Dream Light Rain Canopy?

December 28, 2008 by Anna   | Filed under Interior Design


So, I'm redoing my friends bathroom and while doing my research with LUXE Home magazine, I stumbled upon this:

Jaclo.com Dream Light Rain Canopy

Jaclo.com Dream Light Rain Canopy

What is it??  Introducing..... "Dream Light Rain Canopy" on jaclo.com, the new luxury item to your new bathroom!  It is a colorful rainfall shower available in rectangular, square or round shapes that features LED lights that illuminate the falling water in shades of white, blue, amber, red or green. A shower head that sure makes you feel like a millionaire every morning! And if you have $8,500 laying around, help out the recession and get it! You're worth it!

As this is a new item, I haven't found an alternative to this item, but can you say...wow...it is definitely to be admired.

Have you remodeled your bathroom lately? What are your thoughts on this?  Leave a comment!

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