Top 3 Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men

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comfortable shoes for men

I'm using them for about a year, 3-4 times daily. I've used some other brands before but they didn't work as well as those do. ! The difference between a brand name medicine and a generic one is in the name, shape and in the price.

While shopping for comfortable shoes for myself, something occurred to me. Just because guys don't have to wear super high heels, doesn't necessarily mean their dress shoes are comfortable. So I asked my fiance what he looks for in comfort when he's shopping for shoes. His answer, "Light weight, soft leather, rubber sole." This recipe makes for the ultimate comfortable men's dress shoe. I then wondered, did he look to specific brands for a comfortable dress shoe? Or was it all a shot in the dark? To my surprise, he named off 3 brands that he felt generally had comfortable shoes. I am only surprised because when I find a comfortable heel, I am talking about it all day, all month, all year. When guys find something comfortable, they like it and they keep it to themselves and continue on with their lives talking about other normal "guy" stuff. It's so funny how we operate isn't it? It's a good thing I asked him his opinion on comfortable shoes though. Otherwise, you would have to roam the malls longer than your guy shopping clock allows and may not be able to find the right dress shoes. Well, you're in luck. In no particular order, here are the top 3 brands that carry the most comfortable men's dress shoe.

1. Johnston & Murphy
Johnston & Murphy shoes are made with fine soft leather on the outside and lined with soft leather on the inside. Along with soft leather on the inside, their shoes have soft-gel cushion insoles, with a cooling airflow design. These shoes are great for office and indoor work. Not so much recommended if you work out in the fields a lot. It has a smaller rubber sole at the bottom and may wear down faster. Also, with a price range anywhere from $100-$300, you must be sure these will last you awhile.

2. Ecco
Ecco shoes are awesome because they have something for everyone in the family and they really do focus their design on comfort. Rich leathers, lightweight and a unique design on the sole to provide the ultimate shock absorption to protect your joints. People forget that comfort also means comfort for the rest of your body. A lot of times when you walk around a lot and your back starts to hurt, it could be as simple as not wearing the right shoes. Try Eccos to see if it's the right brand for you, especially if you've been experiencing some knee, hip or back issues.

3. Rockport
Rockport shoes are not only great for the office, but also great if you do a lot of field work as well. The rubber sole is super thick, the leather is flexible and it is great for long hours of walking and constantly slamming your feet on hard surfaces all day. The rubber soles absorb the shock and feels as close to wearing gym shoes as you can get. These shoes are also very durable so it'll last you a long time. And with a price range that starts at about $50 (that's a starting price of $50 less than Eccos or Johnston and Murphys), it's worth every penny.

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