What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

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laser hair removal

Isn't having to shave so annoying? With me, I would shave and as soon as I got a cold chill or even like 3 hours later, I would be prickly again. My fiance used to tease me to clean the bathroom with my brillo pad legs. He's sweet, I know. So I decided to get laser hair removal and I recently got my first treatment done.  Let me just say...it hurt like a mother! I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but this was like none other I had experienced. It was like needle pricks over and over again at my legs -- some spots was definitely more painful than other spots. Not everyone experiences this crazy pain, but my hair is very coarse. And the coarser the hair, the more you feel it when they zap it out.

The machine she used was not like the machine I was used with the gel and the bulky laser gun. This laser gun had high pressure cold air coming out, with the laser beam streaming at quite a noticeable distance. After the technician zapped me, the smell of burnt hair immediately filled the air. I tried not to look and pretend and the smell was of my cooking, and sometimes, it worked. Next time, I'm totally going to bring an ipod, take two tylenols prior and numb my parts with some lydocaine.

Laser hair removal takes about 3-6 treatments (it varies on your hair type)to be fully effective. Your hair grows in cycles. There are hairs that are active and hairs that are dormant under the skin. So when that hair "wakes up", I go in for the next treatment. I decided to do a full bikini, lower leg and underarms. The underarms and upper bikini area weren't that bad, but the legs hurt like madness since my hair is thick. When she got closer to the middle of my 'hoo ha' I said, "Ok, we need to stop, I'm going to need a drink if this is going to go down." So I will slowly ease myself to doing the full full bikini. And maybe this is TMI, but a full bikini also means the backside as well. Meaning, your anal area (don't think that's a medical term at all). I haven't been brave enough to expose this area to the laser gun, but I hear it's more painful than child birth. So I said to myself, "You know...I'm not an adult film star or anything even close, is this really necessary??" and then I twitched myself out of the laser center and got myself some ice cream.

I will keep you posted after I'm done with my full treatment. I can't believe I'm paying these people to electrocute me, but I hear it is the most freeing thing and so worth it. If I never had to worry about my hairs again, I am willing to be zapped. If it isn't necessary for you to consider this, try other removal techniques that are less painful. I leave you with a more medical explanation of the process that doesn't involve the words "hoo ha".

A specialized laser beams rapidly pulses for only a fraction of a second, harmlessly passing through the targeted area’s skin. When the laser encounters the pigment (melanin) located inside the hair follicle, the pigment absorbs the laser’s energy. The absorption of the laser’s energy disables the hair follicle and impairs future hair growth.

About 3 to 10 days after treatment, hairs will begin to surface on the treated area. This is not new hair growth. The hair follicles are purging the hairs the laser destroyed. Over a six-month treatment period, laser hair removal eliminates 60 to 95 percent of the targeted hair. This is the longest-lasting hair removal treatment available today.

Generally, multiple treatments are necessary because our hair grows in three stages: anagen, catagen and telegen. During the anagen stage, hair has the highest level of pigment or melanin. Laser hair removal works most effectively with hair follicles that are in the anagen stage, because the hair pigment is strongest and best absorbed by the laser.

Individual treatments are given every 4 to 6 weeks or when new hair growth is evident. Because each hair follicle grows at different stages, most people require 3 to 6 treatments to remove hair during its anagen stage. However, the number of treatments depends upon a person’s hair coloring, skin tone and the coarseness of the hair. (www.alluredmc.com)


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  1. Sonia says:

    Thanks for sharing your story about your experience on your treatment of hair removal. This would be a great fact that using laser in removing unwanted hair is more effective and convenient than the other treatments that would give non permanent results.

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