Affirmations for a Healthy Life

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So you buy this great software, bring it home, and attempt to install in on your computer. Problem is, you have no idea how your computer works and integrating the software is way beyond you. Oh, and you also happened to buy a Math Tutorial program when what you really needed was Norton Antivirus. You eventually figure out how to install the program by tinkering with it everyday. is still a math program, so day after day, it spits out odd formulas and equations at you. Meanwhile, your computer has inherited 10 viruses and a worm.

Very good product and the price is right. ! We fill thousands of online prescriptions everyday because our customers know that we offer unmatched value and the highest level of customer service delivered 24-7.

Believe it or not, most of us go through this everyday with a top notch, state-of-the-art computer called our MIND. It is the most powerful machine, stimulating responses, and dictating emotions. Problem is, most of us have no idea how to use it to our advantage and end up being controlled by it. What's more, we tend to download the wrong "software," which is composed of our negative thoughts. Everyday, we input negativity, causing negative experiences, and then we are left wondering why life isn't turning out as planned. The solution is simple: UNINSTALL--REBOOT--AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

One of the most powerful ways to rewire your mind correctly is through affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat aloud to yourself daily. It is a simple, yet extremely effective technique. Do these everyday consistently, and your life will change in a very short time.

Think of the areas in your life that you would like to improve. When you say your affirmation, be grateful for whatever you're thinking of as if it is already there. For example, instead of saying, "I hope to have/want a lot of money" say, "I am grateful for the abundance of the Universe, and riches come to me quickly under grace and love." Also, state your affirmation in a positive manner, say what you do want, not what you don't want. For example, instead of saying, "I do not want to judge others" say, "I am a tolerant person who sees love and beauty in others." Again, think of the areas that you would like to improve in your life. Is it money, relationships, your own spiritual growth? Write out 10 affirmations, and put each one on an index card. Repeat all 10 affirmations aloud 10 times throughout the day. Gradually increase your affirmations to 20, then 30, and so on, covering all aspects of your life that you want to push to the next level. Again, repeat these 10 times a day.

It is 2009, there is no better time to change your life. And when it comes to changing your life, there is no better WAY than to change your MIND.

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