Permanent Makeup MUST KNOWS

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When thinking about permanent makeup,’s a in...not removable.  You must consider a couple of things...

1. I am not really a big fan of using "colors".  They are too seasonal and trendy and later on you will be known as the old lady with blue eyebrows.  When thinking about permanent makeup, choose something neutral.  Go with colors that enhance your look!  Permanent makeup should really be used as a base.  You know, eyeliner, lip liner for fuller lips, stronger eyebrows when you barely have any.  Stuff like that.

2. Make SURE that the ink people use does not have iron oxides in it!  That is the stuff that will turn your shit green or blue. You know you’ve seen those old Asian women walkin around rockin the green or blue eyebrows!  Not good people!  Back in the old days, they used iron oxide ink because it’s in body tattoos and it’s cheap.  But after realizing that after sun exposure your shit will turn green, they quickly found other options.  There’s organic ink as well as just ink without it.  So make sure with your permanent makeup artist so you know what you’re getting into.

3. FIND a good artist!  Do your research!  To be honest, just because they may have been in the industry longer doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing anymore.  Some women who’ve been in the industry for 30 years don’t update their look.  So you’re stuck with a look that was hot, 30 years ago.  Make sure your artist has evolved and check their recent work before you let them mess with your face!  Sometimes it’s good to go with someone who’s younger because they are updated on the trends and the trends now a day is natural!

4. Ok, people usually get really queasy when tattooing eyeliner on.  Actually…not that bad!  Eyebrows are probably the least painful, and then eyeliner and the most painful are the lips!  You have less skin there and all of your meat is just chillin right there on your mouth.  So take that into consideration and make sure the artist numbs you with 5% lidocaine for approximately 20 minutes before starting on any area.   Some people still feel the pain after it’s numb, but at least it’s not as bad.  Trust me, you couldn’t take it without a little somethin!  Don’t worry; if you’ve found the right artist with the right touch, it’s all worth it!

5. Did you know that you can use permanent makeup to remove birth marks, sun spots, and some age spots?   Well, it’s true.  It is done by matching the color of your skin and basically coloring over it to conceal it.  In emergency rooms and plastic surgeons offices, they use it to treat burn victims and for breast cancer victims, they use it to create an areola.  Pretty cool eh?

before and after permanent makeup

And those are just a few things to consider…if you have any other permanent makeup questions, I am licensed and can answer any of your concerns.  Talk to Anna!


15 Responses to “Permanent Makeup MUST KNOWS”
  1. Trent says:

    how many people are actually getting permanent makeup? thats craazy!

  2. Anna says:

    It’s actually a very popular procedure! A lot of people have it, and if they got it done right, you would never be able to tell! Sometimes older people get it done to get a mini face lift. As you get older and your eyebrows grow sparse, your hair gets lighter, things start to droop, what we can do is tattoo a brow above your brow line to lift your eyes and create that illusion. That is one of the many ways you can benefit from permanent makeup. Thanks for reading Trent!

  3. Alisa says:

    It’s really unbelievable. Not only the old do permanent makeup, but also many young girls and women. I always considered it a useless procedure but after seeing my sister’s lips I fully changed my mind. Now I am pondering over doing it myself:)

    • Anna says:

      Yea permanent makeup is pretty cool when you get the right person to do it for you. If you’re going for the lips, you must be down for facing the pain! It’s different for everyone, some of my clients have felt the discomfort and I use a numbing agent. Beauty is pain though, right? Let me know if you end up doing it!

  4. Hrb says:

    Who did the permanent eye makeup for the before and after shots? I would like to get it done by him or her.

  5. Taylor says:

    I find this procedure real saddening in terms of lips and eyes. I am by no means against minor alterations but this, for me, draws the line. Anna, you mentioned earlier that by finding the right artist you can achieve a natural look, however, the after on the before and after photo does not look natural at all. I’m sure there are “softer” looks that artists can create but nonetheless it is not natural. I’m a design major and instinctively know what colors go well with one another. The girl’s soft pink lips in the before photo was beautiful with her eye color. I find makeup to be an art, changing it every once in a while and to have fun with it. People who receive this procedure will never be able to achieve the true natural look, which is by far the most beautiful appearance.


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