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Ok…what is the number one New Year’s Resolution? LOSE WEIGHT! Take off those holiday cookie pounds and get ready for the summer right?? Well let me let you in on a secret…you don’t need a gym membership; your treadmill is outside honey! Anywhere you can put your foot down and continue walking is nature’s equivalent to a treadmill. All you need are hand weights, a jump rope, and the ability to step outside. Annddd….you HAVE TO HAVE THIS BOOK!

The 5-Factor Fitness by Harley Pasternak

5 Factor Fitness by Harley Pasternak

5 Factor Fitness by Harley Pasternak

He is the celebrity trainer who train celebs like Halle Berry and you know she’s got a pretty hot bod. But I personally could not take off the extra 15 lbs. until I read this book and followed everything he said.  Well, also with the help of my certified trainer, Dr. Katelyn (check out her featured posts on my health and wellness section.) to motivate me and make sure I was doing things correctly.  However, this book is awesome!  What I love is that it’s totally attainable and doable! No crazy workout routines, just simple strength training mixed with a little bit of cardio goes a long way! Get this book; it’s the only way you’ll achieve your New Year’s resolution!

However, if you do need the motivation of other people who have the same resolution as you, absolutely join the gym! I still suggest getting this book and do it there because you can run on a treadmill for days, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll just have really strong legs and still have your holiday inner tube…and that does not float in the pool during the summertime…just so you know.

Spring $10 for this book on amazon.com before shelling out hundreds on other things that don’t work. I assure you, it’s worth every penny!

Contest Giveaway!
In the spirit of New Year's and all of it's resolutions, I'm holding a contest where I will be giving away a copy of 5-Factor Fitness. To enter, simply fill out the form below and tell me what your New Year's Resolutions are. Contest ends January 30, 2009. Must be 18 or over to enter.

Congratulations to our winner, Magdalene from Canada!

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