How to Dress like Ryan Reynolds

March 10, 2010 by Anna   | Filed under Fashion For Guys


Who wants to see this guy in clothes? Have you seen his abs? I truly think that those shirts with the abs painted on was inspired by Ryan Reynolds himself. So if you truly want to dress and look like Ryan Reynolds, look into purchasing one of these. Of course, that probably wouldn't be acceptable in the office or get you a date, so here are my suggestions and tips on how to replicate Ryan Reynolds' style.

Casual Look #1: Manly Ryan
Ok, so this look is great when you want to be a little grungy, burly and uber manly. Of course the beard he's sporting has a lot to do with it. But the leather man bag, the lopsided beanie, the distressed leather jacket, it's all screaming, "Manly and don't care". Although, if you look closer, he is layering galore. He clearly knows what he's doing when it comes to fashion. The gray tee underneath the brown v-neck sweater, the black leather jacket, the light brown distressed braided belt with gray jeans. I love the mixture of black and brown and I love how it has a rustic feel. Oh that Ryan....he's so vintage!


Casual Look #2: Preppy Ryan
When Ryan is clean shaven, he is a preppy guy. Notice he lightens up the color with a cool blue plaid shirt that is slightly unbuttoned, rolled up sleeves, with wife beater tank underneath. Topped off with a straw fedora hat, khakis, and the brown leather man bag makes another appearance. This man is not afraid of accessories and honestly if guys weren't intimidated by accessories, there would be so many more fashionable straight guys out there. Go for the hat, the scarf, the man bag and have fun with fashion!


Casual Look #3: Incognito Ryan
Is that Ryan Reynolds? Or is that someone replicating his look by reading Style with Anna? Who can tell with this incognito look. All in black, with a pop of color from that big bold striped chunky scarf. The gray newsboy cap, big bold scarf and casual kicks lighten up the look. And are you seeing his belt peaking through? Boy is coordinating what looks to be a canvas belt that is red, black or navy and white stripes. Oh yea, he knows what he's doing.


Semi-Casual Look #4: Inspector Ryan
(He can inspect my Ryan....what?...what does that even mean?) Alright so this look is great for evening out with friends, parties, semi-casual/semi dressy occasions. This look is simple and classic. You need essential pieces like a trench coat, or a vest, and who doesn't have a black tie and gray button up dress shirt and jeans? I love the deep dark blue wash of these jeans and how they are straight fit and not super baggy.

Make sure you look good in straight cut jeans. If you're 6'5" 250lbs, you may wanna stick with a loose fitting or relax fit jeans. Nothing like a big tall man in tight jeans or a medium to bigger built shorter guy in tight jeans. Know your body and know what flatters you.


Formal Look: 007 Ryan
All guys need to have a 3 piece navy blue tailored suit shown here. Besides the standard black suit, the blue suit is flattering and gives you a cool shade against your skin tone. Be sure that the undershirt, vest, jacket, pants, everything fits like a glove. Anything baggy just looks sloppy and unkept. Oh yes, and when wearing this outfit, be sure to walk with the "James Bond 007" music theme playing in your head. This will really help with the attitude.

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