How to Dress like Bradley Cooper

March 12, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Fashion For Guys


Aahh...Bradley Cooper. He's like the fraternity guy that kept screwing you over but you kept going back to him because he was so hot. He's totally got that playboy look down. If you want to get that playboy look too, perhaps you'd like to learn how to dress like him. I'm sure his good looks have nothing to do with those piercing blue eyes, it's all about the ensemble. This guy wears a lot of suits. He likes his blazers and if he doesn't have a tie on, he can be seen replacing it with a scarf. Three of my favorite looks that I've chosen to replicate, however, don't show him wearing a scarf. But you can always add that layer on yourself for warmth or extra color or texture.

Casual Look #1: Yummy Bradley Cooper
Alright so this example is more of a headshot/model photo. But this is a great example of how you can turn a regular old graphic tee and dress it up. I love how this look has a semi rocker flair without your typical black leather chains, bells, and whistles. It's Bradley, in a graphic tee with brown graphics coordinated with a tan/brown leather blazer with eyes just piercing through to your happy place. Is that just me?....Anyway, this look would be best with dark wash jeans and casual brown shoes or even black canvas zappos. If you're not into the leather, try wearing a canvas blazer or brushed twill. It has the same look without the hefty price tag and more economical all around. Oh, and if you're as into the eyes as I am, try out colored contacts. Why not have fun with it?


Casual Look #2: Traveling Bradley Cooper
So when you're traveling, it's hard to know what to wear. You gotta make sure you have something to keep you warm, but not too hot, something presentable, but comfortable, something to approachable, but not too approachable because you don't really want to strike up conversation with that guy next to you. Take a tip from Bradley. He's dressed in a neutral color, tshirt seems soft and comfy, light jacket, and a hat to keep his privacy, but a blue hat, as to not be so harshly stand offish. This look is great for traveling as well as getting coffee with guys do that?....


Formal Look #3: DAYUM! Bradley
Ok, so when he wears his suits, he WEARS his suits! I love that he doesn't go with the normal black suit, solid dress shirt. Try out a little pattern underneath your suit. This changes up the look a bit and definitely makes you stand out without having to put on a zoot suit fot attention. The attention will be that you're fashion forward and stylish. All I have to say is, Dayum Bradley!


One Response to “How to Dress like Bradley Cooper”
  1. George says:

    The first and 3rd outfits are pretty good but I don’t like the second at all. It’s just too… sporty… too simple, if you know what I mean.

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