Home Remedies for Sunburns

April 18, 2009 by Anna  
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kim kardashian sunburned

I was inspired by this picture of Kim Kardashian posted on twitter.com of her major sunburn. And I mean...it's major...

With the recent beautiful weather and summer quickly approaching, how could you not want to go outside? Let's be real, laying out isn't good for you, but it's soooooo relaxing isn't it? Try not to overdue it and wear sunscreen if you do. But in case you pulled a Kimmy (and we've all been there) here are some treatments for sunburns.

Aloe Vera
Everyone knows of the aloe vera plant already, but I can't get over it's amazing medicinal qualities. It's always best to use the plant itself rather than the gels they sell at the store. Break off a piece and rub the aloe on your burn. It's soothing, healing and works wonders. I love you aloe....

Not only is it good to drink, if you're sunburned, put on a pot of tea! After brewing the tea, take the tea bag out and add ice cubes to cool the water. Dip a towel into the tea (it will stain, so use one you don't care about) and lay it over the burned areas. Alternatively, draw yourself a bath (lukewarm water) and throw a bunch of tea in the tub and take a tea bath. Soak your sunburned body and let yourself cool down. If you're totally lazy and don't want to wait, you can just take a tea bag, soak it in water and apply it directly on your skin. Equally as effective.

This stuff is seriously awesome as well. Just soak a washcloth in some vinegar and apply it to the burned areas. It will alleviate the burning and stinging.

Vagisil's active ingredients contain a numbing agent and hydrocortisone alleviating itching, burning and inflammation. It can't hurt to try and see if this works for you. If you look like Kim K., you'll try anything right?

Preparation H
Direct from a nurse in the ER. Next time, ditch the emergency room bill and go to Walgreens for some Preparation H Ointment. It's also great for bags under your eyes.

Personally guys, aloe vera, tea and vinegar always works for me. My body usually responds better to natural remedies. Your best bet is to limit your time out of the sun, wear sunscreen and be absolutely fabulous on the beach under an umbrella!

Fashion Tips for Prom: 10 Do's and Don'ts

April 14, 2009 by Anna  
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me at prom While was packing for my big move last week, I found some old pics of me at prom. I thought, "wow...my eye shadow is pretty blue."  Why didn't anyone tell me I looked like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show?  It's the last dance you go to with all of your high school friends and you will keep the memories and pictures forever. Besides choosing the right date (so you don't have to rip up the other half of your prom pictures because your high school boyfriend turned out to be a douche bag), you have to make sure that you look your most absolute fabulous!  So I will be the friend to tell you to put down the blue eyeshadow and no one gets hurt. Here are 10 Prom Fashion Do's and Don'ts:

#1 Panty Hose
Not that I think people still wear these anymore, I will mention it in case someone missed the memo. Don't wear panty hose. Can you say, 'hello prom grandma?' What was the purpose of these anyway? It is absolutely unsightly when someone wears panty hose with open toed shoes. Then you see the seam line where the hose were sewn. It's like...ok, what is happening to your toes. If you want your legs to be smooth, exfoliate with Sea Salt or Smooth Away or wear fishnets or something more trendy if you want to go that route. If you're wearing a short dress, don't go too crazy on the fishnets, or you may end up looking a little hookerish. The most timeless thing you can wear is nothing. You should get your legs nice and tan before the occasion and let your natural skin glow. Leave the hose for Easter at grandma's house.

Bad prom makeup#2 Makeup
Learn from my mistake. Don't wear bright blue eyeshadow. This may seem like a no brainer, but I honestly didn't think it was that blue until the pictures developed and I was like, "What the hay..." Besides wearing blue eyeshadow, don't wear makeup that matches your dress. You should never do this with any outfit. It's an absolute makeup 'no no'. Unless you happen to be really good at mixing colors like the girls at the MAC counter, keep it safe. Go for makeup that is natural and enhances your features.

If you want to go for drama, you can do a smokey eye and go light on the lips. If you're getting your makeup done, be sure it's not the first time you've used the artist. You wanna make sure they know your skin tone and that they are actually good. If they were recommended by a friend, I still advise you to do a test round prior to the big day. Again, a no brainer, but this has happened and I've seen girls in tears (one way to wipe off the makeup) because they weren't better prepared. The whole point to this section: Don't match your eyeshadow to your dress. Do be prepared and do a makeup test run several times.

#3 Bra Straps
Nothing like having your hair perfect, your makeup perfect, your dress perfect and, well...there's your bra. Either the dress has slid down and now the back of your bra is showing, or you thought the straps to your dress were thick enough to hide your bra straps. But no, the straps keep slipping off your shoulder as you party the night away. Invest, look into, and get an expert opinion on the perfect bra for that dress. The key is to keep 'the girls' supported without anyone knowing. The best thing for this occasion is an adhesive, backless, strapless bra. These things rock!

#4 Underwear
Don't wear the granny panties unless your dress is made of friggin velvet. And even then, probably still not the best idea. Just so you know, there's a big difference between a thong and a g-string. Personally, I think g-strings are much more comfortable. Since it's practically like floss (pretty gross, please wash well), you can barely feel it. Thongs are like big pieces of fabric shoved up in your private areas. Since it's so thick, you can totally see it and totally feel it. Opt for a g-string instead. If your dress is like a satin or very light fabric where you can even see  a stub of hair poking through the dress, you may want to go either commando (careful who your date is) or try spanx. Spanx is great because it is seamless and flawless where the dress would normally hug you. I highly recommend this for very thin fabrics.

Bad prom hair#5 Hair
I've seen it done way too often. Girls either use curlers or a curling iron and after taking it out of the curlers, they think they're done. They end up with these clumped together spiral curls and you kind of end up looking like you're 10 yrs old. The point is to look you have naturally beautiful waves or curls. Not like a tight spiral that resembles corkscrew noodles. After you curl your hair, you should run your fingers through it several times with a small amount of  flexible moose or a pin drop of hair serum. Do not brush because your hair will become frizzy again. Running your fingers through it will separate the curls giving your hair volume and beautiful curls.

#6 Crowns
Save it for the Prom queen.  Nothing tackier than someone showing up with a little crown on their head. You will be sure to get made fun of. We all want to be a prom queen, but do that secretly. Don't display your desires for everyone to see. Instead, go for a cute rhinestone or ribbon headband. If you're sporting a low ponytail, you can also look into a little feather hair clip to clip on at the base of your ponytail. So cute!

revealing-prom-dress#7 Dresses
Personally, those satin dresses that I mentioned earlier in the underwear section are not my favorites. I think they are so boring  and totally prom-like/bridesmaids. Your girlfriends are gonna get married later on and they're going to ask you to be in their wedding and make you buy a hideous satin dress that you'll never wear again. So, save the satin for later. I also think that one shouldn't be showing too much skin at prom. You are after all, only 17 years old and well, you will be plenty of time to be promiscuous and slutty in your college years. Leave a little to the imagination please. Send the right message to your date. Unless you're wanting to be jumped on prom night, I suggest classy first.

#8 Shoes
I'm not going to lie, I did this myself. But now I know better so I'm passing on my knowledge to you. To exactly match your shoes to your dress is not always cute. If your dress has 2 colors, choose a pair of shoes that is your dress' accent color. Meaning, if your dress is black with a touch of red, get red shoes. That's usually the safe way to spice things up a little. If you happen to be pretty good with colors, go wild on your shoes! Get shoes that are trendy with embellishments and cool colors and really have fun with it. It's your chance to be ultra trendy without revisiting the trend later on in pictures. Although my dress matched my shoes, I did wear 7" platform heels that were absolutely ridiculous. My date was 6'4" (I'm 4'11")so I had to think of something other than a rolling platform to dance with him.

Bad prom tan#9 Tanning
If you're getting a spray tan, test it out 2 weeks in advance. If you turn orange, it should come off by then. Also, if you decide to apply tanner yourself, I like Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray. But test out different brands in advance. Neutrogena might work just work well for my skin type, but it's not for everyone. If you're going to fake bake in the tanning booth or lay out in the sun, do it 3 weeks in advance. Don't over do it and definitely don't do it the day before. If you end up looking like a lobster, you will totally kick yourself in the end.

#10 Mani's and Pedi's
If your dress and your personality is all about the fun and the trendy, then have fun with your nails! Look into 3-D nail art or do something else creative with them.  If you want to keep it classic, then of course go with a french manicure. Always hot. Definitely don't match the nails to the dress again. Because uhm...boring! Anything you're not really going to see in pictures you can go wild with. Luckily, I was not a victim of matching my nails. I wore a grayish dress with black trim and I believe I had red nails. An accent of color is always a good thing.

Does it Pay to Splurge on your Bra?

January 7, 2009 by Anna  
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It seems like they've got you thinking that paying at least $50 for a bra is the only way you'll get the support you need. Well, I was reading ShopSmart magazine (go out and get this magazine, some really great tips in here!) and came across this article where they compared 3 bras, high end to low end, to see which one was the best quality. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

La Perla VintageLa Perla Vintage
For the high price tag of over $100, you get top-quality materials, nicely contoured cups, and a flexible, well-padded underwire that won't cut into your skin. But this bra didn't hold up well to even gentle hand washing. After three washes, the elastic material in the back of the bra twisted and curled up, and the stitching on the straps puckered. Yikes! For over $100, what a jip!


Victoria’s Secret IPEX demiVictoria's Secret IPEX demi
At around $45, this mid priced ranged bra has cozy fabric and pads that provide coverage without bulk. But the fabric around the underwire is thinner than the other bras we looked at, so the wire may pinch. The strap stitching was flimsy. Also, the straps curled and the poor cut of the fabric on the sides caused the bra to pucker in the wash. Maybe Victoria's Secret isn't a very good one!


targetbraGilligan & O'Malley BEST DEAL!!!
This bra (sold at target) had better cup molding than the Victoria's Secret bra, and the underwire was flexible and well-padded, so it won't pinch or poke. It also held up better after several washes than the other bras. Given the price of only $11, this was by far the best deal! 

After reading this, I immediately went to Target to try out this "Gilligan & O'Malley" brand. For me personally, it gives me the comfort and support I need! I usually spring $60 for the Felina Bra at Nordstrom, but I noticed after a few washes it looses its support. I've been trying out this Gilligan & O'Malley bra now for awhile and after several washes, it still holds it's shape! Definitely recommend you try it out, I love it!

Did this post help you?  Leave a comment!

Source: ShopSmart Magazine May 2008

Bare Necessities

Top 20 Chick Flicks for Guys

December 30, 2008 by Anna  
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I love chick flicks, you love chick flicks....but sometimes it's like pulling teeth just to get your guy to watch a chick flick with you!  I took a poll and these are the top 20 All time Best Chick Flicks that guys totally dig!  If they still try and act macho while watching these movies, they're definitely going to the bathroom to wipe away their tears...you should totally go listen at the door....

In no particular order:

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You
  2. The Notebook
  3. Love Actually
  4. Princess Bride
  5. When Harry Met Sally
  6. A League of Their Own
  7. Titanic
  8. Father of the Bride 1&2
  9. It Could Happen to You
  10. Sleepless in Seattle
  11. Ghost
  12. Twilight
  13. 13 Going on 30
  14. Pretty Woman
  15. Jerry Maguire
  16. Edward Scissorhands
  17. There's Something About Mary
  18. Sex and the City
  19. The Wedding Singer
  20. Sixteen Candles

And there you have it...the Top 20 Chick flicks for Guys!  So pop some popcorn and cuddle up to something you BOTH would enjoy!