How to Dress Like Johnny Depp

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Let me start off my Depp is like a dirty, hot, sexy man! It truly does take a very special and unique guy to pull off his look. From the dirty hair to the glasses, and everything in between, Johnny Depp is like a sweet guy with a bad boy look. We drool....we drool. His look is completely rebellious and follows little to no rules. The only thing you MUST HAVE is attitude. Johnny is always playing quirky roles and I have no idea why a dirty pirate or willy wonka can be such a turn on. Do you remember him in Edward Scissorhands? OMG....he was so adorable yet seductive and it was so weird and wrong. Even the neighborhood ladies in that movie couldn't get enough. And honestly, when I go to Disneyland, the only reason why Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite ride now is because, you guessed it, Captain Jack Sparrow is hiding in every corner. (By the way, my friend rode with Johnny on that ride when they reopened it and she said he was the coolest guy ever. If I was alone in that boat with him, omg, it would have been on...that is if I didn't pass out first.)

Anyway, back to the situation at hand. If you are wanting to dress like him, I'm here to break it down for ya.

The Hair
Let me start off by saying, I don't even like long hair on guys. But with him, it's almost required. He almost looks too much like a little boy when he has short hair or a shaved head. To achieve his look, grow out your hair and tell your hairdresser you want long layers. It must be clean and fall nicely though! Although his hair does look effortless for the most part, I've seen guys with long hair and it looks way gross. Maybe it's him, but I still manage to want to play with his hair. So guys, you should still brush you hair and keep it neat and smelling good. As I've suggested before, hair wax is a great product to give you a more relaxed yet tame hairstyle. Hard gel is absolutely unnecessary here. Basically, after you shower, apply a small amount of hair wax or hair serum (to control the frizz) and run it through your hair with your fingers.

johnny depp great hair


The Clothes
Grungy Grungy Grungy. Even though Johnny's look doesn't appear to have much thought to it, I believe he is well aware of fashion and how it works. He uses a lot of layering and accessories to achieve the full on grungy look. Vintage tees or plain white tees, layered with a flannel or plaid shirt and baggy jeans. This look is so easy and comfortable to sport. His use of accessories is really what makes the outfit. Unlike David Beckham, he doesn't layer his tshirts. For Johnny's formal look, you will see him wear a sports coat with a casual striped polo inside. Or a tuxedo with quirky glasses. Always add a different element when replicating his look.

johnny depp grunge clothing


The Accessories
I love this man, did I say that already? He layers on the accessories like crazy. The more necklaces, bracelets and rings, the better. Go for leather, dog tags, and silver jewelry. Along with jewelry, he is big on fedora hats and glasses, adding that extra element to his style. For Johnny's glasses, go for plastic wide rimmed round frames. If you're uncomfortable with the exact replica of his glasses, finding plastic frame glasses that better suits your face would equally do the trick.

johnny depp accessories

So in conclusion, I love Johnny Depp. A friend and guest blogger of mine, Matt Hosely recently put together a video that I can appreciate. I hope you guys enjoy it!


7 Responses to “How to Dress Like Johnny Depp”
  1. sarah says:

    he’s got great style that is for sure!

  2. Volg says:

    Post something about the Secret window look… lazy-living-in-a-cabin look.

  3. Genius330 says:

    Y’all are idiots. He has a terrible fashion sense, the only thing that makes you think he does, is that he is really good looking. If you saw any average looking guy dressed like that, you would immediately think “what a douch.” He’s good looking so he can pull off the look.

    • Jack Sparrow 68 says:

      Yes he’s Good Looking, but you left out, that he is The Greatest charactor Actor of Our Generation! From Humble beginings to World Wide Fame, Yes he can pull off that look!! Very Cool@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ He is a Actors Actor of his Craft, Very Special!!!! J

  4. He is so hot! But I dislike the grunge look – even on an attractive man like Depp. Those top two pics are far more stylish and he looks entrancing….sigh

  5. lindsay says:

    johnny depp is amazing. he is so god d*mn good looking its unbelivable (actually, hes bar none the hottest guy ive ever seen), he is a PHENOMINAL actor and he has a cool, laid back style. everybody i know, women AND men, like him. and his style really does rock! one time, he was on dave letterman (or jay leno) wearing some really scruffy boots and it totally fits him! not many men COULD pull off his style! i love his flannels and his fedoras and seeing him with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. i would call his style “hobo chic” and you know what? it fits his cool, quirky personality!

  6. Vee says:

    Nice article, but try to keep it a bit more objective. (Translation: Keep your pants on!)

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