A Tribute to Michael Jackson's Fashion Through the Years

June 28, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Entertainment


No one can stop talking about the shocking death of Michael Jackson. All of the bloggers, news, music and entertainment channels have been going crazy on my TV since that day and the media won't let you stop thinking about it. So as I flipped through the channels and I watched tribute after tribute of Michal Jackson's music, his legend and his talents, I thought to myself, "How did Michael ever affect me?" I can appreciate his work, but I am in no way a singer or musician. However, I am definitely a fashionista and there was no one as fashion forward, fashion risky, or fashion crazy as Michael Jackson. And for that, I definitely appreciated him. From the white socks, to the armband, to the blingin glove and his hat, Michael had so many key elements that defined his signature style. So, in honor of him, here is tribute to all of Michael's crazy fashion through the years. Enjoy!


One Response to “A Tribute to Michael Jackson's Fashion Through the Years”
  1. I agree, Michael had a style like none i have ever seen, but he made it work and everything looked good and my favorite was his glove and that he only wore one, it was truely his. Same with his dance moves i only know a few people who can do the moon walk and some have to do it when the floor is wet,and i think that is just the cheaters way of doing it and that nobody will ever be able to move like Michael. He was great and he greatly impacted my life, and for that i’am truely blessed.

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