This winter, keep cozy and classy with a cowl neck sweater dress, or go for something more figure flattering like a grey sweater wrap dress. Pair the dress with leggings for extra warmth for a daytime/work look, or with patterned tights for a more flirty evening out ensemble. Since a lot of sweater dresses are cowl neck, don't bother with chunky necklaces. Instead, show off your chunky bracelets. You can use the bracelets to show off more texture (chunky wooden bangle), color (maybe a red crystal bangle), or character (patterned cuff). Now, I suggest these because I've always liked chunky bangles and cuffs, but I can never find one that looks good on me because my wrists are too small. Most of the time it ends up looking like I'm a 5 year old wearing my mom's jewelry. If this is the case with you, try adding color with a scarf or a belt. A grey sweater dress is such a nice neutral base, it will go with practically everything.

So hope on the 2009 Winter Trend and try on some of my favorite sweater dresses:

grey sweater dress

Shoe Shaped Bathtub or 24.28 Pairs of Manolo's?

October 28, 2009 by Anna  
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shoe shaped bathtubOMG, did I just die and go to heaven?!?! I am in love! Massimiliano Della Monaca, an Italian designer, knows what a woman wants. A custom designed bathtub shaped like a shoe! I mean, let's have an honest moment. I love shoes. I don't necessarily want to wear them because usually the prettier the shoe, the more it hurts. But do I want to have one covered in custom mosaic tile sparkling in my bathroom and massaging me while the water runs down my head and shoulders? Hello, who wouldn't?

So, if you have an extra $17,000 (equivalent to approximately 24.28 pairs of Manolo Blahniks) in cash reserves, I say splurge! I mean, sure, a regular bathtub can range anywhere from $300-$3000 (for a copper tub). But who wants to be regular? However, if you'd rather have 24.28 pairs of Manolo's, here are my favs:

Love Rings For Cheap

October 27, 2009 by Anna  
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Solange Azagury-Patridge love ring.jpgSo I'm flipping through W magazine and there's a Solange Azagury-Patridge jewelry ad where I found an understated but super cute "Love" ring written in simple cursive. I don't know why, but I had to have it. Sometimes I just get these random urges to have random things that I never really noticed before. So I look up their website and find that they are a London based funky fine jewelry company. I'm super excited. I just got back from London and I love funky -- could this could be a match made in heaven?

So I called the boutique in NY for a price check and they tell me it'll cost an arm and a leg and my first child. Oh, that's it? I thought.. yea...no. I am not paying that much for a ring that I've seen a billion times everywhere that I suddenly felt the need to have. So this is more of a match made on earth. Which if fine because on earth, you have the internet and you have so many other shopping options.

I immediately search for cheaper 'love' rings online. Not only did I totally score on finding a replica, but there are so many other fabulous interpretations of the 'love' ring that is more abstract and less obvious. So if you're looking for a 'love' ring as a gift to yourself, or a great gift for your girlfriend or bestie this season, here are some of my top picks.

2009 Winter Trends: Faux Fur

October 23, 2009 by Anna  
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victoria beckham wearing faux fur


This season is all about the "Faux Fur" or synthetic fur. Othewise known as FAKE. I'm talking about vests and jackets long and short. It's all about faux, it's all about furry, and it's all about fabulous! This is great because you can rock a luxurious "Fur" jacket that adds class and style to every outfit, AND you can do it guilt-free. The days of killing cute innocent animals for the sake of fashion is so overdone, overrated, and SO over. Being conscious of fashion is the new trend. Even Victoria Beckham, who would never be caught dead in a fake, is very firm when it comes to the subject of fur. PETA couldn't even tell she wasn't wearing real fur until recently, and now they are praising her more than ever. That's how great these synthetic furs are now a days. It's a matter of how you incorporate it into your outfit and how you rock it. And Victoria Beckham knows how to rock the faux fur like no other.

And I'm not talking about just your typical fur coat. A long coat that has short hair straight fur is traditional and classic, but not as trendy. If you're trying to trend it up a little this winter, go for the shaggy faux fur coats. Try out a vest or a cropped jacket and pair it with leggings. Mix it up and have fun with it. It's great for the office to rock a short cropped faux fur jacket to top off any business attire, or for an evening out with your friends. Versatile, chic, stylish and ultra fabulous? Who could ask for more.

So, this winter, invest in some faux fur for yourself or give one as a gift. Either way, it is the gift that keeps on giving and/or a great staple in your closet. Here are some of my favorite faux fur coats.

faux fur winter trends