How to Dress Like Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake has come a long way since his days in the Mickey Mouse Club. His N'sync days seem eons ago and he just keeps evolving as an artist and a businessman. One thing's for sure, Justin's style has definitely changed for the better. He took it to the next level when he co-founded the clothing line, William Rast, with childhood friend Trace Ayala. Before we dissect Justin's fashion brand in a later post, let's just observe his everyday style.

Look #1: Work Attire
This is a great and trendy look for work. Justin knows the importance of layering and usually dresses in 3 key pieces. In this case, he's wearing a basic white collared shirt, v-neck sweater and tie, then trends it up with a leather jacket and hat. For the replica, I chose a leather jacket with the same collar as Justin's. However, I found another very trendy leather jacket for only $30. That's a $520 savings if you go with the Toxic Hazard Crest Jacket! You may want to consider getting a few of these outfits for work. It's chic, it's hot, it's manly and it's a trendy look. It's great to wear in the office when they're blasting the A/C. (And you know how they can never get the temperature right.) With this look, it'll give you the confidence to get that promotion you're deserve.

How to Dress Like Justin Timberlake - Look 1


Look#2: Semi Casual
This is a really versatile look. Justin's got the sport coat, the v-neck sweater layered on top of a t-shirt (you see the pattern of 3's?), paired with jeans. The sport coat makes this style a little dressier, while the jeans gives it a more casual feel, making this outfit appropriate for many occasions. The trendy plastic glasses and hat give this a more artistic San Francisco flair and the scarf adds a touch of European. Not that we don't wear scarves in America, but it was definitely the Europeans that rocked the scarf as a necessity. You can get a trendy pair of glasses at Tilly's with no prescription in them. Or if you prefer to just wear sunglasses with the outfit, go for something that a little more transparent and with a funky shape.

how to dress like justin timberlake - look 2


Look#3: Casual
Justin is really good at mixing the casual with the dressy. In this case, he's wearing a wide striped collared shirt with a checkered tie, a cool grey blue leather jacket with grey jeans and then totally toning the whole look down with a pair of distressed and beat up brown work boots. Great daytime look, great evening with friends look and all around comfortable style.

How to Dress Like Justin Timberlake - Look 3


Look#4: Semi Casual, Going Out
This is perhaps the easiest and most effective look for going out in. Here Justin is sporting a black t-shirt, jeans, a vest and accessorizing with 3 necklaces and a watch. It doesn't get much easier or cheaper than that. For the replica, I chose Justin Timberlake's William Rast jeans. They have a great wash, they're comfortable and have flattering cuts to them. The jeans are a little on the pricey side, but of course you can always use your own favorite pair of jeans for this look. Remember to pick a chunkier rosary and layer thinner necklaces on top so the rosary still stands out. I love this simple look for an evening at a club, bar or lounge.

How to Dress Like Justin Timberlake - Look 4

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