Vera Farmiga – Worst Dressed at the 2010 Oscars / Academy Awards

March 7, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Entertainment


Vera Farmiga at the 2010 Oscars - Academy Awards


WTF IS THIS?!?! Up in the Air co-star generic viagra price Vera Farmiga has committed fashion crime! The only thing that should top off this horrendous bright magenta super ruffled gown is a bad perm and side ponytail. I know the 80s are hot right now, but this totally needs to stay in the 80s. She is such a beautiful woman and I think a romantic gown would have done so much justice for her and given her that classic Hollywood movie star look. Instead I can't hear the crowds of screaming fans over this loud dress. Thumbs down!

What do you think Vera Farmiga's Oscar dress?

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One Response to “Vera Farmiga – Worst Dressed at the 2010 Oscars / Academy Awards”
  1. Rapheal says:

    Well i will say is not ok for me

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