Top Hair Products for Men Without Going Girly

August 25, 2010 by Kristine   | Filed under Fashion For Guys


It’s not uncommon to find skin and hair products for men. You might not be one of the ‘pretty boys’ in town, but there’s a smooth and real man inside. But how can that real man come out when your appearance keeps it all hidden? Well when you have the right products working for you, it might just lead you to even more surprising results. Here’s a list of our top hair products for men.

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1. Redken for Men Maneuver Working Wax
More men are using this product because of its versatility in styling and clean finish, giving your everyday hairstyle a refreshing new look! As one of the top hair products for men, the Redken Wax is perfect for professional and bed-messy hairstyles women simply can’t resist!

2. American Crew Tea Tree Defining Paste
This hair product will work best for texture and separation. It might have similar characteristics to that of Redken, but American Crew creates a more matted finish. It’s perfect for those who want to create a thicker hair, enabling more coverage. Create versatile hairstyles for casual and professional looks! Just a small amount will do to give your hair a make-over from the usual!

3. Goldwell for Men Shaping Agent
If you want something lighter for your hair, Goldwell is the best product for you. It’s smooth, non-sticky and gives a natural shine. It’s perfect for men who just want some control over frizzy and fly-away hair.

These are just some of the top hair products for men on the market. Now you don’t have any excuse to NOT look good at all. It’s prime time to set out for a hunt and take no prisoners! Don’t be surprised if women can’t resist your new look.

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