Product Review: Physician's Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara

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Organic wear Natural Origin Mascara

Ok you guys. A long time ago I did a post on organic makeup from Physician's Formula. It's "the thing to do" these days, as people are becoming more conscious about what their beauty products are made of. So, I ran out and bought the Physician's Formula Organic Wear Origin Mascara on special at CVS Pharmacy. You would buy the mascara for $9.95 but then get a $9.95 mail in rebate. Which I have yet to fill out, but essentially it costs nothing to try, so I did. I'm sure you wanna know if this organic mascara is actually better and if it does what it says. Let's break it down:

Best, the best. There is nothing else to say! ! Since online pharmacies have appeared a lot of opportunities appeared which have to be implemented.

The description on the says:

  • Revolutionary 100% Natural Origin formula contains the purest ingredients and provides 5x Lash Boosting for lash length, volume & definition naturally.

  • 100% Recyclable Eco-Brush defines each lash with ultra-soft plastic bristles.
  • 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Preservatives, Parabens, Clumping, Smudging, Flaking, Fibers & Dyes.

Ok, so as far as volume and natural definition: Check. I love the volume this mascara gives on my lashes. And that's hard for me because I'm Asian and don't have the long thick lashes like other girls. So I need all the help I can get! This mascara is great because there's no clumping no matter how many times you go over your lashes with the brush. I can also see it extend the length of my lashes without looking like I have a grip of mascara on. As far as smudging...well, when I put it on and forget about it throughout the day, I rub my eyes and notice a lot of it on my fingers. It rubs off pretty easily though. Whenever I rub my eyes, I just have to remember to wipe off the bottom of my eyes to wipe away any smudges. This happens with a lot of mascara's that I've tried. So it doesn't really bother me that much.

As far as the brush goes, I really like it. It feels more sanitary to me. It's like a rubber/plastic recycled synthetic material and I like it better than the hairy ones. In fact, I think it is one of the reasons why it goes on so smooth and doesn't clump. And it definitely feels like it keeps moist and doesn't dry up as quick.

My biggest beef with this mascara? Umm, well to put it bluntly: it smells like poop. I am so for serious. I mean, I put it on and it smells like poop all day on my face. Well, maybe not poop, but it's like an organic, grainy, granola, wheat type of smell and it's not good. So if they can come out with an unscented version, this mascara would rock. But since I am very sensitive to smell, it gets really annoying. The first time I used it, I could not figure out where the crazy smell was coming from! No ones eyes should stink and we'd like to keep it that way.

So, if you're not too sensitive to smell and you're totally into makeup that is eco-conscious, this is the product to use. I would start out going to Walgreens or CVS to see if they have the special rebate so you can try it for free (don't forget to fill out the rebate like I did). Or, I've seen it on a rare occasion on ebay for $4.50. It's worth a try. Don't pay more than $9.95 though.


2 Responses to “Product Review: Physician's Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara”
  1. Daladee says:

    I had exactly the same problem with this mascara. The smell was so bad I had to throw it out after using it a couple of times. I’m noticing the same problem with their organic powder. Maybe they should put in SOME sort of natural masking scent – otherwise, I’m not buying this stuff again.

  2. Dragonf1y says:

    Um, hello…mascara IS POOP. It’s bat poop, to be specific. It’s filtered and pasteurized to get rid of bacteria. So there you have it.

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