How to Grow Longer Eyelashes

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how to grow longer eyelashes


Just the tip that all Asians (or at least this Asian) has been waiting for! How to grow out your eyelashes! I don't know about you, but fake eyelashes are itchy and scratchy and I'm too impatient and lazy to wear them everyday. If only I could grow out my own natural lashes, life would be so lovely wouldn't it? So I sat down and did some research on how to grow out your eyelashes and it was like, why didn't I think of this before? Ultimately eyelashes are just hairs that extend out from your eyelids. Same kind of hair that grows on your head. So why not condition it and treat it the same as you would your hair, and they'll become stronger, thicker and fuller.

Vaseline / Olive Oil
Oh yea, you heard me right. Olive oil. Olive oil strengthens the hair making it stronger and least likely to break off. So you can salvage the very few hairs you have on your eyelids and stimulate the roots to grow even more hair. All you got to do is lightly coat your eyelashes with some olive oil before you go to bed at night and stick to it for awhile. You may see a difference in your eyelashes. (Please also note that olive oil does wonders for strengthening and whitening your fingernails as well. But I'll save that for a later post.) If you do not have olive oil around, Vaseline will do the same as far as conditioning and moisturizing your lashes. Throw this into your nightly ritual and it could be the answer to your eyelash problems.

If combing your hair stimulates your hair follicles and the result is hair growth, then it must be the same for your eyelashes. You know those eyelash comb that come in your make up brush kit you never knew quite to do with? Well, it's time to find that brush and use it to gently comb your eyelashes about 3 times a week and you may notice results in about a month. How sweet is that?

Commercial Products
If you are not a complete believer in these homeopathic ideas on how to naturally grow out your lashes, there are many products out there that can assist in your eyelash hair growth process. Latisse (an eyelash conditioner proven to stimulate hair growth) is probably the best product with the most positive reviews. I tried Latisse when it first came out and it definitely made my eyelashes thicker. However, I didn't stick to it, as it caused some eye irritation and redness. The product has worked very well for some of my other friends however. Guess I have super sensitive eyes. Still, it couldn't hurt to try Latisse for yourself. It's a little on the pricey side and you may need to get it from a doctor's office.

Before I leave you, I want to make sure you DO NOT do the following things if you want your eyelashes to grow:

  • Pull them
  • Yank on them
  • Pull them with mascara on

Do you pull out the hair on your head in order to make it grow out? No. Do you spray hairspray on your hair and pull it out? Definitely not. So why would you do that to your lashes? This will only thin them out or make them fall out. Refrain from the abuse, care for them and they will grow.


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  2. Kay Akers says:

    Well for me I prefer using commercial product. I’m using Latisse quite a while now and experience amazing results. Since Latisse is under the list of prescription drugs, clinics of doctors who are selling Latisse as well as pharmacies are requiring prescription prior to giving out the said ophthalmic solution you can buy Latisse without prescription online.

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