Inaugural Ball Fashions

January 21, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Entertainment, Style & Trends


Now this is where fashion comes out to play!  This is where we get to see what's underneath those black coats and unveil who is hot and who is not!  Let's check in to see all of the gowns and dresses worn in this Cinderella moment.

Obama Inauguration

Barack & Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
Michelle Michelle, you did it again.  Michelle Obama has apparently learned from her former mistake on election day.  The dress she wore looked like a volcano erupting from the midst of her belly.  But not today at the inauguration, and certainly not tonight!  She wore this stunning dress by Jason Wu who started his career by designing  clothes for toy dolls.  After he stopped practicing on the dolls and upgraded to human clothes, his career has taken off from there and hasn't stopped.  He has dressed Lisa Cant, Ivanka Trump and now for the first lady herself on one of the biggest nights in history.  We love this dress as it exemplifies two key elements of 2009's fashion trends;  the one shoulder dress married with the fairy tale romantic look with the flowers and the draping of the fabric.  The results?  Success!  She looks like a modern day Cinderella!

Obama Inauguration Biden

Joe & Jill Biden

Jill Biden
Jill Biden continues to rock the 'red' from earlier today.  Her dress is designed by Lebanese designer Reem Acra who usually specializes in wedding gowns.  I thought it was plain, simple and age appropriate.  It didn't wow, but she still looks beautiful and you can't miss the red.  They both have a very classic Hollywood look and we dig that their biggest accessory is each other.  Such a cute couple!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
J.Lo is trying to make a come back.  If you were uninterested in her rocky relationship with her hubby, she'll put her butt in this gown and right back in your face so you'll remember her.  Although she may have been trying to steal the spotlight a little bit, I definitely can't hate.  She looks beautiful in this white gown.  In this classy number, she is Jenny from the Beverly Hills block, ok.  If her marriage is on the rocks, I wouldn't be able to tell as she is glowing and vibrant.  Bring it back on J.Lo, we still have love for you!



Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce....hmm..I feel like this dress didn't compliment her assets very well.  It kind of made her look wide.  The color doesn't do it for me and the neckline doesn't look right on her.  It looks like a bridesmaids dress that you hate your girlfriend for making you buy.  She has curves and I felt like this dress was covering it up or highlighting the wrong curves, I'm not sure.  All I'm saying is, she has looked better.  That's ok though, we all have our days.  She's usually stunning so we're over it.  Her performance rocked and she definitely delivered!  The performance surpasses any fashion opinion we may have.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys
On the other hand, I thought Alicia Keys looked very sophisticated and fun in this black dress.  I like the length of the dress, the trim around the bottom of the dress gives it a little rocker look, and the belt accents her waistline just perfectly.  I love it!  I have seen her perform live and she did it again with tonight's performance.  It was what you would expect of Alicia.  It's hard to ever say anything bad about her, why would you want to?  She's so cool!


5 Responses to “Inaugural Ball Fashions”
  1. MizzJ says:

    Michelle Obama looks fantastic! What a good looking couple they are, so glam. Love JLo’s dress! I hope her and Mark Anthony stay together, I think they are so well suited and they have such a long history. I totally agree with you on Beyonce, the way that waistline is draped just widens her hip, as does Alecia Keyes’ dress – I think it makes her look like she has too much junk in her trunk!

  2. Anna says:

    Yea, Alicia’s dress did make her hips look wider, but I guess since she’s so petite, it didn’t look as crazy to me. Oh, JLo’s dress was great, she looked beautiful. I can’t think of many times where she was a fashion flop, she is definitely well aware of what looks good. Thanks MizzJ! :-)

  3. JW says:

    Yeah! I always find both Barack Obama & Michelle Obama look gorgeous! Just lovely couple! :)

  4. Retromusik says:

    J.Lo is so trying to steal the show hehe. She looks great. I had the opportunity to check out the inauguration a bit in my African american lit. class. Remember towards the beginning, there was this man saying a prayer for Obama… am I the only one who noticed the strange way he said Sasha’s name? SASHHHA, as if she were Sasha Fierce or something. lol my class cracked up though, but when I told my dad, he didnt seem to remember that moment. Maybe he was too caught up in the excitement to notice the intensity with which the man said her name SASSSHA! What a proud moment we witnessed!

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