Tacky or Trendy: Hair Jewelry

October 29, 2009 by Anna   | Filed under Hair & Makeup


braided hair jewelry


Braided hair is cute. A braided hair headband is even cuter when you want to rock a bohemian/indian girl look, but braided jewelry? Questionable. This is a jewelry line from a relatively new company Grau Wal. I will have to see this in person and try it on to form a solid opinion. I mean, what kind of neckline would be best suited for a braided hair necklace? Is it itchy? What I do know is that when you wear this, you cannot be conservative. You have to be balls out funky and experimental. Can I see Lady Gaga wear this? Yes. But I've also seen Lady Gaga in an outfit made from a pile of Kermit the Frogs. Most likely that wouldn't be suitable for work. I must say, I'm not too into the necklace, but the bracelet is kind of cute. If someone gave it to me for Christmas, sure, I'd wear it once or twice. The gift-er would have to be a high roller because these hair jewelry pieces start at $110. That's a little steep considering the product. For now, I'll stick to braids in my hair or in a headband. Something more like these:

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