Crazy Japanese 3D Nail Art

February 17, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Hair & Makeup


Wow this is really cool and weird and a little bit creepy, but I think I'm diggin it!  Remember when a manicure consisted only of slapping on some red paint, a top coat and calling it a day?  But then we got more creative and  started airbrushing little designs on our nails, sometimes sticking diamond decals to spice things up.  Well it has been taken to a whole other level and these nail technicians are taking their art very seriously!   

My friend recently invited me to go with her to get Japanese 3D nail art done.  I wasn't sure what she was talking about, but after doing some research on it, it has opened my eyes to a whole other dimension in the world of manicures.  This technique got big in Japan about 5 years ago and it is starting to get more popular here in the US.  In fact, it is so popular in Japan that they actually hold contests to see who can turn out the most outrageous and wildest designs.  These artists go crazy with the embellishments using feathers, diamonds, pearls, jewels -- basically everything but the kitchen sink.  The results?  Kind of insane, busy and crazy, but for a special occasion, I think it's fun to switch up the old predictable manicure.  I only have one does one go to the bathroom without....snagging...or.....things getting in the way? Hey I had to ask, you know you were wondering it too...

Where to buy Japanese 3D Nails:
If you're looking to buy some 3D nails, ebay and ioffer have some wild and unique nail sets for cheap, although I personally think ebay is more trustworthy.

Check out these wild and crazy 3D nails (click photo to enlarge):


10 Responses to “Crazy Japanese 3D Nail Art”
  1. Nicole says:

    Ahhhhh, so crazy! My favorite is the first picture. Seriously, how DO you drive or use the bathroom with these things??

  2. MizzJ says:

    This is so cool!!! Gawd I love the Japanese for their unrelenting fashion fierceness, is there any other country in the world that is so daring and extreme? How long do these even last?

    Haha and I have the answer to your question: awkwardly and painfully.

    MizzJ’s lastest blog post: Lust of the Week: 1950s Hand Painted Floral Dress

  3. .nodame. says:

    “how does one go to the bathroom without….snagging…or…..things getting in the way?”

    Generally, the nails in Japan are applied with double stick tape or tacky glue, that way you can easily take them off and put them back on when needed. Thank god for that, huh? O.O

  4. Simone says:

    Where do you buy them?! Ö

  5. Angela says:

    I have just been looking on the different website that sell these 3d nails. FABULOUS!! Can anyone tell me if or where the tiny pieces can be bought seperately (not on acrylics) ? thanks

  6. 3D Nail Art isn’t for everyone; however, those that fall into the web spun by their creative charm fall madly and deeply in love. They are fun, intricate, blingy and pretty.

    Why stop at 3D… I go as far as 8D! BIG, BOLD & 100% BellaGemaNails.

  7. Jasmine says:

    i think the are soooo amazing… im teaching my self how to do nail.. i will some do get to this level

  8. donna says:

    Omg, thank you soo much for this blog. I’ve been trying to find where to buy 3d nails design
    At. But it didn’t help much. Thank you!. Now I know where to buy it at. But I don’t know
    What’s it called on ebay.

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