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As someone who has an interior design background and a love for all things fashion, I thought, "why do I have to pick one or the other? Why not do both?" So I bring to you "Style With Design", a series where I take an outfit, replicate that look and translate that look into interior design. You will see how expressing yourself can go beyond just the clothes you wear by mirroring in your home environment.

Let's start off with Lady Gaga. I know I talk about her a lot, but how could I not? She gives me so much to say! She's just so over the top and always proves she's a performer and she loves what she does. Until MTV cribs unleashes an episode with the Lady herself, we can only imagine what her house would look like. I will take one look of hers and translate it into a design everyone can replicate and live with. Observe!

The Outfit
Here she's wearing an animal print top that is gold and black, most likely with a black body suit underneath from her "Just Dance" video. The blue lightening bolt on her face adds color, and her thick platinum blond hair and bangs demands presence. Classic Gaga. Replicate this look:
replicate lady gaga just dance video look

  1. Georgette top

  2. Booty Short
  3. Feather Earrings
  4. Nine West Aleksander Platform

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The Living Room
Inspired by this look, I put a room together based on this outfit. It's classic with a modern and retro twist. I chose to go with neutral colors with small punches of blue. All of the elements of texture and pattern keeps your guest discovering little details that contribute to the 'wow' factor. According to this outfit, this is where I imagine Lady Gaga to entertain her fabulous friends.
lady gaga living room interpretation

  1. Tamara Peacock Pillow
  2. Blissliving Home Lisa Pearl Blondie Four Faces Pillow
  3. "Luna" Chandelier
  4. Leather Recamier
  5. Arktura Coral Coffee Table
  6. Silk Dupioni Window Panel
  7. Cast Iron Flourish Textured Black Window
  8. Floral Panel
  9. Artecnica Come Rain Come Shine Chandelier
  10. "Blanco Hairhide" Rug
  11. Seascape Lighting Penelope Aqua Blue
  12. "Zebra" Box

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2 Responses to “Style With Design: Lady Gaga”
  1. janelle says:

    AWESOME translation of the outfit into the room. Loving that Neiman Marcus chandelier!

  2. it was great website and it was astounding to see what choices of clothes all the celeberties wore and things they liked.

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