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makeupThe makeup world is a multi-billion dollar industry. From the scientists and lab technicians who study all the ingredients  (to make sure you skin doesn't bubble up when you apply makeup), to the artists at the MAC counter selling you hundreds of dollars of the highest brand -- there are millions of people in between. In the old days, women would put their health at risk to make their faces pale (which was hot back then) using lead, mercury and even leeches to achieve this look. Were the guys really into this? Was the pale face trend, or the intricate ways we apply eye shadow REALLY doing anything for the guys? Let's observe and analyze the in-depth conversation I had with my fiance, who is definitely a man's man.  He's the ultimate hetero, who defines seasons of the year by the type of sports game (i.e. basketball season, football season, etc.)

Ahem...here it is....

Eric: "You're so beautiful"

Me: "Really? You never say I look beautiful when I wear makeup. I mean, do you like me with makeup?"

Eric: "Well of course you look pretty with makeup."

Me: "You seem to compliment me more when I look like a little dude." (that's just how I feel without makeup sometimes)

Eric: "No, when you're Not wearing makeup it's like, you look innocent.  I look in your eyes and see your soul. I can't see to your soul with all that clown whore makeup on."

Me: "................(blink blink)....................thanks.........."

There ya have it.  So it got me thinking, who do we put makeup on for?  And then I realized....for ourselves!  It's not always about them.   He may feel a deeper connection with me without my makeup, but I feel better and more confident with makeup on!  I think guys definitely would know the difference if the world went without makeup.  Our skin wouldn't look as smooth and, as an Asian, maybe my eyes wouldn't look as big.  My face is my resume honey.  No one likes a little dude girl with no makeup on.  So let me ask you boys this...which way do you prefer to see these girls?

Jessica Biel with and without makeup

Jessica Biel with and without makeup

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian with and without makeup

Don't kid yourselves boys, you'd much prefer us with makeup on.  So, is the billion dollar makeup industry justified?  AbsoFrickinLutely!

Watch out for many many future posts on makeup and all of the knowledge you need to know to feel confident and sexy with makeup on.  And it's just fun to apply isn't it? :-)


11 Responses to “What Guys Think About Makeup”
  1. Justin Mc says:

    To be honest I don’t think Kim Kardashian is a good example I don’t find her attractive to begin with and she kind of looks better in the picture without makeup. She looks more . . . real.

    Nice write up!

  2. Retromusik says:

    lol nice! I didnt know you were engaged! Congrats :) awww he sees your soul when he looks into your eyes, that’s pretty sweet even though he did follow with the whole clown whore makeup part lol Kim Kardashian is pretty without makeup as well, her skin isnt as smooth tho. That’s what makeup should do: enhance…I like when it doesnt look like the person is wearing makeup, they just look as if they had perfect skin hehehehe:)

  3. Amanda says:

    Wow-Kim Kardashian doesn’t even look like herself without make-up. They say that’s the real difference between regular folks and celebs (better make-up). I love make-up like any other girl, but I can go without it and still feel pretty fab. I’m with you Anna, I just like putting it on. It’s fun to experiment with :) .

    Oh and congrats on the engagement!

  4. jayhorn5 says:

    I like the natural look – too much makeup turns me off. If I’m kissing or dancing close to a girl, I personally do not enjoy leaving with as much makeup on my cheeks as she put on her own face. And guys really want to know what you look like when you roll out of bed in the morning, not what you look like after hours of prep time. Because when it comes down to it, you spend a lot of time together without makeup than with it. If a guy can’t find you attractive without makeup on, he doesn’t deserve you.

  5. JW says:

    Oh! Congrat on the engagement!! :)
    I always find moderate makeup is kind of “respect” to the person you are meeting with.

  6. MizzJ says:

    Totally agree, makeup is there to enhance and highlight what we’re naturally blessed with! Hehe those pictures are kinda bad examples as they aren’t the most flattering poses, unlike the made up ones, but it’s comforting to think that celebs aren’t as hot as we believe. I think a lot of guys don’t realize how much work goes into those “natural” looks that they love! I never leave the house without at least mascara and gloss on, call me self-conscious, but it makes me feel more confident to know that I don’t look like a tired bum!

  7. Ali says:

    Ummm…yeah, I don’t think Kim K looks better without makeup at all…and Jessica Biel sans makeup looks like she has a VERY high fever and needs some TheraFlu STAT…either that or she just got out of the steam room and it was waaay hot in there…

  8. Ali says:

    Just had to add…what is up with this…these girls without makeup look like they have just spent all day blowing their nose…how weird…for me, without makeup, I do not have a naturally red glow to the ‘noggin’ area..seriously what is the deal here…Jessica Biel without makeup up looks like (see previous comment above), Jessica Biel with makeup looks a little like Michelle Pfeiffer. Kim K without makeup looks like she just had five margaritas in a row, but I guess that is better than with makeup where she just looks like a porn star (but a proud one, like the ones that have their own business and dildo line on the side).

  9. iEnvisionary says:

    “No, when you’re Not wearing makeup it’s like, you look innocent. I look in your eyes and see your soul. I can’t see to your soul with all that clown whore makeup on.” so my next goal is to develop the skill to see a woman’s soul with all that clown whore make up on, lets be honest you do it to make yourself feel confident, sunglasses do the same thing, the truth is you are lacking the confience and you wear all that stuff to hide it. you little girls need to grow up 1st and dvelop inner confidence and selfesttem before you apply it its obvous to me that you are not evolved women and dontthing they can attract and old an exceptional man on personallity and character alone so you use make up to cover it make up should be the cherry on the cake you women wear so much of it that when a guy gets done there he is repulsed that the cake tastes so horrible and, sure men lie but you women wake up every morning and put on make up and spend money and lie in your own way, in a sense what makes anjilena jolie attractive is she has the inside 1st and the outside second and the same goes for johnny depp
    any way thats my 2 cents i dont mean to come off as harsh but my EX turned out to me super insecure without her make up and it was such a turn off on so many levels for me as a guy

    pardon the typos typed this fast at a Starbucks

  10. lips says:

    here’s a question for you guys
    i don’t wear anu foundation or powder cause i don’t need it
    but what do you think about colored lips? i love red lipstick and pink lipstick and lipliner …

  11. anthony says:

    honeslty when a guy sees a girl with a ton of make up on the first thing he thinks is that shes self concious. and i as a guy, like a girl with confidence in herself. even when i see a girl that looks ”okay” and has a ton of makeup on i wonder if she has to wear all that makeup just to be alright looking then what the hell must she look like under all of that makeup? a monkey? i mean don’t get me wrong i dont mind if a girl wheres some makeup but just as long as she dosnt have to wear it all the time, like if she cant leave the house without it, im not going to even bother. and by the way i think kim kardashian looks way better without all the makeup on she looks more mature looking , more attractive, and real, but thats just my opinion.

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