How to Dress Like Zac Efron

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how to dress like zac efron

Zac Efron is the younger version of a Brad Pitt, a Tom Cruise...a hunky hunk hunk! All girls want a piece of him and guys may want to dress more like him. Zac's style is preppy, casual, comfortable and a lot trendier than most guy friends I know. So with a little help from me, you'll be sure to get the ladies flockin too.


Zac Efron Look #1
I love this look. It's simple, it's great for daytime, evening, or even work (if you can rock the jeans for casual Friday). I love the crispness of the white shirt, white belt and stark white shoes. The blend of the gray vest, and then the contrast with the dark blue jeans. I know Zac has a dark burgundy tie on, but I thought for summer, it would be great to pop the whole outfit with a bold pink and blue wide striped tie. Gorge!

how to dress like zac efron - look 1


Zac Efron Look #2
This guy really knows the art of layering. Here, Zac is sporting a wide pin stripe white collared shirt, with a black vest, a horizontal striped brown and gold tie (love the mix of subtle patterns), skinny blue jeans, and a quilted leather jacket with a brown wool collar. Lots of stuff going on, but still very clean and well thought out. What I love about this look is that he's wearing all the "staples". You can use any of these pieces to formulate a million different combinations in your closet, but still throw it all together for a very polished look. Trendy, but definitely timeless.

how to dress like zac efron - look 2


Zac Efron Look #3
This is a great outfit for a weekend daytime look when the weather is just a little windy. Again, very simple pieces paired together. He accessorizes with a simple scarf, and the high tops are very trendy. For my replica, I choose to go with a v-neck tee with a little graphic design for more interest. A lightweight brown scarf, which is perfect for cooler days or nights. I love the jacket because it's casual, but looks really hot on guys, and you can pair it with all of your more casual outfits to complete the look. As for the high tops, I found white basic ones that Zac is wearing, but you can also go with a blue sole to give it a little splash of color. Color always spices up any plain ole outfit! All in all, the look is simple clean and well packaged...and what a pretty package he is!

how to dress like zac efron - look 3


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  1. My hair is not healthy like
    Zac I want hair like zac an

  2. amina says:

    oh !! it’s awesome:D i love it ^^

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