Inaugural Ball Fashions

January 21, 2009 by Anna  
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Now this is where fashion comes out to play!  This is where we get to see what's underneath those black coats and unveil who is hot and who is not!  Let's check in to see all of the gowns and dresses worn in this Cinderella moment.

Obama Inauguration

Barack & Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
Michelle Michelle, you did it again.  Michelle Obama has apparently learned from her former mistake on election day.  The dress she wore looked like a volcano erupting from the midst of her belly.  But not today at the inauguration, and certainly not tonight!  She wore this stunning dress by Jason Wu who started his career by designing  clothes for toy dolls.  After he stopped practicing on the dolls and upgraded to human clothes, his career has taken off from there and hasn't stopped.  He has dressed Lisa Cant, Ivanka Trump and now for the first lady herself on one of the biggest nights in history.  We love this dress as it exemplifies two key elements of 2009's fashion trends;  the one shoulder dress married with the fairy tale romantic look with the flowers and the draping of the fabric.  The results?  Success!  She looks like a modern day Cinderella!

Obama Inauguration Biden

Joe & Jill Biden

Jill Biden
Jill Biden continues to rock the 'red' from earlier today.  Her dress is designed by Lebanese designer Reem Acra who usually specializes in wedding gowns.  I thought it was plain, simple and age appropriate.  It didn't wow, but she still looks beautiful and you can't miss the red.  They both have a very classic Hollywood look and we dig that their biggest accessory is each other.  Such a cute couple!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
J.Lo is trying to make a come back.  If you were uninterested in her rocky relationship with her hubby, she'll put her butt in this gown and right back in your face so you'll remember her.  Although she may have been trying to steal the spotlight a little bit, I definitely can't hate.  She looks beautiful in this white gown.  In this classy number, she is Jenny from the Beverly Hills block, ok.  If her marriage is on the rocks, I wouldn't be able to tell as she is glowing and vibrant.  Bring it back on J.Lo, we still have love for you!



Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce....hmm..I feel like this dress didn't compliment her assets very well.  It kind of made her look wide.  The color doesn't do it for me and the neckline doesn't look right on her.  It looks like a bridesmaids dress that you hate your girlfriend for making you buy.  She has curves and I felt like this dress was covering it up or highlighting the wrong curves, I'm not sure.  All I'm saying is, she has looked better.  That's ok though, we all have our days.  She's usually stunning so we're over it.  Her performance rocked and she definitely delivered!  The performance surpasses any fashion opinion we may have.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys
On the other hand, I thought Alicia Keys looked very sophisticated and fun in this black dress.  I like the length of the dress, the trim around the bottom of the dress gives it a little rocker look, and the belt accents her waistline just perfectly.  I love it!  I have seen her perform live and she did it again with tonight's performance.  It was what you would expect of Alicia.  It's hard to ever say anything bad about her, why would you want to?  She's so cool!

Inauguration Day Fashion

January 20, 2009 by Anna  
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Michelle Obama on inauguration day

Michelle Obama

Whether or not you voted for him (and most of us did), no one can deny that today is a great moment in history. My mother, a 63 year old asian woman who lives in Kentucky, took off work today just to watch the inauguration. Ahh yes, you don't have to be black, white, blue, pink or yellow to be touched by this moment. Millions of people gathered and a slew of celebrities showed up to support Obama as his first official day in office. So, what did they wear? Which designer was lucky enough to dress Michelle Obama? Let's take a look:

Malia and Sasha Obama on Inauguration Day

Malia & Sasha

Michelle Obama
Although Glenn Close's gaudy gold pant suit number was a flop, Michelle Obama proves that gold, when done right, is sophisticated, fun and flashy!  This sparkly gold dress with matching coat was designed by Isabel Toledo who worked at Anne Klein for some time and is known for her whimsical patterns and fabrics in many of her designs.  What I love about this outfit is that she paired the stunning gold dress with green gloves from J. Crew.  It goes to show that true fashionistas pair expensive items with practical, more inexpensive pieces to complete a gorgeous look.  Good job Michelle!  We say this is a fashion "Yes You Did Honey!"...she worked it -- I thought it was fierce.

Jill Biden Inauguration Day

Jill Biden

Malia & Sasha Obama
Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, were completely adorable in their colorful blue and pink coats (also from J. Crew).  Bold colors are hot this year and it looks like these girls...or maybe their mother....or maybe the White House stylist, definitely got the memo!  So cute!  They look like they just stepped out of a J. Crew ad.

Jill Biden
Ok I'm going to be honest, I don't know who Jill Biden was wearing.  But she didn't take a backseat on the fashion front behind Michelle Obama at all!  She worked it in this red coat (could it also be from J.Crew?) with some cute black boots and strutted her stuff with the best of them.   Everyone always notices a lady in red!

Oprah on Inauguration Day


Of course the big O herself was there.  Perhaps she didn't want to upstage anyone so she kept it neutral and basic in this boring beige/tan number.  Whether or not she wore something flashy, she's Oprah and we would never mistaken her for a commoner on the streets.  I guess being Oprah is her greatest accessory.

Aretha Franklin on Inauguration Day

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Aretha sure likes the bows.  This one seems pretty she's a big gray present.  It's totally Aretha Franklin, and she's always representin herself.  But if I were to put that on, I would look like a gerber baby.  Hey 2009 is all about the big, bold, loud and flashy right?  I can't hate, Aretha did her thing.

Beyonce and Jay-Z on Inauguration Day

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Beyonce & Jay-Z
What is that floating hat walking around with Beyonce?  Oh no, it's just her husband Jay-Z and all of the ridiculousness worn right on top of his head.  This hat is hilarious and sad at the same time.  I think to myself, "How many cute fuzzy animals did it take to make this ugly headgear?"  I read a comment on another site where someone said "Jay-Z looks stupid, I hope the animal he killed to make this hat comes back to life and smacks him!"...haha, thats hilarious.  But seriously, why did Beyonce let him out like this?  Would Sasha Fierce have said something to him?

Don King on Inauguration Day

Don King

Don King
Don King is definitely showing off his love for America in this very confusing and colorful ensemble.  Again, 2009 is the year for obnoxious and loud fashion, but I heard Don King's outfit screaming from my room here in California.  It's a little too loud Don.  We get it, you love America and you're very excited with the hair and all.  Is he invited to the ball?  I mean, he can't seriously go to a ball like that.  Maybe he's just there for the parade.  If he's just there for the parade then I guess the outfit is fine.  One thing is for sure, he is festive and he committed to his fashion decision.  He worked that American flag up and down those sleeves! GO ON WIT YO BAD SELF DON!

Did you watch the inauguration?  What are your thoughts?  Leave me comments!

UPDATE: Did you guys see this on the Ellen Show?  Hilair!

Make A Statement With Big & Bold Necklaces!

January 19, 2009 by Anna  
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This year, it's all about the big, bold and beautiful when it comes to accessories. The more exotic and outrageous the better! I'm loving this trend because that means I don't have to buy a lot of new clothes to be stylish this year. I can pair my t-shirt and jeans with a big chunky necklace for an instant trendy look. Or use that same chunky necklace and pair it with a simple black dress.

The "Eva Mendes Golden Globes" Look
Eva Mendes wowed the crowd at the Golden Globes this year with her simple white Dior, paired with the fabulous Van Cleef and Arpels turquoise bib necklace. The dress was pretty, but I don't think it would have been the same without the necklace. It definitely completed her look.

eva mendes at the 2009 golden globes Achieve the "Eva Mendes" look with these more affordable alternatives:


The Runway Look 
So..sometimes the things off the runway is either out of our budget or way too crazy to wear in the office and in everyday life. Here's some examples of my interpretation of this trend to make it more wearable.

Off the runway look: statement necklaces Achieve the "Off the Runway" look with these affordable alternatives:


So there ya have it! Don't be afraid to play up your accessories and stand out! This year, it's go big or go home!

The Best Hair Removal Techniques & Methods

January 16, 2009 by Anna  
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Hair removalWe want men to think we are naturally hairless and always smooth.  And because of that, there are so many products and techniques out there to help you achieve that goal.  But honestly, what is the best hair removal method??  What is the difference between each one?  Which one last longer?  By now you've probably realized that beauty is sometimes painful so I'm rating all of these hair removal methods on  pain and longevity to help you find out which method would work best for you.

Rating scale:

Pain 1-5 (1 = "I didn't feel a thing", 5 = "are you kidding me")
Longevity 1-5 (1 = "I sneezed and all of my hairs grew back",  5 = "is the winter has come and gone and I'm still silky smooth")

Shaving. Of course I had to add this one on there....we all do it!  It's the easiest and quickest solution to our problem. We sometimes shave with shaving cream, or shaving gel, some girls do it with lotion, and when you're lazy, soap and water. Although the results after soap and water may leave you red and bumpy and your skin irritated (Hot TIP: To ease razor burn pain, apply a thin layer of plain yogurt and let it sit for 3 minutes, then rinse it off with cool water and pat dry. Yogurt contains lactic acid which calms down your irritated skin and exfoliates the top layer of irritated cells. Trust me, it works.) For the most part shaving with gels or creams is pretty painless, but how long does it last?  You gotta do it practically everyday!  And on cold days, every 2 hours!  There has got to be a better way....
Ratings: Pain 1, Longevity 1

waxingWaxing. This is plucking on a bigger scale.  You use hot wax, apply it to the desired area, use the strips of cloth that come with the kit, put the cloth on top of the applied wax and rip off the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth.  Sound painful?  Probably because it's not a stroll in the park.  Especially when you get a bikini wax!...Oh my lord!....some of my friends say it was worst than giving birth for them....that's intense...Waxing in general in any other area is not fun, but if you can get used to it, it's a pretty effective method.  It lasts a long time...about 2-3 weeks depending on the person and the more you do it, the finer your hair gets and you won't have to worry about your hair for months sometimes.  On the down side, you have to do this very very often though.
Ratings: Pain 4, Longevity 4

Plucking. This method is normally used in smaller areas of the body, i.e. eyebrows, upper lip, your boyfriends toes, his unibrow....when you're mad at him and start plucking at random areas of his this just me? Plucking is a very effective method because you're pulling the hair at the root of the problem.  So it takes longer to grow back from the root to the surface before you can see the hair.  This process definitely takes longer and is more tedious and can't really be used on other parts of your body where hair is growing like crazy.  It is used for precision when you're designing the arch in your eyebrow or maybe a small happy face on your boyfriends I alone on this?. As for pain, the more you do it, the finer your hair becomes and the less painful it is.  This method just gets better with time.
Ratings: Pain 3, Longevity 3

eyebrow threadingThreading .This is an ancient hair removal technique from India.  This method is used for ANY facial hair that either men or women have.  Mainly used for your eyebrows, upper lip, hairline, and usually guys in Arab countries use it for their ear hairs, hehe ew.  It is done with thin cotton threads that is twisted over your hairs, ripping it from the root in a straight line.  So it's similar to plucking, but it's faster since you can do rows of hair removal at once instead of one hair at a time.  I've done it and it's kind of surprising at first because this row of hair is so quickly removed from your face.  But my eyebrows were perfect when they were done and I loved the results.  I heard horror stories about it infecting some people resulting in breakouts and skin irritations.  Just make sure wherever you go to do this, everything is sanitized.  It lasts as long as plucking and definitely varies on how thick your hairs are.  It can last about 2 weeks or so.
Ratings: Pain 3.5, Longevity 3

Laser Hair Removal. Ahh never have to worry about shaving, plucking, waxing, pulling, doing ancient rituals to remove your hair again.  If you have the money for it (and I'm talking in the range of $1200 and up) this is the way to go.  This method is definitely not for everybody as there are a few things you must know:

  1. Your skin must be a lighter color than your hair.  If you are darker skin, you absorb too much laser energy and it may results in different laser equipment and require more treatments to get the desired results.
  2. If you tanned, you must wait till your tan wears off before you can consider this method.
  3. You must have time for multiple treatments to get rid of the hair for good! Hair grows in different cycles and you have to do it about 6 times to get all of the hairs out of there!

Now I have also had this done once and I thought it was awesome! I'm saving up to get other areas of my body done, but at least I can tell you what it feels like. If you're prepared for the pain, it's not THAT bad. Now of course this all varies on what area you do it, but it feels like someone is snapping a rubber band at a pinching followed by a smell of burned hair. It's not painless, but for the longevity of it, the pain is worth it. The finer the hair, the less it'll hurt of course. So take yourself out for ice cream after your first 2 treatments, but after wards, it should get easier.
Ratings: Pain 4, Longevity 5 (Can't beat that!)

So next time you pick up that razor, you may wonder, "is there a better way?" or "how much time do I have to get a smoother look and feel?"  I hope this helps!  Leave me comments! :-)