Best and Worst Dressed at the 2010 Grammys: Kesha

February 1, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Entertainment


Kesha at the 2010 Grammy Awards


Kesha, the girl who has once described her style as "Garbage Chic", probably didn't dig up this gold flapper dress up in the dumpster. However, maybe it needs to go into the dumpster. Very unflattering. It makes her look heavier. It's as if someone put a piece of gold into the shredder and decided to sew it into a dress. This is just all wrong.

What do you think of Kesha's outfit?

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2 Responses to “Best and Worst Dressed at the 2010 Grammys: Kesha”
  1. arrianna says:

    she is wearing a perrty dress…what is your problem people she bought it…

  2. wizard says:

    She looks f*kng hottness! Kesha, come on lets do it!

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