How to Dress like Matthew McConaughey

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Sure, most of Matthew McConaughey's wardrobe and accessories consist of board shorts and an ipod, but this leading man definitely has style of his own. When he's not on the beach doing yoga in his board shorts or playing his bongos naked, his style is rustic meets leading man. On casual days, he usually sports a manly outdoorsy/surfer guy look. When it's time to do the red carpet, he is slick back and very well put together. I'll show you what I mean.

Casual Look #1
You will hardly ever catch this man in pants. He lives in LA and if he's not naked, he's almost always in shorts. To achieve Matthew's look, think outdoorsy. Go for rustic colors like greens, red, rust, browns, etc. Buy a good pair of flip flops (go for tan or brown) and don't be afraid to go for a leather rustic man bag. Sure, you guys will think, "I am not wearing a man purse." In my opinion, you are afraid to wear a man bag because you're afraid you'll like it too much. You will never loose your wallet, keys, cash, or id ever again. Makes too much sense. And if you guys start comparing and swapping man bags with your friends, it could get a little weird. I understand. But try it out. At least when you travel or of course for school. If Matthew Mcconaughey is man enough to do it, so could you.

How to Dress Like Matthew McConaughey -  Casual Look 1


Casual Look #2
In this casual look, Matthew is wearing a polo shirt or button up with cargo shorts and flip flops. The key to this look is the relax way that he wears it. Keep your top buttons unbuttoned (please no crazy hairy chest), accessorize with the essentials. Choose the following accessories: tennis visor, bandanna (not shown, but definitely Matthew McConaughey-esque), aviators, and man bag. Keep the colors muted and BAM! You could audition for "Ghost of Girlfriends Past 2" - the straight to video sequel.

How to Dress Like Matthew Mcconaughey -  Casual Look 2


Semi Casual Look
Matthew just really doesn't like clothes. Even when he's wearing clothes, he hardly wants to button any buttons. And that's exactly what you should do to channel your inner Matthew McConaughey. Here is a great example of his rebel attitude to fashion. A navy blue dress shirt with dark grey jeans and nike walking shoes. Does it make sense? No. Does he have a hot woman on his arm and millions of other women swooning? Yes. The key to this is attitude. Oh, and don't forget the aviators. VERY important.

How to Dress Like Matthew McConaughey -  Semi Casual


Formal Look (just the way we like him)
Alright, so when Matthew is absolutely REQUIRED to wear clothes, he does a fine job. Most red carpet looks for men is boring and bland. I don't blame you guys, it's hard to spice up a plain old black suit. Well take some direction from Matthew. Pinstripe pants, vest, deep reddish almost purplish dress shirt with a deep burgundy red tie to really spice it up and keep it sexy. Keep your hair slick back, groomed and clean with a hint of a 5 o'clock shadow. The perfect recipe for a leading man. Oh, and don't forget to accessorize with the hot model on your arm. :-)

How to Dress Like Matthew Mcconaughey - Formal Look

If you live in colder climates and can't exactly sport the Matthew McConaughey, reinterpret his look. If he's wearing a light polo, choose a polo sweater. If he's wearing cargo shorts, opt for cargo pants or distressed jeans for that rustic look. If you need to throw on a jacket to pull off the look, interpret his brown leather man bag into a brown leather jacket. If it's too cold to wear a visor, opt for a beanie. If he has canvas colored flip flops, go for canvas colored or rustic brown leather casual dress shoes or boots. So this way, no matter where you live, you can always channel the McConaughey.


2 Responses to “How to Dress like Matthew McConaughey”
  1. MJ says:

    Note that he is not wearing short sleeves in any of these looks. Long sleeves rolled up or pushed up are WAY more flattering than short sleeves, especially on button-ups and polos. My husband usually just turns up the cuffs of his button-up shirts, and it looks great.

  2. John says:

    What kind of boots did Matthew wore on Regis and Kelly Show?
    those shoes look great.

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