How to Dress Like Brad Pitt

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For a man that exudes such hotness, Brad Pitt's fashion sense is really quite simple and comfortable. Brad's style has changed very little throughout the years, but his look is timeless. Not too much color, not too many accessories, just layers of garments that keeps this stud muffin looking good and staying comfortable. Brad's biggest accessories are scarves, aviators, and hats galore. Fedora's and newsboy caps, in particular, show up in almost every ensemble. If you're attempting to dress like Brad, you don't have to try and get too comfortable with crazy colors as he usually sticks to the basic blacks, browns, ivories, and tans. Brad's style is a good base in every wardrobe. You can start by replicating his style and then adding color or other accessories to your wardrobe that reflect your own personality. But at least you know the basic style (Brad's Style) of your clothing is timeless. Let's get started!

Look #1 The Godfather Look
Take the basic black and match it with a shiny black collared shirt giving it a more trendy evening look. Wearing a newsboy cap with no tie keeps this look laid back and comfortable. I also love how Brad paired it with a light gray long wool coat against this shiny black. It is a nice contrast and it keeps things looking classy. Oh yea, and it helps to coordinate your shiny black shirt with your girlfriend's shiny black pants as shown on Angelina :-)

how to dress like brad pitt - The Godfather Look


Look#2 Casual Dinner
I love this look because it really is easy and casual. When you go out to dinner with your girlfriend/wife/partner/friends, you want to dress nice but not be overdressed. I think this is perfect for that. Wearing blue jeans (straight fit) with a gray shirt and dressing it up with a long wool black coat, thick scarf, and light tan fedora is the perfect median between casual and dressy. Also, the distressed brown shoes gives texture and depth to the outfit. Lovin it!

how to dress like brad pitt - Casual Dinner Look


Look#3 Casual Traveler
I never dress up to travel. Personally, when I travel, I look like I just rolled out of bed. But this is Brad Pitt and I'm sure he'd love to travel in his jammies, but he can't. So, this outfit is perfect for traveling or for any other random day. Blue jeans, brown shoes, and layers of tops. He has a brown long sleeved shirt, a black hoodie layered on top, and a distressed leather jacket. Oh yea, and don't forget his newsboy cap and aviator sunglasses. Chic, comfortable and a perfect for everyday.

how to dress like brad pitt - Casual Traveler Look


Look#4 Drug Lord/Movie Star
I only say drug lord because it takes a special man to pull off a beige suit. In this case, this special man is Brad Pitt. He looks handsome as ever in this beige suit, white shirt, gray scarf (tucked in), gold framed aviators, with medium brown shoes. Yummy! Now, when attempting to replicate this outfit, make sure you have the biggest accessory of all - confidence! If you wear this outfit and you are self conscious about standing out and not wanting to be seen, then this outfit is not for you! Stand out, be proud and keep your swagger in your back pocket because this outfit is no joke!

how to dress like brad pitt - Movie Star Look.jpg

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