How Guys REALLY Feel About Bras

January 8, 2009 by Matt Hosely  
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Matt Hosley is just an everyday guy who encounters strange things. He  currently resides in Lexington, KY and has his own hilariously entertaining blog, Strange Situations. He will be joining us as a guest blogger from time to time, to give us the his take on fashion, beauty, and women.

Look at the knobs in that bra!

Look at the knobs in that bra!

In the eighth grade during spirit week each day was devoted to a different theme.  There was Maroon and Gold day (where students dressed in the school colors), twin day (where you and a friend dress like alike), and cross dress day (I think this one is self explanatory).  I honestly don't know how cross dress day was approved, but as the self proclaimed most spirited guy in the school (later I was actually voted most spirited by the students and teachers in my eighth grade yearbook) I had to dress like a woman.   My mom would never have let me leave the house in a dress, wig, pantyhose, and bra so I had to borrow them from my cousin and change in the bathroom during homeroom.

Turns out that most of the students skipped this spirit day, but I was in full on female clothing.  I stuffed my bra with toilet paper like many of the girls in my class did on a daily basis and by the end of first period I had a rash where the wire on my bra was rubbing against my boyish pecks.  I was also sweating profusely through the bra which was starting to smell like my athletic supporter and cup after a long baseball game in 100 degree weather.  I know it is said that girls do not sweat, they glisten, and this is the first time I actually believed this statement.  Girls don't typically smell like my athletic supporter and cup, so they must not sweat while wearing a bra.  I found the material to be very itchy as well.  By third period the bra was in my backpack, I'm sure whoever got my french and math books the following year wondered why they smelled like boy crotch.

The Fonz: How could he NOT be good at taking off bras?

The Fonz: How could he NOT be good at taking off bras?

By the end of the day I was wondering how girls wear a bra everyday, it is a headache and a hassle.  It wasn't until several years later that I experienced a bra from the other side of equation.  Guys always complain about how hard it is to get a bra off of a girl in the heat of the moment.  Every once in a while I would have trouble, but for the most part a quick snap of my fingers and the bra would be unhooked and I would be trying to rip it off and throw it on the floor.  I guess guys get nervous in the midst of passion. They struggle to get the bra off because they are worried about not living up to the girls expectations and they stumble and shake as they mess with the metal hooks on the back of the bra.

Ellen has had lots of practice with bras.

Ellen Degeneres: experienced bra remover.

Taking a bra off while you are shaking with nerves is like trying to draw a straight line during an earthquake.  What makes it hard is that you have to be gentle and suave while you are doing it, you can't just pull and tug or you will either A: rip the bra, or B: turn the girl off.  If I had to pick the worlds best bra removers it would be, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, The Fonz, and Ellen DeGeneres.  Let me explain... the first two are inhuman athletes, they perform under pressure better than just about anyone on the planet.  They would be calm and cool during the process of removing the bra and have no trouble seeing the treasure held behind them.  The Fonz and Ellen both have experience taking off several bra's and are not as good under pressure but have so much experience it is second nature to them.

I have gone bra shopping with girls and it is horrible.  They always want to know my opinion on the bra.  I do not care what the bra looks like, guys do not care what the bra looks like.  When bra shopping you should base your decision on the following factors, comfort and then price.  That is it, nothing more.  Honestly, how often does someone else see your bra?  If you have a boyfriend he most likely only sees it for a few minutes before it is in a pile on the floor, and even then a lot of the time the light is off anyway.  Guys typically don't care what the bra looks like, they care about what is behind the bra.  When was the last time a guy carassed your bra?  Do you know why?   Guys don't care about bras.

Every once and a while it is nice to have a nice lingerie bra that can set the mood, but don't spend a lot of time or money deciding. Guys who like boobs are not going to care if the bra matches your panites and how much lace is on it.  A bra can be sexy but don't spend a lot of money investing in something that has little to no use on a day to day basis.  If the bra is comfortable, and it fits, buy it.

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Links à la Mode Jan 8th: The Independent Fashion Blogger Roundup

January 8, 2009 by Anna  
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Independent Fashion Blogger is a fantastic community for fashion bloggers. Each week, I will be publishing a roundup of posts from some of my fellow collegue's.  Enjoy this week's list!

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Weight Loss Benefits of Oolong Tea

January 7, 2009 by Anna  
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Oolong tea not only tastes good, but it's good FOR you too!

Let me tell you guys something....I love the TASTE of coffee! I would be a normal coffee drinker, but I just don't like the way it makes me feel. It usually makes me sleepy rather than awake and someone once told me it was because I am a short girl...which I don't know what that has to do with anything...I'm still scratching my head on that one. Well anyway, instead of coffee, I drink lots of tea! The BEST tea to drink in terms of taste, slimming effects, and many other health benefits, is Oolong tea! It's an Authentic Premium Chinese Tea and some of the most sophisticated connoisseurs or tea regard it as, "The finest tea on earth, the ultimate masterpiece in the Chinese art of tea."....and here I just bought it for $2 -- who knew I was drinking the finest tea on earth! What does it do for you?

  • Boosts your metabolism - Oolong tea helps break down fat molecules making it easier to digest.  It blocks the fattening effects of carbs and neutralizes acids in your body.  All the while boosting your metabolism and surpressing your appetite. (Sweet!)
  • Improves acne - It basically cleans out the toxins in your body which helps with clearing up acne and smooths and softens your skin. (Smooth skin is much sexier.)
  • Vitamins A, C & E - Oolong has significant amounts of these vitamins which helps strengthen your teeth, reduces hair loss, and boosts your immune system.  This is really good during the cold and flu season to help keep away the bugs. (My teeth are strong like bull....)
  • 100% Natural - I am and have always been an all natural girl.  I don't like taking medication, I prefer to heal with natural substances.  This is why I love Oolong tea because I've tried the slimming teas and those teas leave you feeling really weird...mainly leaves you hanging around the bathroom all day.  It's not hot and it creeps me out to even THINK about all the chemicals they're putting in there.  Oolong makes you feel clean, refreshed, and it tastes really good!

How much do you have to drink?

  • 2 cups a day, it doesn't hurt if you drink more.  I like to drink it straight, but if its your preference, add honey or sweeteners to taste.

Where do I get it?

  • At your local supermarket. If they don't sell it, try or eBay.
  • Obviously there are different levels and different price ranges to Oolong. I recommend starting in the range of $5.00 for a box of 100 teabags -- that's a pretty good price.

I think if your New Years Resolution is to lose weight, this is a simple step towards your goal and it doesn't hurt to try something new. So put down the coffee and pick up some Oolong tea! (And it's fun to say!)

Looking for other types of teas and cool teaware? Check out Adagio Teas:

Adagio Teas


Does it Pay to Splurge on your Bra?

January 7, 2009 by Anna  
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It seems like they've got you thinking that paying at least $50 for a bra is the only way you'll get the support you need. Well, I was reading ShopSmart magazine (go out and get this magazine, some really great tips in here!) and came across this article where they compared 3 bras, high end to low end, to see which one was the best quality. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

La Perla VintageLa Perla Vintage
For the high price tag of over $100, you get top-quality materials, nicely contoured cups, and a flexible, well-padded underwire that won't cut into your skin. But this bra didn't hold up well to even gentle hand washing. After three washes, the elastic material in the back of the bra twisted and curled up, and the stitching on the straps puckered. Yikes! For over $100, what a jip!


Victoria’s Secret IPEX demiVictoria's Secret IPEX demi
At around $45, this mid priced ranged bra has cozy fabric and pads that provide coverage without bulk. But the fabric around the underwire is thinner than the other bras we looked at, so the wire may pinch. The strap stitching was flimsy. Also, the straps curled and the poor cut of the fabric on the sides caused the bra to pucker in the wash. Maybe Victoria's Secret isn't a very good one!


targetbraGilligan & O'Malley BEST DEAL!!!
This bra (sold at target) had better cup molding than the Victoria's Secret bra, and the underwire was flexible and well-padded, so it won't pinch or poke. It also held up better after several washes than the other bras. Given the price of only $11, this was by far the best deal! 

After reading this, I immediately went to Target to try out this "Gilligan & O'Malley" brand. For me personally, it gives me the comfort and support I need! I usually spring $60 for the Felina Bra at Nordstrom, but I noticed after a few washes it looses its support. I've been trying out this Gilligan & O'Malley bra now for awhile and after several washes, it still holds it's shape! Definitely recommend you try it out, I love it!

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Source: ShopSmart Magazine May 2008

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