Top 5 Fashionable Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

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It's hard, I know, it's hard! Your father has been through so many holidays and you're running out of ideas. Well, unless I personally knew everyone's dad and his individual personality, it's hard to suggest something truly unique. I'm going to give you my top 5 that any dad can appreciate. And you never know, that wallet that you got him 5 Christmases ago may be worn down and it could be time for a new one. In any case, these are my 5 favorite gifts for dad that he can always use and will definitely appreciate!

#1 Shoes
Dress shoes, work shoes, tennis shoes, walking shoes, any type of shoe! It's safe to say that if you're buying shoes for your father, he will be wearing it until the soles rip off. At least that's the case for my dad. I love buying him shoes because dads may find it hard to spend money on shoes. I, on the other hand, love spending money on a good pair of durable, comfortable and always fashionably updated pair of shoes for my dad. If your dad's not going to do it for himself, and your mom can't seem to do it for him either, then do him a favor and get him a new pair of shoes. He'll love it! Trend dad up with a pair of walking shoes that are great for work or casual jeans:

#2 Scarves & Hats
Tell him it's for warmth, tell him it's for the winter, tell him whatever you need in order to accessorize his outfits just a little more! I don't know about you, but it's been exceptionally cold this year and nothing keeps dad warmer than a scarf and hat. My dad wears scarves and hats all the time. Do they necessarily compliment his outfits? Not always, as he is a man and goes for function. But I can help him out with function AND aesthetic. Scarves and hats are a great way to accessorize an outfit and can be so sophisticated and chic. This is a budget friendly gift that's functional, and great for every father! Here's a list of my favs:

#3 Sweaters & Coats
Ok, so you gotta have something to layer the scarf on top of. How about a new coat? And layer that coat over a new sweater. Keep your dad warm with the winter essentials. Not every father has a nice pea coat or wool coat, so this could be the year! Open up his eyes to the warmth of a sleek winter wool jacket and keep him stylish. When he takes off his jacket for indoor activities, make sure he is sporting a nice sweater. Go for a v-neck or knitted sweater. Consider some of these:

#4 Watches
Let's face it, a watch is the only fine jewelry that every man can feel confident wearing. It not only tells time, but it is a symbol of status. Or maybe you're sick of looking at that watch you bought for your dad ten birthday's ago and he needs a new one. This makes a great gift. You can buy him a watch and be done shopping for dad. Either way, I have my favorite classic and trendy watches that will fit any dad's own personal style.

#5 Jeans
Oh yes, don't overlook the jeans! Your dad may not be able to rock the trendy skinny jeans, but trust me, he probably could use a new pair. Maybe something with a better wash! Traditionally, dads just go for the straight leg, relax fit, really blue-washed jeans. Maybe get him a darker pair of jeans he can pair with that nice sweater you bought for him. Then he can throw on a casual pair of walking shoes and be ready to hit the town. Just because he's dad, doesn't mean he can't be a little bit more fashionable and GQ. Trust me, once dad gets a pair of new jeans to wear with everything else I've suggested, he will look good and feel good! And isn't that the best gift of all? :-)
Let dad try on some of these jeans:

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